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The Miraculous Journey From Saint Nicholas To Santa Claus

Christmas is the antithesis of Halloween.  Just as the forces of evil look forward to Halloween so do the forces of good look forward to Christmas.  It is the one day of the year that the forces of truth, justice, and happiness marshal together to bring peace to humankind.  In the same way the forces of good combat the evil of Halloween by utilizing the magical innocence of children, so to does Christmas follow the same path via The Spirit Of Christmas.  The man who made Christmas what it is today is of course the most famous, and probably the most powerful Earthly supernatural being of all time known as Santa Claus.

Santa Claus was born in the year 270 AD.  The exact day is shrouded in mystery, and perhaps in fact deliberately deleted from history by Angelic forces for Santa’s protection.   He was born simply as Nicholas (no last names back then) in the Mediterranean seaside Greek community of Patara, Lycia which is in modern day Turkey.  Santa himself is of Greek ancestry.  His family later moved to Myra, Lycia where he became known as Nicholas of Myra.   His father was a relatively high ranking non-human origin Angel, named Sarandiel, who had been on Earth in biological form partaking of a holy mission when he fell in love with Nicholas’s mother, Marcia of Patara.  Evidence indicates she was a descendant of Mary mother of Jesus Christ.  Generally unions between Angels, and humans are forbidden but in this case the Archangel hierarchy blessed the predestined union, and they got married.  Soon Marcia was pregnant, and gave birth to twin sons.  Normally this would result in blasphemous Nephilim.  However since this was a Heaven blessed union the resulting children were holy Demi-Angels.  One was Nicholas, and the other was Claudius.  He would later become the notoriously evil Demi-Demon called the Anti-Claus who rules over Dark Christmas while actively trying to thwart Christmas.  Sarandiel had unknowingly fulfilled his purpose to father the great Santa Claus, and was called back to Heaven.  Once he was gone Marcia was tricked into giving up Claudius, and his path down the dark road of damnation began by being raised in the world of those practicing the dark demonic arts.  Nicholas on the other hand displayed great caring, and goodness at an early age which was fitting for an Angel-Human Hybrid. Santa of course falls into a class all his own for various reasons.  Nicholas grew up and became known for his secret gift giving, helping the poor, and even performing various miracles including the resurrection of some slaughtered children.  He performed these miracles despite having very limited access to his Angel powers during the first 73 years of his life.  He did live his life as a human, and aged as such which is the norm for Demi-Angels until they die, and rise again with their full power complement.  It’s considered a rite of passage to prove worthy of Angel powers.  His amazing ways earned him the name Nicholas The Wonderworker, and he soon was appointed Bishop Of Myra despite not being a Priest.

On December 6, In 343 AD, at the age of 73, he fell victim to his twin brother Claude who had yet to become the Anti-Claus.  At that point he was technically a Fallen Demi-Angel, Santa Clausand not yet a Demi-Demon.  However the murder of Nicholas would seal his diabolical fate in infamy.  Months earlier Claudius, now calling himself Claude, found out he had a twin brother after being separated as a baby.  He was disgusted to see what a goodie two shoes his brother was, and continued to observe him for months.  By today’s standard it would be considered stalking.  With each day jealously grew over how beloved his brother was by the masses.  On December 6th Nicholas was alone at a church in Myra praying before a statue of his distant cousin Jesus when Claude appeared from the shadows to reveal his identity to Nicholas.  Nicholas believed he was sincere but Claude burst into a tirade about how his entire rotten life was Nicholas’s fault.  Claude suddenly pulled out an unholy mystical sword made of coal, and unknown other substances.  He then thrust the black blade through Nicholas’s heart.  The only ways known to kill a Demi-Angel are through beheading via special swords, and complete incineration by pure unholy fire.  Apparently the special sword along with a brothers betrayal symbolically piecing a holy heart was enough to finish off one of the most saintly men to walk this Earth!   Before Nicholas collapsed on the floor his final words were,” Brother I love you, and I forgive you.”  Claude’s response was merely a snide snicker!  Upon the death of Nicholas Claude officially became the Anti-Claus, and the rest of his Angelic DNA faded into nothingness to be replaced by Demonic DNA.  However as a Demi-Demon he still had a human half that was beyond corrupted by the forces of darkness.

Nicholas awoke in Heaven, and was re-united with his father Sarandiel who was now promoted to Archangel status.  His mother Marcia was there as well living as an Angel.  He also met briefly with Jesus Christ, the son of the Omniverse God.  Generally when someone good dies they go to Heaven as an Angel.  However they’re a totally different person due to being a combination of all their parallel selves who lived near infinite lives in the various near infinite Universes.  In this case Nicholas was not yet unified in this way since he still had a great destiny to fulfill in our Universe or in reality our series of parallel Universe known as the Multiverse.  It’s unknown how long he was in Heaven since it exists outside of time itself.  Finally on December 25 his Father returned his soul to Earth, and resurrected him.  Nicholas awoke in a dark church crypt where his dead body lie.  Apparently DNA had been taken from the corpse to create a new body for Nicholas.  It’s unknown why his soul wasn’t reanimated in his old body.   He was in essence re-born now as a rare half Archangel imbued with extra special Heavenly powers.  Unfortunately it seems there was some kind of symbiotic bond between him and his brother because the Anti-Claus rose to a rare Demi-ArchDemon status. Second only to the future son of the Devil, aka The dreaded notorious Anti-Christ!  Upon his resurrection Nicholas crashed triumphantly through the stone walls of the crypt ready to clean up the evils of the Earth.  At that moment his parents appeared to him as brightly lit apparitions who dubbed him Santa Claus.  Santa meaning Saint since Heaven, and the church declared him Saint Nicholas.  Claus was a shortening of Nicholas since it was spelled, and pronounced differently back then.  They bid him farewell, and sealed up the crypt.  To this day St. Nicks old bones still reside in the mystic crypt, and it’s rumored that it might be another way to hurt him!  December 6, the date of St. Nicholas’s death, is known as Saint Nicholas Day.

With his new powers Santa Claus spread his gift giving, and acts of charity to a much grander scale.  However he realized that being a visible famous paranormal being can make one a target.  So he went stealth, and set-up a North Pole Village, Later to become North Pole City.  Santa’s Christmas headquarters cloaked by a magic Enochian Angel Magic spell.  He conceived of the marshaling of goodness under the guidance of Angels, and the incorporation of children in the equation since the collective consciousness of children is a prime source of powerful magical innocence.  Before his death he utilized a sleigh, and normal reindeer to glide through the winter snows giving out gifts to commemorate the birth of Jesus.  However now with extra Archangel powers he was able to enchant the reindeer to cause them to fly about the skies.  He had no idea that his enchanted reindeer would also acquire sentient intelligence complete with speech.  They are of course are known as Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and the infamous Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer who later joined some of the most famous animals in history. A group of nomadic Elves heard about his fine handy works, and inquired if he needed help since Elves love to work, and serve the greater good.  Santa agreed, and the Elves were inducted into Santa’s Secret Workshop.  Once blessed holy by Old Saint Nick they became special Enchanted Elves.  Elves far more powerful than all others on Earth!  Santa’s yearly Christmas quest now included nine enchanted reindeer to pull his sleigh full of toys, and other presents along with the original 100 Elves growing to the current number of 221 Enchanted Elves.  All blessed by Santa who call the North Pole their home also gain the gift of immortality.  Every so often an new Elf joins up along with a special mystical ritual that births a baby elf into the world every century.  The last time this happened was 2000 with the birth of Gerbert The Elf. The next birth is due on the 2100 Winter Solstice.

Santa’s parents come to Earth for visits at various times of year including Christmas.  They still hold out hope that Claudius will someday see the light, and return to his Angel roots.  Unfortunately Claude became the Anti-Claus, and purposely started up Dark Christmas on the day after Christmas with the hope of corrupting the Spirit Of Christmas which is meant to quell discord among humankind throughout the year.  Dark Christmas is celebrated by despicable misguided individuals in the supernatural, and even the human community.  Each year the Anti-Claus, and his cohorts that include Krampus, plot to destroy Christmas, and thwart Santa’s efforts to bring peace, and joy to Earth.  This may involve nefarious intricate plans or out right attacks on Santa as he tries to delivers his presents.  The Anti-Claus has a black sleigh flown by eight hell hounds, and one special Werewolf leading the pack.  All of which are demonically enchanted to have flight powers. If on Christmas Eve, and early Christmas morning, you should see fireworks or lights that appear to be Auroras, such as the Northern Lights, then it’s most likely Santa, and Claude waging war with each other in the Heavens above or even a great distance away.  The light is caused by an awesome exchange of magical energy beams.

Santa remained single, and dedicated to his work until the 18th century where his soul mate was waiting for him.  Her name is Holly, and she became Mrs. Claus.  Since Immortals like Santa can only have offspring with Angels or other higher beings, they expected to remain childless.  However Archangels granted them two children.  A boy named Nicholas, Jr. aka Little Santa, and a girl named Mary.  Both are immortal, and age very slowly.  They probably have the longest childhood of all time.  In addition Santa has an ever living Dalmatian named Sparky.

The forces of good are marshaled with the magic of childhood innocence through the giving of toys.  The excitement of receiving gifts enlivens the collective consciousness of the children of Earth while at the same time garnering goodwill among adult humankind as they selflessly give to the kids, and to others as well.  This, and Santa’s powerful Angelic mind create the Spirit Of Christmas. In the early days Santa Claus did deliver to all the good little boys, and girls within Europe, and the Middle East.  He had plans to expand to the entire planet in the future.  However at some point demons, and even a faction of Angels charged that he was in violation of The Supernatural Secrecy Pact of 33 AD.  This Pact was created between the forces of good, and evil to insure humanity would follow it’s own path without large scale paranormal interference.  Of course the demons liked it because then they could covertly attempt to corrupt individual humans.  A rare trial took place, and at the end Santa was ordered to not use his awesome powers to interfere directly in global affairs along with delivering gifts to the general populace.  He was limited to those in the supernatural community, and a small amount of very exceptional human beings.  In lieu of his direct gifting he utilized the Spirit Of Christmas to compel parents, and others to give presents in his holy name.  However he, and his Elves work about the planet spreading Christmas cheer, helping the poor, and troubled children all year round.

In the present Santa does deliver to both kids, and adults who are good members of the paranormal community as a reward for their bravery in battling the forces of evil all year round.  Such people can include supernatural beings, and humans who take up the cause.  They can be good practitioner of magic, werewolf hunters, ghost busters, vampire slayers, zombie terminators, those who selflessly help those in need, and any number of heroes who make up the forces of light, and goodness.  Santa also delivers a handful of gifts to kids who have nothing to do with the supernatural because of their exceptional goodness which can’t be overlooked.  This exclusivity to the supernatural community also extends to St. Nick’s Day.  However more average people get their stocking filled than presents delivered.

Christmas is a supernatural holiday that not only celebrates the birth of the ultimate Demigod Jesus Christ but also serves a very real purpose in our world.  The Universe’s continued existence is reliant on a balance between good, and evil.  Every planet with intelligent sapient life must maintain that balance.  Earth is no different. Christmas is the central holiday of all that is light, and right. It is essential, along with other holidays such as Easter, in order to counterbalance the dark forces of the damned!  Despite all the horrifying news we hear about each day the balance is just barely being maintained.  Each year demonic forces fight ever more violently to shape the paranormal planet in their horrifying image in the ramp up for the final fate of Earth in the War Of Armageddon!  Thankfully Santa Claus, and those of us in the righteous supernatural community fight back with equal muster in a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the Angelic way!  Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Night Into An Eternal Dawn!

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The Information On this Page was culled from mainstream history, ancient scrolls, Paranormal Community Insiders, and Santa Claus himself.

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