November 30, 2022

4 thoughts on “What Is A Philosophical Zombie?

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  2. What other traits are common to philosophical zombie aside from “an incomprehensible couple that seems totally implausible”. I’m actually interested in spotting these philosophical zombies. Too bad I’m not a psychic. Are people without common sense are one of them? Or people who talks about random topics out of the blue?

    1. The most commonly identifiable characteristic of a P-Zombie is their implausibility. There are countless Philosophical zombies meant to blend in, and only a supernatural individual could identify them. So someone who just seems fake, out of place, or does things that are inexplicable could be a P-Zombie. A person lacking common sense or mindlessly chatter’s about random topics out of the blue could just be a mentally deficient socially awkward idiot but yes there’s a chance they could be a P-Zombie as well.

        1. A P-Zombie is somewhat similar to a computer program. It’s plausible the advanced nature of the entity could cause it to gain self-awareness unless programmed specifically not to. However once it becomes self-aware it would no longer be a P-Zombie, and would never believe it was. It would have all it’s past memories, and believe it made all those choices.

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