What Is Time?

Is Time Real Or A Figment Of Our Imaginations?
Temporal DiscordWhat exactly Time is seems to be something quite elusive even for scientists.  The simple answer appears to be that time is the property of movement upon a four dimensional object by three dimensional objects, and beings such as ourselves. This is why time is often referred to as the fourth dimension. However time, or a logical sequence of events, is experienced in the higher dimensions of the Afterlife as well so technically it’s merely movement over the the next higher dimension above, or the foundational fabric of ones reality.  Of course as one moves into ever higher dimensions, time is increasingly dictated by ones own consciousness, or the collective consciousness of various spiritual life forces within any given dimensional realm. This is why the Afterlife doesn’t experience decay, and aging like our Universe.  The origin of time itself is merely the sequence of pure thought events in the mind of the infinite Macroverse God.

In our three dimensional reality we exist upon the Spacetime fabric foundation of our Universe within which our energy string matrix is sewn upon.
Space-time is continually moving, and expanding taking us along with it.  Without this constant movement we would not experience time as we know it.  We can will ourselves to move in three dimensions but only the Universe itself can move us four dimensionally across time.  Unless of course you possess various time manipulation powers, or have time travel technology. It can be thought of as a forward momentum launched from the birth of creation known as the Big Bang.  Thus we experience time as moving in one direction into the future.  We remember the past but know not what the future holds except for those with special psychic precognition abilities. If that movement were reversed, and the Universe compressed, we would experience Anti-Time in which we have no memory of the past as we move backward into it while having complete memory of the future. In other words your death would be your birth, and your birth your death.  For Humans it would be a Mork From Ork, or Benjamin Button type of scenario in oversimplified terms.

Gravity’s Role In Time
Gravity can affect time since it warps, or bends spacetime.  The larger the mass of an object, aka Star, or planet, the greater the gravity.  This is why atomic clocks record time as moving faster in Earth orbit than on our planets surface where gravity is greater.  The most extreme example being the freezing of time in a black hole. How we experience the flow of time is also dictated to some extent by our consciousness which is in turn controlled by our biological brains state of health. This is why those in advanced geriatric conditions experience time as moving faster while children see time as moving slower.  Although this is merely our interpretation, and does not affect the actual flow of time.

What Is Hyper-Time?
Not only do we move in a four dimensional path across our Universe but also five dimensionally across our Multiverse, aka collection of Parallel
Universes.  5-D Hyperspace is known as Probability Space, and is the first level of the Afterlife.  A place where metaphysical consciousness blends with physical reality.  Movement through this five dimensional plane coupled with our own thoughts, the collective thoughts of everyone else, and in some cases the will of higher dimensional beings, dictates our undetectable movement into near identical parallel Universes at every Planck Unit, or smallest moment of time.  Unfortunately our 3-D minds cannot experience 5-D movement, or Hyper-Time, in the same way we perceive 4-D temporal flow.  Although some of us do notice changes in our personal environment that have no explanation other than a re-adjustment to an alternate reality.  Most notably the Disappearing Objects Phenomenon.

The Shattering Of Space-Time
Higher Dimensional ShatteringOur 3-D dimensional world would not be possible without the Big Bang shattering the four dimensional spacetime plane into infinite three dimensional cross sections.  These sections are insanely compressed Universes frozen in time technically only a Planck Length in size. In other words impossible to exist within except for a Planck Unit of time as we pass through on our temporal way.  This is why the past still exists, and why the future already exists in branched parallel Universe format. These 3-D perpendicular dimensions of space-time don’t cause time itself but rather capture any moment of time like a fossilized fly trapper in amber.  A permanent historical record for the greater Omniverse.  A similar dimensional shattering created our Parallel Universes as well since our Big Bang created this particular Multiverse.

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