January 30, 2023

15 thoughts on “Do Half Vampires, Demi-Vampires, Or Dhampir’s Exist?

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  2. If a first generation vampire is able to mate with a human and have a Demi-vampire, what would happen in the case of a first generation vampire turning a human into a vampire, then mating with them?

      1. What about in the case of a First Generation vampire mating with a human, then turning the human (female) into a second generation vampire while she is pregnant?

        1. If it’s early enough in the pregnancy the child would be born a second generation vampire like the mother. Somewhere in the middle the child would die upon transformation. In the final months of pregnancy a transformation would result in both mother, and child dying. Generally the magical innocence of the unborn child would repel a vampire so all of these are rare.

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