What Is The Scientific Name For Vampires?

The supernatural scientific name for the Cryptids known as Vampires is Homo Nosferatu Vampiris.

Vampire Scientific Classification Chart

Kingdom: Cryptida (Supernatural Cryptids)
Phylum: Immortalis (Immortals)
Class: SupraNecrosis (Living Dead Beings)
Order: Demonica (Demons)
Family: Sanguinus (Survives Off Blood)
Tribe: Nocturna Solaris(Diurnal Solar Radiation Fatal)
Genus: Homo Nosferatu (The Melding Of Human And Vampire)
Species: Homo Nosferatu Vampiris (Scientific Name For Vampires)

Vampire BitingThere are currently six kingdoms accepted in the science of biology but we in the paranormal community know that there are actually seven.  Cryptids are real so we implore the mainstream scientific community to deal with it!  In addition not all Cryptids fall into the Cryptida category as we see it.  There are simply rare animals (Animalia) that science can’t verify or hasn’t discovered yet.  Animals that don’t necessarily have a supernatural origin but are amazing none the less.

Posted By Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie.

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