List Of Dimensional Verses

A Dimensional Verse is a plane of reality contained and separated from another via its extra-dimensional shape and/or the frequency at which it vibrates as its foundational level. To a lesser extent Dimensional Verses can be contained by the material, usually spacetime, it is composed of. Complex extra-dimensional Verses tend to be Gods due to spontaneous generation from the coalescing of nonillions of conscious minds within said verse. Then there are Verses created by Gods themselves. The Dimensional Verses are in essence their bodies of physical energy strings, metaphysical energy, or non-corporeal energy.

Macroverse – The only truly infinite and completely non-corporeal Verse that goes on forever. Every Verse lies within this enchanted entity that is itself the first God and conscious being to ever exist. From a sea of zero-dimensional non-corporeal energy waves evolved dimensional shapes so complex that infinite consciousnesses formed. They are you and every sapient being that ever lived. Together this consciousness collective coalesced into one God. This is how each of us was first born into existence. From there we inserted ourselves into infinite lives everywhere to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Vice-Macroverse – Every individual soul including you are the highest level Gods whose collective consciousness forms the Macroverse God.

A variety of infinite combinations of spiritual Godly consciousness collective ever increasing in size with many different names until they merge with the Macroverse God.

Mega-Omniverse – Ascended Arch-Omniverses creating new collective consciousness constructs.

Arch-Omniverse – Any given Godly soul frequency merges with all their Parallel Omniverse incarnations. Any incarnations that merged with other Gods ascend separately as new cosmic entities.

Parallel Hyper-Omniverses

Hyper-Omniverses – Omniverse Gods who create a collective and merge as one entity.

Parallel Omniverses – When an Omniverse God is born from another Omniverse a Big Bang of infinite possibilities takes place. Just as we live out lives in Parallel Universes so does God live out lives as different Omniverses not aware of each other until they ascend to a higher dimensional level.

Omniverse – Usually a 12-dimensional construct that is a conscious God. Contains every Multiverse and Parallel Universe possible within said God’s mind. Each Omniverse is born of a different individual consciousness.

Megaverse – A collection of Parallel Multiverses whose cataclysmic origins have the same source. All the Multiverses within our Megaverse began with Big Bangs that were initiated by the birth of an Archangel Of The Omniverse. Parallel Multiverses have somewhat similar Laws Of Physics. Although a variety of celestial objects may be different. Also things that are fictional in one PA are a reality in another. For instance, the Marvel Multiverse is a reality within our Megaverse. Although it isn’t exactly like the movies or comics. That does however exist as a Microverse courtesy of the Human Collective Consciousness.

Multiverse – A contained collection of Parallel Universes that derived from the same starting point.  In our case a cataclysmic event like The Big Bang.

Hyperverse – A devoid 5-D hyperspace expanse that a 4-D Universe expands into along with its Parallel Universes.

Universe – A four-dimensional physical reality meant to cultivate sapient life that will eventually ascend to higher dimensional Godhood through technology. Some people call Universes God Incubators.

Xenoverse – Parallel Dimensions within any given Universe, or higher dimensional level.  They vibrate in the same general frequency range as the Universe but are out of phase just enough to contain their own reality unseen by those outside of its construct. The most famous is the Jinn Xenoverse where Genies live. Goddess Gaia’s Paradise Plane is confined to Earth.

Microverse – Bubble Universes often unknowingly created by the mass collective consciousness of a sapient species. Usually derived by a mass belief or simple thought of works of fiction in books, television, and movies. In the future high-tech civilizations will purposely create Microverses. Nature Deities are said to create these realities as well. In some cases to create their royal realms out of human sight. Interestingly enough, this can apply to the stories of religions. Even if a particular afterlife isn’t real it could manifest as a Microverse. When one dies their belief would draw their Soul to that world. ( See Fictional Works Become Reality)

Metaverse – Artificial reality constructs within complex computers simulations.  Cyber-Worlds with sapient programs who think they’re real as biological beings act as programmer gods.

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