Holiday Spirits Health Bars

The Health Of The Holidays

The Spirits Of Holidays are an enchanted energy mechanism created by the mere mass celebration of any given holiday. The sub-conscious non-intelligent Spirit is the product of a holidays supernatural leader and the human collective consciousness. The metaphysical energy built up within a holidays spirit can be used by
practitioners of magic, supernatural beings, and of course humans who
may sub-consciously draw upon the paranormal power for various reasons. Certainly it contributes to the bolstering of certain emotions and states of mind in the humans and sometimes the paranormal creatures of the planet Earth!

Recently we figured out how to translate the amount of energy into a video game style health bar configuration. This is done via our top flight psychics and witches who input collected data into a unique computer algorithm. As the process is manual at the front-end the health bars below are only accurate at the time of update listed at the end of this article.

Holiday Spirit Energy Levels

We chose seven holidays that include New Year’s, Valentines Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. We even calculated one evil holiday known as Dark Christmas presided over by the Demi-Demon Anti-Claus! Dark holidays are often weaker as most of the human populace doesn’t celebrate them. However their strong leaders coupled with powerful paranormal followers can charge them up enough to be a hindrance on the equivalent good holiday. Another contributing factor are negative thoughts about the good holiday which are then siphoned into the counter holidays spirit. For any holiday the energy goes down the further away from the day or season of celebration in question. Health goes down when a great deal of witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers draw on the Spirits energies.

Holiday Health Bars

Spirit Of New Year’s: 96%

This Spirit is most important at the start and exact end of the year.

The Spirit Of Valentines: 33%

Not much love in the world.

Spirit Of Saint Patrick’s: 48%

We’re at 48% luck. This is often the most drawn upon Spirit since everyone is always wishing for luck. It isn’t drained thanks to Leprechauns!

Spirit Of Easter: 32%

Poor Easter Bunny needs your help! Think of colored eggs, jelly beans, Easter eggnog, little chicks, and fluffy bunnies folks!

Spirit Of Halloween: 77%

The Spirit Of Halloween is often down to the 75% range in January as it is drawn upon heavily by magical practitioners. This Spirit is a balance of light and dark.

Spirit Of Christmas: 111%

The Christmas Spirit generally never falls into the 50% range courtesy of it being the most popular holiday coupled with its leader, Saint Nicholas, being a powerful Demi-Angel! Since we’re technically still in the Christmas season until Ground Hogs Day. The Spirit is still surging beyond 100%!

Dark Christmas Spirit: 23%

No tears shed for Dark Xmas! It isn’t fully drained as the Dark Claus and his minions fight to keep the hellish Spirit alive! Naturally the Devil does his part to bolster this abomination of a holiday as well! Celebrations include demonic rituals and upside down black Christmas trees of death with the Devil on top! Oh my!😈

Updated January 20, 2019…We’ll try to update the supernatural health bars once a month.

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