The Haunted Forest Of The Transylvanian Vampire Capital

Within Transylvania, Romania deep in the Carpathian Mountains lies a haunted forest of Hell that locals have known to avoid for centuries! They call it the Pădurea Vampirilor. A frightening forest that literally stinks of death amid its perpetual fog that often obstructs what little sunlight there is. No one who enters ever returns! Throughout the day and night the sounds of tortured souls, screams for help, maniacal laughs, unexplained eerie noises, monstrous roars, and an eternally whistling wind echo throughout the area. The trees are stained with the blood of innocent humans slain by ruthless Vampires! Those of the pure breed royal first generation! Often humans are heinously hunted down as a pleasurable sport for the living dead blood suckers! The ghosts of the dead roam the Earth as lost souls stuck in the vampires demonic grip for eternity! Occasionally Poltergeists form from some of vengeful dead but the royal courts magicians promptly bind them from harming anyone but hapless humans! Vampire Slayers and the most powerful Gypsies avoid this wayward woodland unless they have a death wish! It is ripe with perplexing paranormal activity, deadly traps, vicious vampires, and miscellaneous monsters!

Diavol City: The Vicious Vampire Capital Of The World!

At the forests elusive center lies a small ancient village of the damned. A haven for various generations of ancient royal vampires. Near the top of a mountain there is a magnificent castle cloaked in Satanic sanguine energy thereby allowing it to remain unseen from distant telescopes and orbital satellites. From the side of the castle a water fall of blood red water cascades into a stream that winds through the village. The water itself is said to be a type of blood composed of metaphysical matter. Its source is the River Of Lost Sanguine Souls that originates in the Underworld. In the belly of the castle a cave leads to this physical Hell on Earth. This bloody water doesn’t provide sustenance for the vicious vamps but they do enjoy drinking and bathing in it during ritualistic Satanic ceremonies. This is the global Vampire Capital of Diavol City that governs the dark world of vampires everywhere! Plausibly one of the most nightmarish places on Earth!

The New Years Blood Ball Feast

Diavol City sees the most activity on New Years Eve when the vampire social event of the year takes place. It is known as The Blood Ball Feast. It is a Satanic soiree consisting of top royal vampires from around the world. Vampire Slayers yearn to gain access and wipe out a great deal of the vampire’s governmental hierarchy Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to get there. Innocent victims, both human and supernatural beings, are hypnotized to remain still as they are placed on tables like rare culinary delicacies. Then the vampire elite drain them of blood and feast upon them. The entire time the victims remain awake witnessing the sheer horror of their demise!

The Home Of The Vampire Dracula

Interestingly enough, the infamous Vampire Dracula has his own macabre castle some distance away from Diavol City and the haunted forest. Although, his castle is connected to a system of secret caverns that lead to Diavol City and the Underworld. Dracula’s pad is nestled deep in a dark misty forest that appears to be otherwise pleasant. He loves unsuspecting human meals to reach his doorstep. They are then slaughtered, butchered, and processed in his Devilish kitchen. The forest remains pristine without a hint of any terror. Due to Dracula’s mastery of magic and Devil worship there is a spell upon the castle and surrounding forest. Those looking to do Dracula harm are lead on a wild goose chase never able to find his humble abode. Everyone else immediately finds the castle. If someone decided to turn around they get lost in the forest and end up right back at the castle’s location. Many a Vampire Slayer and vengeful Gypsy have failed in finding his home base of murderous operations! A base he shares with his Son Vlad, Jr., his top lieutenant in terror Princess Ruxandra, and his other mad minions.

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