The Scare & Scurry Scottish Sanctuary

…Continued From Mystic Unsolved Mysteries: Case Of The Scare & Scurry

magic-schoolAfter the enigmatic entity of evil eluded the enhanced senses, and powers of those who are paranormal in our group, we headed to a supernatural sanctuary in Scotland on a private jet. We looked toward the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences as a hidden haven, and a testing ground to see if this amazing abomination would be able to find us.  A pathetic person who hellishly harassed the elderly Elmer, and Gertrude Carpmeister for the past 23 years through a systematic hit, and run style of terror. The only clue for the motive behind this insanity was ascertained by our Psychic Julia Hathaway who had a vision that the culprit knew the couple very early on in his life.

The World Of Supernatural Magic Is Revealed!

We arrived in Scotland in the late afternoon and found ourselves walking out of the woods into an open field along the picturesque countryside of the infamous Loch Ness.  The autumn colors had just begun blooming under the partly sunny skies with temperatures in the 50’s Fahrenheit.  Elmer and Gertrude were quite excited by their first vacation abroad as Elmer photographed the hell out of everything in sight.  Gertrude remarked, “Oh there’s no way our stalker will ever find us here!  Xavier where’s this University we’re staying at?”  Now the fun part where we reveal the world of the supernatural to someone for the first time.  I replied, “The truth is it’s right in front of us, and it’s actually a University of supernatural magic.”  Rebecca then interjected,” As a former student of the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences I can see the school grounds despite it being magically cloaked to the rest of you.  However, I must present the original invitation that invited me to join these hallowed halls when I was just a young teen.”  Elmer and Gertrude looked at us as if we were nuttier than a loon. Drake Alexander then said, “Surely you realize there’s something not natural about your stalker eluding everyone including multiple law enforcement agencies, and not being captured on any camera?  Our world is very much supernatural in nature, and I’m a 744-year-old vampire.”  Julia Hathaway then chimed in, “I’m not only a Psychic but also possesses telekinetic powers.  Also, Rebecca is a Demi-Mermaid, and a witch.”  Ashley also shared her identity with the now clearly disbelieving couple, “I’m a Demi-Zombie, and my boyfriend Seth is a Werewolf.”  Zack Powers calling in sick at high school exclaimed, “I used to be a quadriplegic but now I’m a superpowered cyborg with bionic limbs!”

Elmer and his wife looked a bit scared as he replied, “Okay I admit our stalker is beyond puzzling but there’s always a logical explanation to everything.  I’m not sure what drugs you kooks are on but I think we’ll just go ahead, and get a hotel room in town.”  Rebecca then held up what appeared to be a greeting card that magically shimmered all the colors of the rainbow in the sunlight as she bellowed, “McTavish! Oh, McTavish! I call unto thee as your alumni. I implore you to reveal thy hallowed halls unto me, and all in my presence. Let that which acts non-corporeal manifest onto the shores of this lovely Loch!”  Suddenly a huge white medieval castle manifested along with a variety of matching buildings amid the sprawling grounds of the magic school surrounded by a narrow stream which was, in essence, the moat for the castle in front of us.  Elmer and Gertrude simultaneously gasped, and said, “Holy Sh*t!”  We all walked across the drawbridge over the moat teeming with paranormal aquatic life including a glowing blue fish with a Unicorn horn that leaped out of the water, and back in again.  Once inside the castle, there were several students, and an occasional professor in various colored robes bustling about.  A short old lady scurried up and hugged Rebecca.  “Oh sweetheart it’s good to see you again!”  Rebecca replied, “Professor Extrocious looking beautiful as ever!”  The Professor then said, “Headmaster McTavish is quite busy at the moment but he’ll dine with you later.  I’ll show you to your rooms.  As we strolled about the mystical halls of the most powerful magic school on Earth run by the most powerful Sorcerer on Earth, Headmaster Ian McTavish, the Carpmeister’s were awestruck by everything they witnessed. Elmer muttered to Gertrude, “I can’t believe this! It’s like being in a Harry Potter movie!  Is Harry Potter real?”  I replied, “Ah no….well at least not in this particular Universe.”

The Surreal Magic School

The school was decked out with Halloween decor that included glowing Jack-O-Lanterns strewn about.  Some of which were floating in mid-air. There were a plethora of paranormal sights to catch the eye.  Kids levitating in the halls and walking through the walls along with seemingly Magic School Potions Classfriendly specters.  We nearly got run down by three students on a magic carpet claiming they were late for Genie summoning class.  Before exiting into a large courtyard area we caught a glimpse of a potions class in progress.  A large lab table was full of liquids glowing brightly with all manner of colors that brewed forth eerie vapors.  A student dumped a green liquid over the head of the kid next to him, and she turned into a toad.  Everyone laughed except for the Professor who sternly said, “Gerald you’re supposed to use the rabbit sitting in front of you!  Not your fellow students!” The Professor promptly dumped some pink liquid over the toad and it turned back into a student.

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Mystical UnicornOnce outside again there was a circular water fountain where a small Leprechaun was reaching in to fish out gold coins, and putting him in his pot.  He cheerfully exclaimed, “Top o’ the morning to you!”  We then walked through an expanse of the castle that was more like a tunnel before exiting the greater grounds of the sprawling school.  At the center was a large pond with a waterfall, and water fountain spraying in the center. Around it many majestic white swans floating about gracefully along with some ducks. As I walked past a titanic turtle popped his head up, and actually uttered a sentence, “Duh which way did they go? Duh!”  All I could say was, “Oh my God!” Three Unicorns ran past while gazing upon us peacefully.  A small flock of tiny multicolored canaries flew past leaving an iridescent glitter trail in mid-air. Not too far behind them were some small fairies fluttering about while sprinkling fairy dust in their wake. We headed down a trail of crystal pebbles to the gray castle that houses Headmaster McTavish, various professors, and distinguished guests. Professor Extrocious showed us to our guest quarters right next to Ian McTavish’s living quarters.

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Loch NessieWe were unpacking, and settling in when Rebecca yelled, “Hello Nessie! I’m back girl!”  The Loch Ness Monster, the magic schools mascot, swam up head above the water making a unique noise that sounded like a cross between a whale call, and an Elephant roar.  Rebecca promptly stripped down to nothing and leaped out the third-floor castle window down to the shore. Then into the Loch she dove atop Nessie.  Some male students nearby were yelling,”OMG! Yeah!”  What’s odd is that she wasn’t actually naked. There was rainbow colored glitter over key body parts.  I found out later it’s one of the magical spells on the school.  A spell that censors public nudity for the protection of the students.  Clearly, Rebecca knew that when she jumped out the window.  The number one spell cast over the magic school by the immortal Sorcerer McTavish himself is the protection spell that prevents harm from coming to anyone within its walls which is why I wanted to come here.  Lets not only see Elmer, and Gertrude’s stalker find this impossible to find invisible paranormal place but then penetrate the magical walls along with defeating the hundreds of magic-wielding people within! As far as I’m concerned this is the safest place on Earth second only to Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas’s North Pole City. I chose not to go there simply because I didn’t want to bring a violent danger to a place of happy peace amid innocent children and elves! At the magic school, students are training to take on the threats of the paranormal world!

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Dinner With A Sorcerer In A Great Hall Of Magicians

Later after nightfall, we all sat around an impossibly long smooth black marble table that looked like it could easily be the length of a football field.  We were near the head of it with at least a few hundred others sitting down almost out of sight at the end of the table.  As the scrumptious appetizers were being served a whinnying horse echoed through the large dining hall lit by a combination of candles, torches, and mysterious orbing lights floating about the ceiling. The distinctive clip-clopping could be heard getting closer.  It was Ian McTavish riding up on his faithful Pegasus Pepper.  He leaped off the paranormal steed with his green cape, and crimson shoulder-length hair flowing behind him. The great white winged horse then promptly flew away through an open skylight high above.  We all stood up as he hugged Rebecca, “Glorious to see you again my dear!”  He greeted all of us individually as well since we’ve been here a handful of times before.  He also reassured Elmer, and Gertrude by lowering his voice and saying, “Don’t worry folks. We’ll get the bastard behind the atrocities against you!”

As usual, he made a point of giving one of his trademark iron vice handshakes, and quantum shock-wave back pats to fellow Scotsman Drake Alexander.  We’re pretty sure he does this because his large ego won’t allow for anyone to be more powerful than himself in any way.  Since Drake is a 5th generation vampire he would be just about the physically strongest supernatural being here.  However, Ian’s Sorcery affords him super strength as well.  So much so that Drake actually looked like he was in pain after Ian made his way to the head of the table to lift his 24K gold chalice to propose a toast. Amazingly his voice seemed to echo all the way down the end of the table a mile away. LOL!  “I welcome my good friends from Mystic Investigations along with the Carpmeister’s. Let us all show them the McTavish hospitality, and bless them in their magnificent missions!”  Elmer leans over to me, and whispers, “You think he’ll let us keep the gold chalice’s.”  Everyone at the table had one, and they probably had to be worth a good $10,000 each. Unfortunately, I had to inform him they were magically conjured and would disappear into vapor once they left the grounds of the magic school. Elmer leaned over to Gertrude and whispered, “Hey honey we can still fish some of those gold coins out of the fountain! If the Leprechaun can have them then so can we. We might just get our retirement fund back!”

Autumna -Fall NymphIt was an extremely extravagant 12-course banquet that Drake was actually allowed to enjoy.  Normally food would be poison to a vampire like Drake but Ian magically molded blood into food, or at least something that looked, and tasted like food.  Drake seemed quite happy to be able to eat what tasted like real food again without getting ill.  We were stuffed after dinner, and eager to get some sleep after our long journey here.  Within magic school walls everyone can fall asleep instantly into a deep dream state of amazing fantasies.  You need only think of what you’d like to dream of before you doze off.  Oddly enough I forgot that, and so I ended up dreaming of sleeping.  At least it was on a tropical beach!  Despite the fact that the Carpmeister’s stalker always attacked the first night they move into a new place we were confident nobody could do a thing to us here so we all slept with confidence.  Well, everyone except for Drake since vampires don’t need much sleep.  As a Demi-Zombie Ashley didn’t need much sleep as well but she chose to sleep at that time.  Drake strolled about the grounds amid the Scottish Highlands where he was born over 700 years ago.  He sat on the edge of the fountain the Leprechaun had been collecting coins in earlier. Gazing up at the Moon, and stars in the quiet of the warm night he felt like it was centuries ago, and he was still human.  Despite the temperature plummeting to the upper 30’s outside the school grounds, it was always in the 60’s within the magical bubble protecting the school.  A wall of colorful glittering leaves fluttered nearby. A clearly enamored Autumn Nymph materialized in physical form.  She introduced herself to Drake as Autumn which seems to be every Fall Nymph’s name.  What are the odds that every Autumn Nymph is named Autumn? LOL! The two mutual charmers conversed for quite a long time about the supernatural world and their interesting pasts. Apparently Autumn was a witch several centuries ago before dying and becoming a fairy. Then later a nymph.

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A Powerful Dark Force Attacks

Amid the serenity of slumber, a loud explosion was heard that rocked the place like an extreme Earthquake!  We all awoke with our hearts pounding, and the Autumn Nymph vanished in flash of golden foliage while Drake ran to the drawbridge door that had been blown off. An alarm sounded throughout the school as screaming kids and teens ran to their designated battle zones or panic chambers.  Ian McTavish’s door blasted off its hinges as his eyes glowed green, and he bellowed, “Nobody crashes my school, and lives to tell the tale!” Most of us followed him as he ran to the drawbridge where Drake already was.  Rebecca and Julia stayed behind as the last level of defense protecting the terrified Elmer, and Gertrude. Drake saw nothing in front of him despite his super eyesight and other senses.  He was tossed aside like a rag doll through a stone wall by an unseen force as a voice screamed over a loudspeaker of some type, “Oh Elmer, and Gertrude I’m home!”  a small girl with a vial of glittering magenta liquid shattered it on the force based on the sound of the voice.  It caused a blurred shape to appear but it was undefinable  Three advanced magic students approached and began lopping energy orbs, and fireballs at the unknown force of evil but they merely bounced off.  The entity then shot what appeared to be green laser-like energy knocking them to the ground.  However with the protection spell in place they were not hurt. Yet they were dazed.

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The blurry entity crashed through some walls and ended up in the courtyard where a few dozen students and two Professors attempted to stop him but failed in their effort as the thing moved at super speed knocking them over or shooting them with the green laser.  One student led a huge dragon forth on a leash, and screamed, “Attack Jenny!”  It breathed a mountain of fire at the entity of evil but it didn’t phase it.  In fact, it shot some kind of blue freeze ray extinguishing the dragon’s flames while tossing the helpless beast on its side like it didn’t weigh several tons.  Suddenly from behind the Loch Ness Monster dripping with water roared, and picked up the blur in its mouth attempting to eat it.  Unfortunately, a gold electrical energy tased the poor beast who was knocked out cold.  The protection spell on the compound was clearly weakening along with the entire school being exposed to the world without a cloaking spell.  Whatever this thing was it was beyond powerful! Possibly beyond anything ever written about in the secret supernatural record!

Technology Overcomes Magic?

33rd-Century-Super-ExoskeletonIan McTavish levitated toward it and shot a variety of mystical energy balls, beams, and something that looked like lightning.  Ian bellowed, “Reveal yourself to me scoundrel for today is your last day on Earth!”  Some professors and students joined in the attack as all manner of magics volleyed back, and forth between the magicians, and the unknown force that was finally being stopped from moving forward.  The blurry blasphemy cleared under the brunt force of Sorcery and revealed a clearly surprised man in a black ultra futuristic looking exoskeleton suit.  He screeched, “You magical freaks won’t keep me from Elmer, and Gertrude!  They’re mine to play with! I pull the strings of their pathetic life!”  Ian replied, “No sir you’re mine to play with, and I will own your deranged technological ass!”  It was inexplicable that any technology could be a match for such powerful magics. It was like nothing anyone had seen before.  It looked like we were going to win when all the sudden a high pitched noise caused glass to shatter everywhere as a blurred field of some type grew from the exoskeleton while the man cackled maniacally.  It almost appeared to be warping space.  As the warp wave hit everyone became disoriented and distorted looking with a feeling of being frozen in molasses!  Some of us passed out while others of us were just beyond dizzy.  Ian fought it as he had a personal magic shield around him. Unfortunately whatever was happening was warping reality, and a green beam coming from the exoskeleton hit McTavish sending him crashing through a stone wall.  At that moment the dark technology assisted individual raced away at super speed toward the castle containing the petrified Carpmeister’s who were both literally peeing their pants! What had they done to deserve this? Whatever technology this was must be well beyond anything known to the 21st century! This is The Fifth Battle Of McTavish!

The Conclusion: The Scare & Scurry North Pole Battle…

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