March 27, 2023

11 thoughts on “What is Armageddon And Who Will Wage War Within It?

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  2. Unfortunately I don’t believe that the planetary gods will be united as one. At the least the earthly gods will be divided. I’m basing this off of Julia’s vision of me and my own intuition. There’s only two reasons that I can see where I would be using arrows made from mistletoe. One is that it’s a sense of irony and the other is that it’s the only thing that can harm what I’m fighting against. I guess we’ll have to see when the time comes.

    1. It would be a shame for the Gods to jeopardize securing a win due to not being able to reign in their large egos. With Goddess Gaia on their side they have an excellent chance of at least winning this Earth. Some prophecies indicate that the Neutral Christ would be willing to work with the Gods.

  3. Xavier, you said it’s time to pick a side…what side are you and your team on?
    Me, personally want to see the fall of the Heavens.stuck between either Earthly Gods or Neutral Christ…

    1. I guess you’d have to be crazy to against the Omniverse God whose mind we all exist within. However it seems he simultaneously sanctions his Angelic warriors, and the Neutral Christ. He also didn’t eradicate Goddess Gaia when she was spontaneously born as the soul of the Earth so he clearly has some tolerance of the lower Gods. I think we all would be with the Neutral Christ as he would appear to be the true champion of humankind who is prophesied to bring many of the factions together including the Gods. Naturally Rebecca is down with the Gods, and Goddesses from which she gains power from.

  4. Are seraphim real? the seraphim are special ranking angels that have 3 pairs of wings that fly around singing “holy” around God’s throne are they real?

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