Is Mary Poppins Real?

What Kind Of Supernatural Being Is Mary Poppins?

Yes, Mary Poppins is real! In fact, she’s a self-created human ascended Goddess. She originates from a Parallel Universe somewhat similar to ours during the Victorian Era. She has visited several other Universes including our own. One of Mary’s trips here inspired P.L. Travers to write her series of Mary Poppins Books that eventually spawned the famous 1964 Disney movie by the same name. We also have the 2018 sequel Mary Poppins Returns. Miss Poppins certainly displays the characteristics of a Goddess in the stories presented to us. The power of flight, the ability to speak with animals, reality-warping, weather control, teleportation, and a plethora of various psychokinetic powers. There’s also the awesome ability to create fantasy bubble Universes.

The Beautiful Beloved Mary Poppins

Goddesses are also known for being vain, and Mary referred to herself as “practically perfect in every way” while continually gazing at her beauty in the mirror. Thankfully, she kept that minor flaw in check and didn’t develop an evil ego. She’s kind and nurturing to children while stern when needed. Mary was beloved by a variety of good supernatural beings while feared by the forces of darkness. As a pseudo-Nature Diety of sorts, she has been in contact with Mother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia. Gaia has given her an Earthly seal of approval. So much so that she trusted Mary to look after her children at times in various realities.

The Great Human Exception

Miss Poppins is known as “The Great Exception” not only due to her unique ascension to Earthly Godhood but also due to her superiority above almost all beings she’s encountered. Mary is considered nearly invincible in paranormal circles across many parallel realities. This is especially due to the fact that she taps into the raw powers of her higher dimensional human souls on various planes of parallel realities we could never hope to comprehend! There is also her original roots of witchcraft that aided her rise to Godhood.

Purity Is The Base Of Poppins Power

An important component of her paranormal powerbase happens to be her impeccable purity. Despite her love for children, she chose the life of a pure virgin over motherhood. It’s not fully understood how this pertains to her power but somehow it takes the place of mass worship that most Goddesses require in order to wield maximum power. Evidence indicates that losing her innocence within a sensual act could possibly lead to her undoing in some way. Even any feelings of sexuality act as Kryptonite upon her! Certainly, her exquisite beauty has attracted men to her. Men she must spurn in order to remain a glorious Goddess! It’s plausible she has been met with great temptation when she’s been greeted by various Gods and Demigods from Pantheons all over the world.

Mary Dedicates Her Existence To Helping Children!

As a person not known by the masses to be a Goddess, or even being real, she doesn’t receive a great deal of worship. However, she deeply discourages those who have bowed before her in awe. Even though Mary does enjoy gazing upon her enchanted image in mirrors she doesn’t have a gargantuan ego. Although, an ego may show when dealing with forces of darkness who mistakenly deem themselves superior to her. She also has scolded two cults that tried to form in her name. Mary instead directed them to form charities and work to help impoverished children. Her love of children compels her to seek out jobs as a nanny, school teacher, or some other role working with kids. Often she looks to aid dysfunctional families who need a bit of magic injected into their monotonous lives. Mary has been known to spark the embers of enchanted emotion within emotionally detached families.

The Devil And Mary Poppins?

Goddess Poppins also aids those in danger from supernatural forces of a nefarious nature. No titan of terror is too titanic for her to take on! Rumors have even swirled about the paranormal community of a run-in with the Devil himself! He’s never spoken of the incident but it is believed he was deeply embarrassed! Her ability to utilize the power of an armada of her extra-dimensional human souls could indeed trump an Archdemon! When you get on the wrong side of Mary you would not want to meet her in a dark alley! Needless to say, her charming demeanor can turn downright mean rather rapidly! Although it hurts her to resort to such disciplinary measures.

The Origin Of The Goddess Poppins

For unknown reasons Mary never lost the purity, and innocence from early childhood that fades away from virtually every adult on Earth. Even adult virgins don’t usually maintain such a superior level of innocence! This is where her initial power stemmed from. An extra special level of magical innocence. A mystical purity that allows children to see past the veil of reality into the world of the paranormal. As a child, Mary caught the interest of a good witch who saw great potential within her. So she trained her in the art of magic. Mary quickly accelerated well past witchcraft into wizardry, and eventually sorcery. All the while maintaining her impeccable innocence despite combative contact with a variety of unsavory evil figures! Finally one day she realized all the power was within her, and she ascended to Immortal Goddesshood. The Immortal Mary Poppins now travels about the Grand Multiverse letting her curiosity be her guide as she aids humankind and even alien kind along the way! Watch Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary Edition In HD Online Now

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