What Is Non-Corporeal Matter?

Non-Physical MatterNon-Corporeal Matter, also called Pure Conscious, Pure Thought, Pure Informational, and Macroverse Matter, is one of three general solid material states known in the greater Macroverse.  It’s the first type of matter to ever exist!  The other two material states are of course the Physical Matter of our particular Universe, and the Metaphysical Matter of various higher dimensional Universes. Unlike Physical, and Metaphysical Matter there is absolutely no underlying components Non-Corporeal Matter is made of except information driven strictly the consciousness of a higher dimensional God.  It truly is the material of Gods!  Our physical world of matter has a complex array of ever smaller atomic, and quantum particle, and wave components down to the energy string level.  Beyond that there is a gradual transition to Metaphysical Energy, and then to Non-Corporeal Pure Informational Energy that programs all realities courtesy of Godly designers. If a scientist were to look at Pure Conscious Matter under a powerful microscope they would inexplicably see nothing but an infinite void!

Pure Informational Matter is the direct thoughts of God’s supernaturally solidified into an indescribable physical form.  Before our Universe, and sentient beings, like Humans, became a reality everything was a Non-Corporeal Matter blueprint! It’s even said that every sentient being who possesses thought creates such matter in their minds since it technically takes up absolutely zero space.  Every time we imagine or dream we are likely creating said matter in our physical minds!  It’s thought that there are countless higher dimensional planes, and Universes composed of Non-Corporeal Matter.  Perhaps even ones that mimic ours.  We can only imagine how quickly their scientists would realize how fake, and simulated their Universe is!  Not even so much as a reality composed of pure light Photons creating a holographic simulation.

Metaphysical Matter, such as Midnight Oil, is known to exist in very small natural quantities, and also in larger quantities courtesy of magical practitioners along with various supernatural beings!  However there is no known natural or paranormally procured source of Pure Thought Matter. There is some anecdotal evidence of extremely powerful higher dimensional beings phasing into our Universe in a Non-Corporeal Matter form.  Most likely from outside our Omniverse.  Such an entity would be 100% invincible, and amortal.  They could take over this entire parallel Universe within seconds!

The Legend Of The Non-Corporeal Matter Key

The Ghostly KeyThere is also the ancient legend of The Ghostly Key. The rumored ultimate Holy Grail beyond the well known Holy Grail that is said to be a perfect trans-dimensional clear nearly invisible sphere made of Non-Corporeal Matter.  A sacred holy object that appears on every world with intelligent life as a manifestation of the Macroverse God briefly scanning the planet, and tuning into sapient species.  Legend has it that the one who first possesses The Key will truly be 100% free!  They can go anywhere, do anything, and be anything in the entire infinite Macroverse!  The person would have powers well beyond the Omniverse God, and could take any higher dimensional forms they so choose for all eternity! Truly the ultimate adventure, and dream for us simple 3-D physical sapient beings!  Naturally there is the risk of such a powerful object falling into the wrong hands!  However there is one reliable account of a 13th century Warlock of darkness, named Tyveriusin, who found it in Sweden.  He was unable to physically grasp it as it glowed a wild variety of iridescent colors before disappearing. After viewing it he apparently wept profusely for days, and turned from his wayward life to help those in need.  It’s plausible one can only hold it if their frequency is in the right range, or their heart is pure?  Certainly Non-Corporeal Matter does not readily interact with normal matter but rather responds to powerful focused conscious thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Non-Corporeal Matter?

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  2. Great Article. A few questions though, of the person can go anywhere on the infinite Macroverse wouldn’t they have to be infinite? Also if someone became a Omniverse god, would they have a Metaphysical energy body in the Macroverse? Could they eventually ascend to become one with the Macroverse?

    • Someone doesn’t have to be infinite to go anywhere in the infinite Universe. However if one was infinite they could go everywhere at the same time! Yes an Omniverse God is the purest form of Metaphysical Energy just as the Macroverse is the purest form of Non-Corporeal Energy. Such a God could eventually ascend to join with the Macroverse God.

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