What is Armageddon And Who Will Wage War Within It?

What Factions Will Participate In The Ultimate Battle Of Good Vs Evil?

armageddonThe War Of  Armageddon will be the ultimate war of good vs evil taking place across the entire Earth, multiple planets, solar systems, galaxies, parallel Universes, Multiverses, alternate dimensions, higher dimensions, and beyond!  With the resignation of Pope_Benedict_XVII at hand we are much closer to the first volley of the holiest war to ever be waged.  Many religious scholars, seers, and prophets have foretold of the next Pope being the last.  Some even say he will be an evil demon imposter.  Armageddon has been the Mother of all battles brewing for countless Millenna long before the existence of humankind, or even the Earth itself.  However now it is about who will win ultimate control of the human race, the Earth, and even the very Universe itself.  Armageddon may or may not be World War III since such a global war could happen via human governments without any supernatural participation.  It will be the greatest battle ever not only due to mass paranormal planetary participation, which will touch every nation, and person alive on Earth, but also because it will take place simultaneously on countless other planets in this Universe, parallel Universes, and in all the Multiverses as well.  We’re talking about numerous battles within the grand war that will expand all over the Omniverse.  So the war waged on Earth will merely be on of the battles within Armageddon. Some factions are only looking to win Earth, the Universe, or a portion of the Omniverse while others want the whole damn enchilada!  Naturally there is inclusion of countless sentient species besides humanity who have souls, and ascend to the Heavens as Angels when they die.  Beings who will someday ascend to Godhood as well.  This is the reason why it’s taking so long for this to happen.  There is an astronomical amount of coordination needed between all the battlefields whose numbers range far greater than googolplex to the googolplex power, and who stretch across the Universe, and into other dimensions including the ones above to the very Heavens themselves.

It was supposed to just be the fallen Angels, aka Demons, led by the Devil against the Angels of the Omniverse God led by his son who is known as Jesus on this particular planet.  Over the course of time other powers came to be, and see the Apocalypse as their moment to seize control.  The currently known factions who will wage war within Armageddon include but are not limited to:

  • The Heavenly Faction: Including the Omniversal God which is the very Universe we exist in.  Some would question how even he alone could be defeated.  Surely he could make peace, and paradise with one thought along with eradicating all evil.  Clearly he hasn’t done that, and won’t since he is about seeing all scenarios play out.  That’s what Gods do.  He has vowed to stay out of the fight.  Instead his original Archangels, and Angels lead by their General the Vice-God Jesus Christ who is the first son of God.  While on Earth 2000 years ago he was technically the most powerful Demigod on Earth.  We mention only original Angels because the already ascended former human Angels who exist in Heaven, since it’s outside of time, are barred from participation.  However if the other Heavenly forces were overwhelmed we can’t see how they wouldn’t sit by, and do nothing.  On Earth in their human lives many will join the fight.  Ultimately one would think it’s a lot cause to try, and take the entire Omniverse because it would seem impossible.  However the Omniverse God was once a biological being such as ourselves, and his mind is the same pure thought as anyone’s mind at the fundamental level.  It may be possible for an overwhelming pure though assault to possess his mind, and therefore rule the Omniverse, and everyone in it. On Earth many humans along with supernatural species will join the battle of good vs evil.  Species too numerous to mention here but as with all beings they have free will, and all won’t be united.  The recognized leader of Heavenly good on Earth is the holy Demi-Angel Santa Claus ,aka Saint Nicholas.  He is expected to be the General of good on the ground during the battle for Earth.
  • The Hell Faction:  Which is lead by the diabolical Devil, and his demonic minions.  The Devils son will be born upon Earth as the Anti-Christ who will lead the fight here, and simultaneously on countless other planets while his Father takes it to the higher dimensions.  The instrument of his Earthly power base are most of the governments of the world which are under control of the notorious Illuminati which is a cabal of plutocratic royal billionaire elites who worship the Devil, and also work alongside Reptilian aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy who originally evolved on Earth millions of years ago.  They also have the Vampire Empire on their side along with many other beings of extraordinary evil.
  • The Neutral Christ Faction: The Neutral Christ believes humanity as a species should ascend to Godhood together over the next countless centuries thereby meeting God on their own terms.  The Anti-Illuminati society, composed of decent billionaires, millionaires, and some in government as well wish to see humankind create a utopian society on their own rather than a God created paradise.  They want to travel the stars, galaxies, and beyond without Gods help!  The Neutral Christ who is already prophesied to exist will lead the charge to free humankind from the shackles of the various factions mentioned on this page including all religions except the true one known as Godhoodism. Clearly in the spirit of free will God created the Neutral Christ program which will appear in one special human at the right time.  That person may in fact already be born.  There are indications that he might be able to draw on the power of all human souls on Earth who believe in him.  Otherwise he would only be genetically perfect with slightly above average abilities.  It is prophesied that will engage the Anti-Christ in mortal combat.  If he can defeat him then God will pull back his Angelic troops, and allow humankind to go forth alone on the long road to ascending to Godhood as a society.  It’s unknown if God would do anything to stop the other factions.  It’s been suggested he would reign in the demonic forces for 1000 years before they were freed.  Then it would be up to humankind to deal with the denizens of evil.  Every inhabited planet may have a Neutral Christ representing their respective species.
  • The Planetary Gods Faction:  These include Celtic, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and numerous other Earthly Gods along with Sun, Moon, and planetary Gods.  They have yet to completely unify, and define a command structure since Gods don’t often get along well with their huge egos, and delusions of grandeur due to the power they wield.  Not only do they need to get together on this planet but on all the worlds in this Universe, and beyond!  Many Gods, and Goddesses already exist simultaneously in other parallel Universes, and even Multiverses.  On Earth most Gods are looking to Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, as the leader of their fight.  Her body is the very planet which manifested it’s own soul.  Who better to take over the planet?  On the ground some Gods, and Goddesses will take biological form, and fight along side their Demigod sons, and daughters.  However most will be directing all their multiple selves that reside in other realities.  The reclusive Galactic God of the Milky Way,Orbislacteus, along with other Galaxy Gods who may want to enter the fray as well.
  • The Dimitri Diablo Faction:  Dimitri Diablo is one of the most powerful Sorcerers ever seen on Earth.  So powerful in fact that he was actually able to single handedly defeat the Devil, and become King Of Hell for a few months before being ousted.  He wishes to take over the entire Omniverse, and be the ultimate God.  His current allies are unknown.  We do know his soul does not reside in Heaven nor in Hell.  He is so powerful that he has hidden it away somewhere.  This indicates he can access the complete raw power of his soul which is the unification of his selves in the parallel Universe, and Multiverses which would create a super sorcerer.  If he had such power then at the least he could easily take over this particular Universe.  So far he hasn’t played that card since accessing his soul would put it on the radar of Heavenly forces.
  • The Jinn Faction:  They were the first sentient beings to be created but they were displeasing to the Lord, and he locked them away in another dimension.  Some leak into our reality every so often, and end up being bottled, or lamped as Genies.  Others are merely seen as shadow people.  The Jinn want to rule over the entire Omniverse, and release their Genie brothers, and sisters.  They ultimately wish to cleanse the entire Omniverse of all sentient species except their own.  Some however wish to keep some humans, angels, and demons on as slaves.  This is seen as justice for the imprisonment of genies.
  • The Anti-Claus Faction: The Anti-Claus is Santa’s Clauses evil twin demi-demon brother. He and his magical minions wish to rule as well.  Despite worshipping the Devil he is not in league with the Illuminati, and the official network of supernatural evil on Earth.  He holds a chip on his shoulder over not being the leader of evil, and it’s unclear if he really wants the Anti-Christ to exist.  Although recently he was working with the second son of Satan to bring about the birth of the Anti-Claus.  The Dark Claus seems to only have aspirations to take over Earth.  Although he could be in contact with his parallel selves on countless parallel Earths as well.
  • The Extraterrestrial Factions:  Various alien races wish to enslave humankind, and control sectors of the Galaxy, and beyond.  This includes the infamous alien abductors known as the Grey’s who recently seemed willing to work with the Illuminati.
  • Inter-dimensional Being Factions: Besides the Jinn there are countless unknown races of unusual beings with amazing powers.  Many are former races of biological beings who have ascended to higher dimensions, and wish not to be bound by Heaven’s rules.  They are in essence like the planetary Gods in a way.

This is by no means a complete list.  There is so much we cannot know about our Universe, and the entire Omniverse from this limited vantage point on Earth in biological form.  Who knows if Gods, and other beings from outside the Omniverse might have plans here as well.  All we know is that the 21st century is the defining century of humankind destiny in this reality, and it’s time to pick your sides in war of the titanic forces of good versus evil!

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11 thoughts on “What is Armageddon And Who Will Wage War Within It?

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  2. Unfortunately I don’t believe that the planetary gods will be united as one. At the least the earthly gods will be divided. I’m basing this off of Julia’s vision of me and my own intuition. There’s only two reasons that I can see where I would be using arrows made from mistletoe. One is that it’s a sense of irony and the other is that it’s the only thing that can harm what I’m fighting against. I guess we’ll have to see when the time comes.

    • It would be a shame for the Gods to jeopardize securing a win due to not being able to reign in their large egos. With Goddess Gaia on their side they have an excellent chance of at least winning this Earth. Some prophecies indicate that the Neutral Christ would be willing to work with the Gods.

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  5. Xavier, you said it’s time to pick a side…what side are you and your team on?
    Me, personally want to see the fall of the Heavens.stuck between either Earthly Gods or Neutral Christ…

    • I guess you’d have to be crazy to against the Omniverse God whose mind we all exist within. However it seems he simultaneously sanctions his Angelic warriors, and the Neutral Christ. He also didn’t eradicate Goddess Gaia when she was spontaneously born as the soul of the Earth so he clearly has some tolerance of the lower Gods. I think we all would be with the Neutral Christ as he would appear to be the true champion of humankind who is prophesied to bring many of the factions together including the Gods. Naturally Rebecca is down with the Gods, and Goddesses from which she gains power from.

    • I’m between the Neutral Christ, and the Omniverse. I am the God of this Hyper-Omniverse and I mainly just want to see what happens.

  6. Are seraphim real? the seraphim are special ranking angels that have 3 pairs of wings that fly around singing “holy” around God’s throne are they real?

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