March 27, 2023

26 thoughts on “Difference Between Angels, Fallen Angels, And Demons?

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    1. In the various parallel Universes all humans have probably been a supernatural being derived from humans, such as vampires, or werewolves. If they’re good in the majority of Universes they’ll ascend to Godhood. Clearly our very own Drake Alexander fights on the side of good. If he can be like that with Demonic DNA then odds are he’s been good as a human in the majority of Universes. We have no doubt he’ll ascend to Godhood, or he already has since the higher dimensions exist outside of time as we know it.

  2. (beatboxing) HI GOOD MORNING XAVIER, WHERE YA GOING?!? HI REBECCA ARE YA COMIN ALONG WITH HIM! IF YES THEN yeah (YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!) NICKY GOTTA…… go. If no then why (-_-……… love is all around)

      1. Julia do you believe the Rapture coming where all Christian taken up to heaven? I just wonder if you can use your psychic skill to see if this will a happen or write back thank you.

  3. Well, Xavier. I spoke to a parallel you. He calls himself the Human of Darkness & hes homeless!!! Also i’m not my grandma’s grandson in that universe. How I did this? A technique i like to call: Parallel Auto-Writing or the narrative equivalent of Parallel Hypertelepathy. How do you feel about that?

    1. I’m not sure I’d ever call myself Human Of Darkness. Although Julia has seen me in a parallel Universe living in a cardboard box that says Mystic Investigations on the side. Apparently in that Universe I’m conducting paranormal investigations in exchange for food.

  4. Is it pssible for Fallen Angels of incredibly strong will to maintain their Powerful Angel-Demon Hybrid state? Could there be more than one Angel-Demon hybrid like Shala?

  5. Do Angels and fallen angels have wings? I read somewhere that Angels have Glowing wings, if that’s the case what do fallen angel state wings look like?

    1. They can appear as wings to humans but it’s really just the manifestation of their metaphysical energy into a physical form. Fallen Angels who have become Demons had dark wings representing their dark energy while Angels have bright white powers of the light.

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