Who Are The Most Wanted Paranormal Beings?

Just as human criminals, and terrorists are on Most Wanted Lists so are there supernatural beings who make that rather malevolent grade.  In the world of the supernatural there are two central top 10 most wanted lists.  The one from the US government Paranormal Defense Agency, and the one agreed upon within the real paranormal community.

The US Paranormal Defense Agency’s Most Wanted Entities List
Santa Wanted Dead Or AliveThis list is meant to only exist among PDA Agents, and various black ops agencies in the government along with distribution to other government secret agencies.  In some cases State Governors have access to this list as well.  It’s only due to insider sources that we have this most wanted list.  Note the absurdity of the US governments list since they make no differentiation between good, or evil supernatural beings.  They want command, and control of anything on this Earth that may be more powerful than they are!  Generally they want the subject alive for maximum research, and information gathering.  However a dead subject can still provide a great deal of diabolical data!  Also rather telling how the Devil, and Anti-Christ aren’t on their list!

  1. Santa Claus (Alias Saint Nicholas | Father Christmas)
  2. Dimitri Diablo (Rogue Sorcerer)
  3. Shala (Alias Queen Of Halloween)
  4. Anti-Claus (Alias Claude Claus)
  5. Lochlann (Alias King Of The Leprechauns)
  6. Slenderman
  7. Dracula (Vlad The Impaler)
  8. The Plague Doctor
  9. Stanley Stiers (Alias Michael Myers)
  10. Jason Voorhees

The Supernatural Communities Most Wanted List
Michael Myers WantedThere isn’t any central supernatural government.  However the closest thing is the International Paranormal Investigators Conference.  It’s the one time of year when the largest group of those fighting the forces of supernatural darkness come together under one roof! There various committees along with a mass electronic vote dictates who will make the top ten list.  When it comes to the top 10 anyone in our community can exercise extreme prejudice in eradicating the individual, or containing them at an appropriate Grade A facility.  Mystic Investigations headquarters has been rated AAA by the International Para-Con!

  1. The Archdemon Devil (Alias Satan Emperor Of Hell)
  2. The ArchDemi-Demon Anti-Christ (Alias Son Of Satan Prince Of Darkness)
  3. Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo (Alias King Of Hell)
  4. The Demi-Demon Anti-Claus (Alias Claude Claus)
  5. The Slender Man
  6. The Plague Doctor
  7. The Bogeyman
  8. The Vampire Dracula (Vlad The Impaler)
  9. The Parallel Pretender (Alias Mrs. Folger)
  10. Stanley Stiers (Alias Michael Myers)

Extended List…

11. Sorcerer Brimstone
12. Freddy Krueger
13. Jason Voorhees
14. The Cringe
15. The Bogeyman
16. The Dark Witch Wanda
17. Death Wrath
18. The Wizard Horkheimer
19. Mardi Gras Joker
20. The Chameleon

Sorcerer Brimstone officially moved down the list to number 11 now that he’s been Wanted Paranormal Criminal Jason Voorheesdamned to Hell thanks in part to Mystic Investigations.  He wasn’t fully removed because he could very well return someday!  However this year saw the removal from the Top 10 of the Friday The 13th Demon Specter courtesy of Mystic Investigations!  The Conexus & their Shadow Mercs have been placed on a metaphysical terrorist watch list since they have yet to manifest in our reality.  Ironically Jason Voorhees was moved to number 13 on the supernatural communities most wanted list since he hasn’t been killing people for well over a decade now.

Mrs.Folger The Parallel Pretender (Full Name Unknown) only made the list recently, and has the honor of being the only female on our top 10 list.  She is supposedly a normal human except she has the power to access the knowledge of any of her parallel Universe selves.  Thankfully not the power just the knowledge.  Of course knowledge is power enough! This allows her to blend in anywhere like a Chameleon, and wreak havoc whenever she feels like it. Unfortunately some other supernatural villain already has the name The Chameleon.

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