What Are Werewolves?

WerewolforizorWerewolves are humans infected with the supernatural Lycanthropy virus. The virus rewrites their DNA causing transformation into a monstrous wolf like humanoid during all nights a full moon is present regardless of cloud cover. Although their strength, speed, and aggression is lessened by a thick cloud cover. A full moon in terms of werewolf transformation is defined as 80% or more of the moons surface illuminated by the sun. However this is the minimum requirement, and only a small number will transform. Generally the newer Werewolves will transform unwillingly the most. With age resistance is formed, and more Moon illumination is required to achieve Lycanthrope status. With each percentage point of Lunar lighting the number of Werewolf transmutations increases greatly to its peak at 100% full Moon.

Werewolves can transformation as the sun sets sometime within Nautical Twilight if the moon is visible. Since there is still daylight the minimal sunlight will cause them to stay in deeply wooded areas or even caves. The vast majority of werewolves reside within Astronomical Twilight where their power is strong. The peak of their power comes at Midnight otherwise known as the supernatural witching hour. The subject remains a werewolf until nautical twilight just before the sun rises. The rising sun triggers the de-transformation back to their human form. The sun in general blinds the werewolf and renders it helpless. However it will not burst into flames like a vampire in sunlight. Read The Rest Of This Article, Including How The First Werewolves Came Into Existence, On Our Main Website…

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