Do Half Vampires, Demi-Vampires, Or Dhampir’s Exist?

Blade Dhamphir Vampire SlayerYes Half Vampires, Demi-Vampires, or Dhampir’s, are real.  Although, these Human-Vampire Hybrids are an extremely rare breed created by only two methods. One is for a First Generation vampire to mate with a human. Although the First Generation vampire would actively try to eradicate what it would call a bastardized abomination. The second method is if any vampire goes through the process of turning a human into one of their living dead kind. There is a small window of vulnerability where powerful magical or religious forces can intervene. In some cases, even the internal sub-conscious conflict of the victim can be enough to create a Dhampir. Sometimes a Demi-Vampire is the result but many time it is the specter of death that eventually wins!

These Dhampir’s often go on to be Vampire Slayers since their human half tends to dominate their mental state while their physicality is powered up by the demonic vampire side. Human free will seems to win in the end! Demi-Vampires have enhanced strength, speed, agility, and somewhat limited vampire hypnosis skills. They are perfect for vampire hunting not only thanks to their enhanced physical abilities but also due to the fact that they can sense and track vampires with ease. This includes smelling vampire blood from great distances. This is why even their vampire parent will try to eradicate them! They can’t risk the danger, and dishonor of being slain by their own offspring.  Naturally, it is considered blasphemy among vampires if one of their kind, or even a halfling, goes around killing them.  It’s a stain upon the vampire parent which can lead to their termination by the high order of vampire royalty.

The Dhampir’s urge for blood is minimal and can be easily satisfied by a moderate amount of animal blood. They simply don’t crave human blood to the same degree as full-fledged vampire. This makes them a minimal threat to humanity. They eat a mostly carnivorous diet that is heavily raw uncooked meat dripping with blood. In fact, they will sometimes have the urge to hunt down an animal with their bare hands.  Along with a heavy helping of meat, they will drink a glass of the animal’s blood as well.  They can also eat all variety of food as well for the sake of appearances when around humans.  However, fruits, vegetables, and grains in too large a quantity will weaken them.

Dhampir’s generally have half the power of their vampire parent or sire. Their eyes can only be seen glowing in the dark or when they’re extremely angry. They have retractable fangs which are smaller than most vampires. The half vampire ages extremely slow since they are theoretically half-immortal. Paranormal records indicate they age one year for every century on Earth. That along with their amazing cellular regeneration would allow them to live to the equivalent of 500 years old which would be 50,000 years of existence.

The Demi-Vampire has an aversion to direct sunlight but they can tolerate it for many hours. They need heavy sunblock on exposed skin or they sunburn within an hour. Thankfully, they will never have sinister smoke rising from their skin or burst into unholy flames like a vampire. They are only somewhat repelled by religious artifacts, such as holy water, or crosses. Despite this, they can gain great resistance against holy relics so they may use such tools against vampires in a slaying capacity.

More or less Dhampir’s lead almost normal lives like average humans unless they choose to fight the dark bloody forces of evil.  This, of course, puts them on the radar of the vampire community and makes it a necessity to live like a nomad never able to put down roots. Some are able to maintain a dual superhero like identity so they can have family, friends, a career and a decent existence by day while battling the forces of darkness by night.

Demi-Vampires can mate and have offspring with either humans or a first generation vampire. Although, it is hit and miss. Most of the time no births result. Especially on the vampire side. When mating with humans the resulting child will simply be a superhuman or a normal human with a very long lifespan.

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15 thoughts on “Do Half Vampires, Demi-Vampires, Or Dhampir’s Exist?

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  2. If a first generation vampire is able to mate with a human and have a Demi-vampire, what would happen in the case of a first generation vampire turning a human into a vampire, then mating with them?

      • What about in the case of a First Generation vampire mating with a human, then turning the human (female) into a second generation vampire while she is pregnant?

        • If it’s early enough in the pregnancy the child would be born a second generation vampire like the mother. Somewhere in the middle the child would die upon transformation. In the final months of pregnancy a transformation would result in both mother, and child dying. Generally the magical innocence of the unborn child would repel a vampire so all of these are rare.

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