A Nephilim is the offspring of an unholy union between a Fallen Angel and a Human. The most famous of these Dark Angel-Human Hybrids are American Folklore legend Paul Bunyan and Goliath of Biblical fame. The Nephilim is the opposite of a Demi-Angel which is a holy Heaven-sanctioned union between an Angel and a Human. The only known Demi-Angel is Santa Claus aka Saint Nicholas. Nephilim are extremely large and powerful due to the transitional nature of the Fallen Angel status of their parent. Such an Angel has fallen from Heavenly grace but at the same time has embraced freedom granting them temporary powers beyond what they had. A Fallen Angel eventually becomes a demon at which point they can only create Demi-Demons when mating with a Human. Interestingly enough, the most famous Demi-Demon is The Anti-Claus.😈

The Nephilim are mentioned in the Christian Holy Bible as giant superhuman offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men”  In other words angels, and humans.  In reality, Angels don’t have gender yet the Nephilim manifested on Earth as both male and female. Since the Bible was written by men it always has a male-centric take on things.  Not to mention that many stories were embellished. That is why there’s no mention of Angels manifesting as females, and female Nephilim which indeed existed.  Although when delivering the word of God they usually appeared in male form since society was male dominated in ancient times. One of the most famous Nephilim was a giant named Goliath thought to be at least 9 feet tall.  Skeletons of such giants have been found around the world.  In some cases, they could also be the offspring of powerful Gods, or extraterrestrials.

The Nephilim were the children of Fallen Angels, and they tended to be evil in nature but not as evil as Demi-Demons, the children of Demons, and humans.  While Demi-Angels, the children of pure Angels, and humans, tend to be good.  Of course there were exceptions like the legendary Paul Bunyan of American folklore who was the last known recorded Nephilim to be born on Earth. However, most of the legends written about him were false. Both Demi-Demons, and Demi-Angels are always well over 6 feet tall but the majority don’t go beyond 7 feet tall unless human genes dictate such a height.  So why are the Nephilim pushing 9 feet or more?  It’s due to the state of the Angels who mate with the humans who produce them. These lust driven Angels give in to human desires, and let the word of their Lord, aka the Omniverse God, take a back seat.  This causes them to fall from grace thereby technically being fallen Angels rather than Demons.

Fallen Angels manifesting into a biological form into this reality have special DNA make up that uniquely interacts with a human.  Genetics that are akin to an Angel-Demon hybrid which are actually more powerful than an average biological form Angel, Demiangel, and of course a Demidemon. The Fallen Angel DNA is why the Nephilim are such powerful giants. Thankfully the magical Angelic powers are actually latent in a Nephilim thereby giving others of Angelic lineage the upper hand.  The only known hybrid similar to a Fallen Angel was, created by an Angel, and Demon mating.  Her name is Shala the Queen of Halloween.  With Fallen Angels however their Demon-Angel state is temporary as they transition to that of a demon.  Once they consummate their union with a human the transition to demon is nearly complete.

Nephilim are considered abominations along with Demi-Demons such as the infamous Anti-Claus.  On the other hand, Demi-Angels are blessed enchanted entities. Angels who descend to Earth for true love, or who succumb to love while on Earthly missions, are generally given Heavenly consent to create a child. This is why Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas), the most famous Demiangel, is considered a holy being rather than an abomination shunned by the inhabitants of Heaven.  These Angels who mate with humans must also have at least equal, or greater love for God, and return to Heaven on their own accord.  This is why Demiangels don’t see much of their Angelic parent in biological form.  Their loyalty to God and Heavenly duties unfortunately outweigh directly raising their kids.  However, they usually visit every so often and are always watching over their children from afar.

In the case of Santa Claus, he understands his father, the Archangel Sarandiel, had a higher holy calling. Nephilim are virtually extinct from the Earth today due to better detection of Angels breaking their bond with God.  Unfortunately, a few do spring up every so often.  Those not smart enough to hide are easy targets for Angels, various other supernatural beings, and human paranormal warriors.  Still, only an Angel, Demon, or other higher-dimensional being would be able to take down one easily.  Even a Demi-Angel, not using magic, would be in for quite a battle which is why most will not take on such a giant 9-foot-tall plus muscular super beast!

By Xavier Remington