What Are Supernatural Ghouls?

Ghouls are former humans who appear physically deformed due to the depravity of their living dead lives. Their specialty is eating the flesh and even the fluids of dead humans! This often involves robbing graves, sneaking into coroners offices, or storming mortuaries. Despite the desecration of graves and the sacred bodies of the deceased most think they don’t have to worry about Ghouls while alive. Unfortunately, these are quite intelligent and tricky creatures who are also very much insane! They crave malicious activity in addition to the motionless dead. They’ve been known to hunt down humans for sport and then murder them in cold agonizing blood for their own amusement! The bodies are hung in a desolate area in sunlight to accelerate the decay process. Once cooked to their culinary satisfaction they’ll eat you!🧟‍♂️

The Origin Of Ghouls In The Ancient Middle East?

The legends of Ghouls first appeared many thousands of years ago in ancient scrolls. They were described as nocturnal necro-cannibals who could shapeshift into the form of the dead they consumed. They would then use this form to garner trust and lure the deceased loved ones into a deadly trap! A trap that involved being the Ghouls macabre meal as well! These accounts seem to begin just after the last major Jinn invasion. They were eventually repelled back to their home dimension by an unusual allied force of Nature Deities and Archangels. Now they mostly exist as bottle and lamp trapped Genies in our world. Before they were forced out for interfering in human destiny it is said they placed a Curse upon us. However, the vast amount of enchanted energy from said curse was absorbed by the aforementioned Angels and Earthly Gods. What was left is thought to be a Ghoul Gene that may reside in all of us!

How Ghastly Ghouls Are Created?

The path to Ghoulhood begins in the demented mind of a cannibal. Several years of cannibalism, often intermixed with serial killing, yields a gradual transformation to Ghoulishness. Clearly consuming humans triggers the Jinn’s Ghoul Gene but it isn’t the entire cause. Cannibalism alone isn’t a guarantee without malevolent intent or deep mental illness. Hence various people forced to eat humans to survive or aboriginal tribes that subsist in that fashion not becoming Ghouls. Only those with dark hearts turn ghoulish. Once they head down this perplexing path they start craving ever deader flesh. Partaking of Necro-Cannibalism, or seriously rotted flesh accelerates the paranormal process. Once the heinous human becomes a Ghoul they only want majorly maligned maggot-ridden meat decayed just enough not to lose too much density. The human victim must be dead at least 24 hours or the meat is deadly poisonous to them! Over the course of any given night they’ll slowly relish consuming a corpse right down to the bones they lick dry!

Ghoulhood Can’t Be Passed On To A Human

Thankfully, there is no Ghoul Virus so they can’t make others into their own kind. If you’re bitten by a ghoul nothing happens except their scent will always be upon you. They will hunt you around the world until they find you! There have been unsubstantiated reports that sharing a human corpse with a Ghoul via a magical ritual can turn someone into one of them. The lack of transmission, unlike vampires, werewolves, and zombies, keeps their numbers extremely low. Although, this was not always thought to be the case when some humans rose from their graves and became ghouls. It turns out these people were about halfway or more through the cannibal process and dying took them the rest of the way. It’s thought that paranormal necro-autophagy took them to ghoulhood. Interestingly enough, a Ghoul consuming their own living dead flesh results in absolutely no satisfaction whatsoever. The same goes for eating vampires, werewolves, and other living dead beings who aren’t in a decaying state.

Demons Look To Capitalize On Ghouls

Despite there being Jinn genes involved in Ghoul formation demons quickly moved in to fill the void. They stoked the Jinn gene and hoped to cash in on Ghoul meals as human sacrifices and perhaps even a soul capturing tool. However, the Ghouls have too strong an urge to eat long dead humans so they don’t satisfy the conditions of sacrifices and soul harvesting most of the time. Demons still look to reward especially aggressive ghouls in causing havoc and death among humans. Demons are notorious for working with vampires and will often pair one up with a willing Ghoul. Ghouls make great servants since they can venture out into sunlight without bursting into flames. Although, they hate it! Vampire hypnosis can compel them to some extent. Ultimately the promise of getting the vampires blood drained cadaver is enough to keep them loyal!

The Paranormal Powers Of A Ghoul

Ghouls are at their power peak after eating a putrefied human corpse. They can also eat rotted animals like a nasty vulture but their hunger is only satisfied for a short time. Within hours their gluttony is exponentially increased! The one good thing about Ghouls is that they will rabidly eat Zombies with a passion! A Zombie Apocalypse would be a dream come true for them! One ghoul can easily overpower a small horde of the Walking Dead. It’s said the zombie virus actually gives them an additional power boost. These powers include super strength, speed, agility, and senses along with a bit of psychic ability. Their one major ability is to sense where corpses are buried in the ground if they’re out of smell range. They can also communicate with Ghosts and may skip a corpse if treated with respect by said entity.

A Ghoul Without Their Precious Flesh

Unlike zombies, they don’t need to eat flesh in order to halt any bodily decay. Ghouls may look rather old, wrinkly, deformed, skinny, and even decayed in some spots but their appearance is deceiving. If they go too long without dead flesh they merely begin losing their powers. Eventually, they enter a catatonic state and appear to be dead. This often leads to someone burying them. Unfortunately, this is rare as there’s no shortage of corpses in this world. Legend has it some of the first ancient ghouls are still buried in the desert sands of the middle east. Lying in wait to be reanimated by the taste of something dead or even by Practitioners Of Magic. Dark witches and warlocks who could use them in an army of the dead! These are the ones who had the shape-shifting ability mentioned earlier. Modern Ghouls don’t have this power. It’s thought only the first ones under the Jinn curse could do this. The so-called Alpha Ghouls.

Where To Find Ghouls

Naturally, Ghouls are most often found in cemeteries that offer the most succulent suppers. It is there they often bury themselves during the day or after a large meal in order to sleep if they have nothing better to do. If they murder someone or even an entire family, they’ve been known to occupy the home for a time. Ghouls sometimes frequent the hallowed graveyards found on holy church property. Even if the ground is blessed by Priests the allure of the corpses forces the ghoul through the repellent nature of the sainted soils. However, graveyards find less ghoul grave disturbances than the common cemetery. Tombs provide more protection but it won’t stop a determined ghoul. Burial crypt protection spells and curses can make a ghoul think twice about eating a corpse. The security and cold preservation of corpses at Corners offices and other places make these less likely targets. Mortuaries are lower on the list as well due to the embalming of the bodies which taints the culinary experience. Sometimes a ghoul will storm a crematorium before the body is turned to useless ash. The safest non-paranormal places are usually cryonic freezing facilities.

How To Repel Ghouls

Religious artifacts, especially Islam based, work due to the Jinn Gene in the Ghouls. Holy symbols and items work even better if a demon has taken an interest in the Ghoul and their dark metaphysical energy is running through them. These include blessed items like holy water. The universal cleanser of evil Silver also works. It’s known they hate the pure life of Mother Earth despite skulking about in rural areas. So wearing flowers and any recently cut plant matter can be a decent repellent for the ghoulish ones. We know at least one Ghoul Hunter that wears a special suit filled with holy water. From it plants and flowers grow forth.🌺

How To Eradicate Ghouls

Incineration in flames, whether holy or not, is best. Of course, beheading is great as well. A silver or gold plated dagger to the heart will work as well. Any sharp implement coated in recently drawn human blood can take them out. However, the implement must be left in for several minutes. You can also trick them into eating human flesh that is less than 24 hours dead. Although their nose tells them the real story. Fresh human blood injected into them or their food will cause them to meet their maker. Upon death, they may either go to Hell or the Jinn realm. They are not soulless. Their soul merely grows dark and warped. As they have no decent soul to provide to the Devil or Iblis Shaytan they are usually relegated to low-level status. They more or less become metaphysical Ghouls rather than demons or jinn.

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See Something Living Dead! Say Something!

If you spot unusual grave digging activity at your local cemetery leave the scene quickly. Once a ghoul catches your scent you haven’t much time left on this Earth! Call the authorities or a local paranormal investigative crime-fighting firm like Mystic Investigations. The Police or Sheriffs department may not be able to handle a Ghoul. However, their sudden loud presence will scare him or her away. Oh yes, there can be female Ghouls but they are beyond rare since you don’t see many nutty female cannibals.🧟‍♀️

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