What’s The US Paranormal Defense Agency?

The United States Paranormal Defense Agency (USPDA or PDA) is a top secret black ops agency of the United States Department Of Defense that deals with supernatural beings and paranormal phenomenon. The PDA was founded in 1977 by President Jimmy Carter. Their world headquarters is a vast facility 500 feet under Washington DC with a secret tunnel leading directly to the White House and Congress as well. The advanced agency is responsible for the so called “Men In Black” who have spooked many an American citizen and sparked quite a few conspiracy theories in their paranormal investigations. They will often refuse to identify themselves, or do so without showing ID. Sometimes they will pose as members of other governmental agencies and then show legitimate ID that checks out in computer databases. Naturally, they almost always wear their trademark black suits and sunglasses unless they’re undercover. Some describe their skin as being unnaturally pale like that of the living dead with no evidence of any expression on their face. It’s plausible these agents could be human hybrids of supernatural beings along with deep brainwashing to keep them laser focused on their missions.

The Paranormal Defense Agency’s origins date back to the very formation of our nation in 1789. Although they can be traced even further to the colonization of North America by European settlers who had to deal with the supernatural scourges of vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, and a plethora of other entities of evil. In the early days of the United States some secret supernatural societies were transformed into the first secretive Federal agencies. As the government grew so did the number of agencies that dealt with the many paranormal threats against the American people and the government in general. By the 20th century the government was no longer as transparent and such covert departments could grow more quickly without anyone noticing. Secrecy was essential to prevent mass panic. This conveniently allowed the government to not violate the Universal Law of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. As the decades of the last century rolled by their missions became more about creating metaphysical weapons, possessing supernatural artifacts and genetically engineering an army of paranormal beings blindly loyal to the government! Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Main Website…

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