The Enchanted Woodland

The Enchanted Woodland is a smaller wooded area separate from the larger Mystical Forest. Both are separated from each other by Luminary Lake and various rivers. It tends to harbor good supernatural entities and is indeed a safe haven for those seeking protection against the forces of evil. The Mystical Forest on the other hand contains both good and evil beings. The woodland is made up of mostly deciduous trees which make for a beautiful plethora of autumn colors. There is in fact a magical area that is perpetually autumn. Always cool even in the dead of the summer and warm in the winter with the leaves always displaying a plethora of bright colors. Another area is perpetually summer. Warm with green deciduous leaves even in the dead of the winter. The Woodland is composed of two halves. A large eastern portion that contains the perpetual autumn woods in the center. This then transitions into a thinner swath that runs along Woodland Springs Lake and basically only contains the Enchantment Lane Neighborhood where Xavier Remington, and Rebecca Abernathy live. That then transitions into the large western portion that contains the perpetual summer at the center. Within that the Mystic Investigations Safe House resides.

Where as it is said that The Mystical Forest might have been created by a supernatural energy force known as The Mystical Heart, the Enchanted Woodland has no such source and was thought to once have been a normal stretch of woods literally enchanted by one or more unknown individuals who utilized powerful spells to create the woods. Evidence of this is seen by the large crystals buried around the edge of the woodland. The crystals inexplicably can’t be removed from the ground by any means thus far. One interesting feature of the area is the inability for trees to be destroyed except by an enchanted silver axe. The tree’s and foliage will not burn by flame or be destroyed by any other means. Not even Holy or Unholy flames will complete the task.

Sassy’s Autumn Cafe is owned and operated by Sassy Sassafras, a culinary wizard who trained not only in magic but also in the artistry of fine dining


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