August 9, 2022

79 thoughts on “Is Fantasy Island And Mr.Roarke Real?

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  2. Well this was certainly an interesting read. I had watched Fantasy Island as a kid and even though I knew it was just a tv show something about it seemed real. Now I know why.

    1. Since you seem to be quite a troubled individual I focused on your future until my nose, and ears started bleeding along with me passing out for a time. I had been abstaining from any visions due to being drained of energy from everyone wanting a vision in the last few weeks. What I saw was that you’re 1/16 God or 1/8 Demigod. I have no idea what God or Goddess you’re related to. In the Siberian Camp they sense you have a latent tychokinetic ability that must be trained in order to manifest itself. While training in the camp you meet a beautiful girl named Flora who is 1/8 Goddess and descended from Gaia, aka Mother Earth. She has the power of Phytokinesis which is the manipulation of plant life. She is the one most responsible for all the amazing flowers that grow in the camp, and apart of a team who turned a barren ice ridden valley in Siberia into a lush sub-tropical paradise. She becomes your girlfriend, and a short number of years before Armageddon begins you have a child named Lily. Despite her diluted blood there is some genetic fluke that gives her powers greater than both of you combined including tychokinesis, and phytokinesis even at a young age which appears to be 4 or so. She joins you, and Lily in battle where a key victory takes place in favor of the Earthy Gods. I can’t see anything beyond that.

      If you commit suicide you won’t go to purgatory as Father Tom stated, and you won’t go to the first level of Heaven. Since you have God blood you don’t follow the standard human afterlife. In fact the Gods are so enraged that you destroyed a key victory since they can see the future some extent, they banish you to a dark void deep in the bowels of the Underworld. The Underworld is the physical manifestation of Hell on Earth deeply cloaked underground. Low level demons, ferocious paranormal animals, and evil Gods, and Goddesses among other atrocities exist there. Within the center there is a bottomless pit of lost souls where disembodied consciousnesses of those who really pissed off someone powerful can end up. Clearly this is what happens in this case. Your consciousness descends down the never ending void like a swirling black hole. I can’t see how long you’re there because there’s no sense of time but it sure seems like forever and all you can do is live within your mind since nothing else exists. If I were you I’d just take my chances with life, and see where it leads.

      1. Sorry to hear about the bleeding Julia. As usual I’m the first one in the office. Being a Demi-Zombie means not needing much sleep. I see you already took the week off. I’ll drop by your house at lunch to give you a physical, and bring you something to eat. I’m in my lab now surrounded by my animals. I’m working on my zombie virus vaccine using some zombie rats as test subjects.

    1. Your tychokinetic ability will be moderate. Enough to gradually turn the tide in some battles. Although your powers may appear greater as you work to hide your daughters ability for fear of Angelic forces abducting her from the apocalyptic playing field.

  3. could immense power like author authority exists? Because if there was a person who possess this ability, that person will control all of us, altering destiny of course. the user would/will be too powerful for anyone to handle

    1. Some of the most ancient secret scrolls tell us that God mandated “The Free Will Accords”. These Accords actually include allowing you to have a choice as to whether you exist or not. In this particular Universe you actually first existed as a 4-D being with your life already completed since you exist outside of time in the 5th dimension. You were given the choice to exist, and you clearly chose it or you wouldn’t be here. If someone had the power of Author Authority they’re either being pushed into a parallel Universe that matches their criteria, or they’ve created their own bubble Universe where everyone is nothing more than Philosophical Zombies.

    1. It’s rare but there are scattered reports of such powers. Those suspected of possessing Author Authority tend to disappear. Most likely ending up in other Universes, their own bubble reality, or even whisked away to parts unknown by Angels, or other higher dimensional entities.

    1. After analyzing my visions further I believe your daughter Lily will posses Author Authority, and be a major player in the Apocalypse. I don’t see you having that power. Although your daughter could certainly take you along for the authorship ride.

    1. There’s too many variables to plot far into the future since we are all weaving five dimensionally through near identical parallel Universe at the same time we’re traveling through time into future one day at a time. However generally I have had brief visions of Armageddon battles, the tyranny of the NWO, and a North American little ice age among other things.

    1. The Bilderberg Conference is always at the end of May into the first days of June so it’s long past now. The Anti-Illuminati Billionaire who hired us to infiltrate the group last year hired us again this year but we were too busy so we recommended a firm in Great Britain since it was held in Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

    1. Sometimes past life memories are actually 5-D memories of parallel realities while other times they are real. Our souls can be born in a Universe more than once but it’s not really reincarnation as religious people describe it. You don’t die, and then end up in another life. It just so happens that another body born in history has an energy frequency signature matching your soul, and it then connects with your soul making it you. Or more precisely every human born generates a 4-D soul with a certain frequency that is then attracted to a corresponding 5-D soul which is you. With the role of random dice these probabilities can duplicate over the long expanse of history.

  4. Julia Hathaway I must ask you something I just hear of USA going to the middle east call Syria is that going to happen like world war 3? also I just wonder is this will be the end of the Amercia? write back thank you.

    1. What suicide predictions? That was all your BS! Julia never said anything of the sort! And yes from now on we’re calling it sissycide as it’s something only sissies do! We’re not going to be implicated in a lawsuit when you end up knocking yourself off because you have no concept of what it is to be alive!

      1. I’ve been watching this joker for quite some time. I’ve been wondering where his parents are during his clearly angst ridden teens. As Mystic Investigations Chief Legal Officer I feel that AnDagra is a potential legal risk. I think it would be best to disable his account until he gets some type of counseling.

          1. Xavier I thought our locker room was unisex? Rebecca was walking in there, and I followed. She said,”Oh no you don’t!”, and locked me out! I have swamp monster goo on me, and I’m a professional. I’m typing from the terminal near the locker room…hey what the hell Rebecca just let Hunter in there, and I can see she’s naked!

          2. What?!? I still need to take a shower so I’m getting down there now! And no Zack you can’t come in until you’re 18. Sorry but we have laws to adhere to.

          3. Really? Overall this is coming from a man & demi-mermaid who’s sign (Gemini) is notoriously known for talking too much & being a total trickster.You know what i mean? Stop acting like a Virgo.

        1. My visions of this troubled teen led me to believe that his talk of suicide was merely a cry for help. Although I’m not sure why he turns to the internet. He doesn’t live in a cyber-void detached from the real world?

          1. Man it was a hell of night taking on those swamp monsters! At my school we always have a few kids hinting at suicide for no real reason. I guess they think their lives should be like an exciting TV show, they whine because they can’t be best buds with the most popular kids, and the hot chicks care not for them. They just sit around sulking, and being bored. Really they’re just lazy, and think everyone should give them a life when they have nothing to offer. They need to get off their asses, and grab the world by the balls already! They’re young, and they got their entire lives ahead of them.

      2. I don’t know any weak minded individuals who would succumb to Sissycide. I’ve come across people with hellish lives over the years, and the thought never even crosses their minds unless they are suffering from some hellish physical condition. Anything mental is all in your mind, and can be cured by merely changing your thought pattern. Especially if the toxic chemical meds aren’t helping.

      1. I find the weak minded unattractive. Julia has been looking further into Xaviers downtrodden parallel Universe where he lives in a cardboard box, and he’s never had thoughts of Sissycide there. In your case you will acquire immortal powers eventually while regular humans will die in a century or so. Why do the Sissycide if it will happen in such a short period of time compared to the history of the Earth? The strong willed live to hope things will get better. If not then nature will take it’s course free of any potential worries of afterlife repercussions.

    1. Have we never mentioned our unisex shower room before? We’ve all seen each other naked so many times that there’s nothing to hide. When we first started fighting disgusting creatures that end up coating us with all manner of sick goos, and even acids we need to clean off quick along with having substances contained within a special disposal system rather than contaminating our homes, and the town sewer system. We’d usually find the nearest body of water, and strip naked if it was urgent we get the supernatural substances off of us. I remember the first time it happened with Father Tom he averted his eyes from us, and muttered,”God forgive me!” Also having one locker room saves space so we can have a more efficient facility.

    1. Nevermind? I was wrestling with a freaking squirming gnome when a loud beep from my cell phone indicating a comment had been posted here went off. Little bastard got away. I’m out with my friends from high school patrolling among the trick o treaters. I lost contact with the Mystic Investigations team, and we must deal with the horror of Halloween on our own. Check out our facebook page for updates that I’ve posted since I’m command while everyone is gone: President Zack Powers! I like the sound of that…but of course I pray for the safe return of Xavier, and the rest of my friends.

  5. Is there a day where I can communicate with you & the rest of mystic investigations without interruption? by the way I’m playing pep band for Halloween P.S. NO INSULTS!! I’m already irritated

    1. We’re usually quite busy. We get to the comments during lulls in activity. At this point I have no idea what’s going on with the rest of the team so I can’t schedule anything. My girlfriend Brittany is here, and she told you to “take a chill pill pal!” 🙂 OMG I think I just saw Slenderman in the shadows near some kids!

  6. Sorry supernaturalbeliver for what I said to you this summer about being a Demigod! (or Demigoddess) by the way how’s your relationship with Loki working out for ya?

    1. Yes the office is closed on Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Although we always respond to emergencies 24-7 365 days a year. I’m sure Rebecca, and the rest of the ladies will once again dive into the sea of rabid humanity vying for BS Black Friday deals on a bunch of junk. Every year while I’m sleeping she’s up at 3:00 headed to a store, and certain trouble. I guess she never learns her lesson. Here’s what happened in 2011: I didn’t write about 2012 Black Friday but she ended up getting in some crazy cat fights. Although this year we’re going to spend Thanksgiving at my parents house in Washington Island, Wisconsin, and there’s not much in the way of shopping anywhere near there. If she goes shopping she’ll be alone this year as the rest of the girls will still be in Woodland Springs, Colorado. Last year both my parents, and Rebecca’s came to dinner at our house along with Mystic members:

      1. Sorry you don’t appreciate the hunt to acquire the perfect item at the perfect price. I consider it a challenge to battle against mall bitches to get what is mine. Don’t worry I will find my way to a large store of some type on Black Friday even if I have to fly halfway across the State in my Mystic Sphere!

    1. Yeah I had Thanksgiving with my Grandma, and some other relatives who visited. I ate a lot of turkey. Everyone was amazed that ate more than even Great Uncle Herbert who weights 307 pounds. My bionic mechanisms along with the nanobots in my bloodstream create a very high metabolism which requires a lot of food. Herbert loves sitting on people while he laughs with glee. He stopped laughing when I bench pressed him off me causing his ass to hit the floor. I just said I’ve been working out hard in the weight gym at school.

    1. Yes I have a twin brother, and he did display powers a short time after me. However he was personally freaked out by the powers so he suppressed them. He does however call me when he sees visions of me in danger. Usually in his dreams rather than the conscious visions I usually have. Having visions of me in danger is the only power he could not suppress.

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