What Are Spirits?

What Are Dark And Light Spirits?

Informally the term Spirits can be used for virtually any metaphysical or non-corporeal entity. Usually for something that doesn’t fall into another category such as ghosts, poltergeists, demons, etc. Other times it indicates a deceased human who isn’t technically a ghost nor an afterlife angel. Rather than being called a soul they are known as a spirit. Particularly if they have amassed some extraordinary power. Often they have returned from somewhere in between this world and the afterlife to exact revenge as a Dark Spirit. In some cases, an Earthborn curse can become a Dark Spirit all its own that continues its diabolical mission long past the expiration of the curse itself. Often when it comes to curses these spirits tend not to be conscious intelligent beings.

Light Spirits are often the deceased who will themselves to stay behind and watch over their people. They resisted the pull of the heavenly white light by calling upon Mother Nature and other Earthly Gods for shelter. They, in essence, create their own Heaven on Earth and may reside in the Paradise Plane. Often they may work together as a collective entity that is somewhat the opposite of a poltergeist. Dark Spirits may join together as well to form a powerful poltergeist. Often these type of Spirits have been born in the world of Native aboriginals.

What Is The Holy Spirit?

The term Spirit is most often used in the supernatural world to describe something that isn’t quite conscious or self-aware. An entity directly or indirectly guided by one or more higher dimensional beings and even living people. For instance, the infamous Holy Spirit is an invisible interaction conduit between a God and their faithful believers. It allows them to feel the Lord’s power, emotion, and intent within them. It guides their mind subconsciously on the path of wise peaceful enlightenment. A God or Goddess sends forth the Spirit to absorb into the mind, body, and soul of those willing to receive it. It can bring new ideas to the mind’s surface while opening one’s eyes to new possibilities! The Holy Spirit can instill a sense of emotional well being and boost health amid the reinforcement of humble prayers. Even metaphysical energy levels can be increased thereby granting practitioners of magic and others greater power.

Spirits Of The Human Collective Consciousness And Mother Nature

The Human Collective Consciousness is more aptly called the Collective Sub-Consciousnesses. The sheer belief of a mass of people causes Non-Consciousness Spirits to come into existence. This includes the Spirits Of Holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. These entities operate on their own with some guidance from the supernatural leader of a given holiday. It imbues people with the enchanted emotions of the holiday and can benefit ones well being like Holy Spirits. There are also Spirits like this that encompass aspects of life on Earth including National Spirits such as the United States Uncle Sam. It is said that natural aspects of our environment spontaneously form Spirits. Some of which later evolved into Nature Deities. Life breathed into them in a Tulpa like way via the belief of a group of humans who made up a God or Goddess. In that way, Spirits are somewhat like Gods still in Goddess Gaia’s womb. For it is the addition of her life force that is an essential element to their existence. We come full circle once these new Gods create the aforementioned Holy Spirit.

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