March 21, 2023

19 thoughts on “Are There Human-Leprechaun Hybrids?

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  2. I read about Clurichaun and how they eat younger kids/fairies. Is this also the case with Clurimen or Cluriwoman? Have Clurichauns and Hybrids of them been known to eat adults as well?

    1. Smurfs are good luck but nowhere in the same league as Leprechauns. So far we don’t know of any evil counterparts. Since the Universe must always have balance it’s safe to assume some type of evil Smurf might exist on another planet or dimension slightly out of phase with our reality.

      1. Would they be able to turn you into any being from the elf line? Also are goblins from the elf line? Are they evil, or just mischievous?

        1. Yes Goblins, and a great many beings of small stature are enchantingly evolved from the Elf line. They can range from being merely mischievous to downright evil! All are greedy at heart, and they often are at odds with Leprechauns, and Tooth Fairies who also collect gold, and other treasures. In some cases Clurichauns may employ Goblins to steal Leprechauns gold in return for directing dark luck upon enemies.

    1. It’s plausible but both consider each a subspecies of the other even though Clurichauns came from Leprechauns. Around our site we describe Clurichauns as Evil Leprechauns but that’s only for novices to easily understand. There are tales of a few Clurichauns turning to the light side, and Leprechauns turning to the darkness. They don’t ever completely become the other, and are still somewhat identifiable as their species by appearance.

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