Why is There No Proof Of The Paranormal World?

Supernatural Secrecy PactThe reason why the masses of humanity never see the true world of the paranormal, except in isolated individual cases, is due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Of 33 AD.  After the death and resurrection of the Demigod Jesus Christ, his Father, the God of this Omniverse, decided the destiny of humankind should not be directed by magic or supernatural interference of any type on a large scale.  Certainly he had not intended that an entire global religion would center around his son who was merely here for a visit but ended up being weakened by a force outside the Omniverse thereby making him vulnerable to the Romans. God wants to see what humans will do without knowledge of him so he doesn’t want religion! At least until the final Battles Of Armageddon.

So the word went forth throughout the higher dimensional realms that a pact between good, and evil was to be formed for the betterment of each side.  In turn the various higher dimensional beings passed down the eventual final edict to their loyal worshipers who recorded it in various ancient paranormal records. Angelic, Demonic, Earthly Gods, and other metaphysical energy forces agreed to enforce the secrecy pact to keep the supernatural world from directly affecting the masses of mankind.  Demons agreed to this because their sinister ways are more effective in the dark, and their soothsayers saw the rise of powerful governments with amazing technologies that could be a threat someday.  There was also a threat of mass demonic extermination by God should the forces of evil not agree to the terms of the paranormal pact.  However the Omniverse God tries to remain neutral since his chief mission is to play out all mathematical scenarios within a certain reason among the Parallel Universes as he creates the ultimate storyline of sapient beings culminating in the higher dimensional plane of the astral Afterlife.     Read More About The Supernatural Secrecy Pact…

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