The Great Mermaid Civilizations Of Earth

Mermaids are very religious, and loyal to their sea Gods.  The main reason for multiple Mermaid populaces around the globe is their disagreement of who is the true heir, and supreme God of Earth’s Oceans.

  1. Atlantis (North Atlantic) – The original Mermaid civilization, and the largest population as well.  It’s considered the Mermaid Capital of the world.  The mystical mega Mermaid Metropolis is comparable to New York City, and is magically cloaked to prevent outsiders from finding it.  The center of the civilization is called Poseidon City.  This is the Capital of Atlantis itself where the royal palace resides.  Atlantis worships the Greek Sea God Poseidon. Also Caribbean Sea base that mans the undersea pyramid responsible for Bermuda Triangle.
  2. Neptunus (South Atlantic) – The populace is allied with the Roman Sea God Neptune.
  3. North Pacific – A female only populace of Mermaids that follow the Hawaiian Goddesses Nāmaka (Sea) and Pele (fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes).  They’re like the Amazons of the Mermaid world!
  4. Pacifica (South Pacific) – Polynesian Sea God Tangaroa.
  5. Mystic Springs (Indian Ocean)  – Hindu Sea God Varuna. Antipode of Woodland Springs, Colorado.
  6. Oceanus (Mediterranean Sea) –  Greek God Of All Oceans Oceanus. Although that title is disputed by most Gods.
  7. Arctic Ocean – Ice Mermaids.  Work with Santa Claus, and ally with Angels.
  8. Antarctic Ocean – Lake Vostok released demonic albino Mermaids.  Devil allied Mermaids.
  9. Great Lakes, Midwest USA
  10. Holy Red Sea Mermaids
  11. Salton Sea, California (Largest community of Mermaids & Demi-Mermaids on the run from the other Mermaid civilizations)
  12. Miscellaneous Mermaid Societies – Small groups or individuals may exist in any number of bodies of water around the world.  However they usually need decent salt content which is essential to Mermaid biochemistry. These minority societies may choose to worship lesser known sea or water Gods along with possibly being at odds with the mainstream Mermaid communities.

The Lost Continent Of Atlantis
The Island continent of Atlantis not only developed fabulous technology, courtesy of Gliese 581g alien technology, but was also in touch with the supernatural world. A Wizard named Mermis foretold the end of Atlantis but few heeded his warnings. His most loyal of followers chose to have their fish like genes activated and imbued with supernatural powers via the help of other worldly forces, and benevolent nature deities. When Atlantis sank into the North Atlantic Ocean around 10,000 BC, the mermaids were the only ones to survive with Mermis being their King after he underwent his own transformation. They rebuilt Atlantis as a magnificent mystical mermaid metropolis deep beneath the ocean where most of the mermaids live today. There are other populations in the South Atlantic, South Pacific and Indian oceans as well. The main difference between the various populations is their allegiance to Sea Gods. Atlantis has always had allegiance to the Greek God of the sea Poseidon and his wife Goddess Amphitrite. The South Atlantic populace called, Neptunus, left Atlantis a long time ago because they believed in the superiority of the roman God Neptune. The Indian Ocean mermaids were originally Atlantean explorers and eventually decided to form their own civilization called Mystic Seas.

There’s also an island nearby called Mystic Springs where Mermaids live in permanent human form. That area of the ocean floor was teeming with mystical sea life and is the antipode of Woodland Springs, Colorado (a town teeming with paranormal activity). They are allied with the Hindu sea God Varuna. The South Pacific Ocean populace was sanctioned by Atlantis to claim the Pacific in their name but they instead set up their own independent city called Pacifica. They worship the Polynesian Sea God Tangaroa. There is also rumored to be a small civilization in the Mediterranean Sea called Oceanus rumored to be the original under sea base of the Gliese 581d mermaid aliens. That would in fact make it the oldest mermaid civilization on Earth. Oceanus was the Greek God of all oceans even before Poseidon. The knowledge of Oceanus may in fact have been brought here by the aliens who worshiped him as well. This would make him not simply an Earthly God but a Galactic God who presides over the oceans of many worlds and cultures throughout the Galaxy.