What Are Psychic Vampires?

What Are PSI Vampires?

psychic-vampirePsychic vampires, also called psi, or energy vampire, are quite different from the standard sanguine (blood) vampires the world knows very well from various television, motion picture, and literary incarnations.  Energy vampires are more or less supernaturally enhanced humans.  Their origins lie in first generation vampires mating with powerful psychic humans.  Usually witches or warlocks born with various energy based powers.  Normally when a first generation vampire mates with a human it yields a demi-vampire, or half-vampire.  During the rare mating with special psychics a psi-vampire is born.  They have none of the limitations of a vampire such as not being able to go into sunlight, aversion to holy artifacts, etc.  They also don’t have any special physical abilities at first.  However after several decades of sucking energy from humans they will exhibit enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

They look very human, and seem perfectly normal except for their psychic energy abilities which can begin manifesting anywhere from their early childhood to early adulthood .  They may communicate with the spirits of the dead, and other higher dimensional beings.  They can sense various energy fields including human electromagnetic fields, and even the energy of the human soul itself.  They can see the past, future, and read people’s minds along with manipulating them.  Their powers vary greatly, and can include various forms of telekinesis.  The power will begin to decline if they don’t feed off the energy of humans which can include mere biological energy, electromagnetic, or that of the soul.  Each time they drain energy from a human they gain more psychic power, and continuing to do so will guarantee them immortality, and eternal youth if they do it in the correct manner.  Some grow so powerful that they have the power to kill by draining a body of energy right down to the soul.  These individuals may feed off animal or even plant energy but they will not attain immortality  Rather they will only maintain their current powers.

Unlike sanguine vampires one cannot be transformed into a psi-vampire but rather they must come from a family line containing the gene which is usually latent.  There are very few first generation energy vampires so they almost always mate with humans which dilutes the power base.  Eventually normal humans are born with the latent gene always existing in descendent’s for all eternity.  For reasons unknown it will randomly become active in certain people so you might be a psychic vampire, and have no known ancestors who were one as well.  Although somewhere in the past they exist, and may in fact still be alive on this Earth.

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  2. Drake This is so interesting.. Something happened to me last week! I didn’t tell you all. Since I’m always talking lol. Since I just found this. I can truly relate to what you’ve said above. Last week an old woman attacked me. Aside from the zombie woman … I don’t know if it’s the same woman only in astral form. Anyhow, She keeps coming to my house .. She’s a Jehovah’s witness. I told her I am not interested. Nor do I have time. She got snooty and said you never have time for us. I’m like No I don’t!! 😉 I thought that.. didn’t say it. Wanted to. (Also I know what she is.) She’s attacked me before!

    That day I went to the country cottage diner… to have breakfast and coffee, with Greg. She showed up there with her husband. They are about 60 something.. She kept giving glares at me. I seen her in the corner of my eye and I sensed it was the same woman. Then all of a sudden she attacked me. Felt like a snake hit me.. drained my energy… It about knocked me over. I about blacked out. Greg was like are you okay? She smiled. I knew immediately what she was doing. I glared at her.

    I then did a hand mantra to get her grip off me. It helped. She took notice what I was doing. I wanted to walk over there and smack her so bad. I told him I want to go now! All that day I was off balance. I kept tripping.. I ended up doing a protection chant and burnt sage. Once I did this I felt immediate relief.. as if a cloud had lifted off me. She did this to me before at the same place. But I was facing her.. So I put up my guard. I could feel her attacking me. Then I mentally smacked her. lol She backed off.. But it’s that J witness. Evil witch!

    Since she really upset me.. I put a binding spell upon her. So she won’t hurt anyone else. She could kill an older person doing that. She feeds off of innocent people in restaurants. Perhaps when I did this.. maybe it killed her. And maybe this is the evil zombie woman who tried to kill me. I don’t know. My intention was to only bind her.. not harm her. Make it so she won’t harm another person again! I could be very wrong. I hope it wasn’t the same woman. Would explain why she would want to kill me.

    Also I called upon my guardian. Maybe he decided she was too wicked and took her away! I was only asking to bind her power. That’s it. This article got me thinking about it. Drake what do you think of this? I know I toss my energy around allot.. Like Mr. Rogers. I give.. never take! When someone deliberately takes from me. I get very ticked off! Well I hope you’re doing good.. Stay sweet! Sending you Reiki kisses. lol

  3. So now.. I don’t want to go out to eat in this town. lol And when I told Greg what this old woman has been doing to me. He said I don’t want to hear it. He doesn’t believe me. I’m like oh fine you creep!! I seriously need to get away from him. He is never here for me. Nor does he give a damn. I’m going to tell him tomorrow.. When he takes the job for 100,000 per year. He can leave without me. And I want a divorce! He fricken expected me to leave my kids here.. Sam is 17, Ty is old enough but not mature to be on his own. He also told me NO ANIMALS. I’m like really? Wow……

    He’s like just you that’s it .. “No kids no dogs”. I laughed. thinking he was joking. He clearly is not. So I am going to leave him … I’m better off single. Yes my daughter does want to live on her own. Should she? No.. not until she’s 18. Just proves to me how much of a coward he really is. Turning on his kids like that. Anyhow.. Drake do you think maybe I am a psychic vampire as well? I am good at harnessing energy from nature and the earth.. I also can open portals. Butterflies land on me when I do this. It’s so amazing. I’ve said allot.. I’ll get to bed. Sending you energy too! Good night!

  4. I hope you guys are okay.. I know you’ve been busy! I just wonder if the forces of evil has creeped up again! I hope not! It has for me though. I was attacked for the 3rd time by that old woman. Tonight I was minding my own business eating shrimp at a different cafe. She sat right behind me in the booth and drained me. No more going out to eat in this town. 🙁 But 3 times? wow.. That old woman is nasty! I wanted to smack her. Drake I would send protection but I’m so worn out! May god protect you all. I miss you guys.

    • Thank you for caring about us. We appreciate it. Drake has sent you a PM on the message board about our time in New Orleans over the past week. And like he said you need to marshal your Reiki powers along with channeling the dark energy of your Werewolf essence. Especially with the Blue Moon power boost. Then energy blast this crazy old bat to Kingdom come! We hope your battle with this nefarious foe ends with your victory!

  5. Hi Xavier. Thanks for letting me know he wrote to me. 🙂 Yes I do care about you guys. When you don’t write in a week or so.. I get worried. 😉 Thinking Oh crap! Did Demetri strike again? Or something else? Keep safe. There’s so much water there. I saw the video’s on the news. Thank you for caring about the innocent people there. Very sweet of you to be there for them. My issues are small compared to what you all are going through. I’ll be fine. So take your time.. I can’t wait until you all are safely home. Relax and watch a movie.. Speaking of a movie. I have one for you guys to check out .. if you already haven’t seen this. “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” Omg it’s hilarious!! 🙂 I’ve watched it twice now. I like these types of scary movies. Also Altered is pretty good. I love the comedy relief. Hi Rebecca.. I hope you’re keeping dry too! Xavier keep her warm. Try to have a good weekend.

    • I just added Tucker & Dale vs. Evil to my Netflix instant queue.

      Thankfully we haven’t heard from Dimitri in a long time. He may have encountered some resistance which is trapping him in the Underworld still. Everyone knows about his temporary reign over Hell, and his big ego so there must be tons of supernatural entities who want to challenge him to a fight to improve their own status.

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  7. When you say “Some grow so powerful that they have the power to kill by draining a body of energy right down to the soul.” Does that mean only up to the person’s 4-D soul, or could that include the 5-D soul as well?

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