What Is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection GirlAstral Projection is a psychic power that allows one to project their consciousness forth in an invisible non-corporeal form.  Advanced Astral Projectors may also appear in visible form, or even attain temporary corporeal status free of their physical body.  In such a form they would be composed of dense pure psychic light energy, and would be similar to a conscious hologram.  Despite the rarity of having that particular power, simple astral projection is actually one of the most common psionic powers within humans beings whether they are aware of it or not.  The ability is at least latent in just about every human on Earth minus those with genetic defects.  Although even the few who have such defects can overcome this with intense mental training exercises.

Astral Projection can occur at the conscious controlled level while awake, or the sub-conscious controlled level in our REM dream stateIn most individuals it happens sub-consciously at an involuntary level in our dreams.  Specifically the powerful dreams that are lucid in nature. Lucid Dreaming, or being consciously aware you’re dreaming while in progress, can be the first step to astral projection. However those partaking in it don’t usually know they’re projecting themselves anywhere. Far less frequently there are rare occurrences of uncontrolled sub-conscious projections during intense day dreaming.  Generally those occurrences are a sign that one has deep abilities waiting to be developed.  Astral Projection is also known as an Out Of Body Experience, and occurs to some who have Near Death Experiences.  NDE’s occur when one is near death, or temporarily dies, and ends up watching themselves from a third person vantage point outside their body. All Astral Projections occur under the same basic process but the catalysts can differ.  In the dream state an uncontrolled subconscious projection event can occur due to deep emotional trauma making one want to be separate from their body, and away from their conflict ridden life.  On the other end of the spectrum natural astral events can occur in a person who is an extremely happy free spirit of a curious nature with a lust for adventure who wants to explore all that life has to offer.

What Is The Astral Network, And The Astral Plane?
When astral projecting we are sending our consciousness out into the Universe free of our physical body.  This state is known as the astral body which
is composed of astral energy. Astral energy is the tether line between our physical body, aka three dimensional soul, and our higher dimensional four dimensional soul weaving together every time increment of our life in this particular Universe.  In essence we form a temporary ghost like soul while our physical body lies as a mentally dormant shell. This astral energy line forms an astral network that connects all our selves in the parallel Universes up to our five dimensional Angelic soul, and beyond into the higher dimensions.  Unfortunately mastering the ability to travel the complete astral network to all our personal souls is quite difficult.  The Astral Network also connects with every other living soul thereby coalescing within the Astral Plane where some of us go when in a deep REM dream state each night.  The Astral Plane is the world between life, and death (afterlife), where the souls of humans make the journey to birth, and back again after death if looked at from our perspective of time.  The Astral Plane is also where ghosts, poltergeists, demons, and other higher dimensional entities enter, and exit our world.  It’s also the first link to a person when a demon, or other being, is looking to paranormally possess a persons mind, body, and soul.  The paranormal plane is known to be a place where supernatural beings physically communicate with each other despite being worlds apart.  It’s also where human psychics tap into to predict future events, and see the past as well.

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Astral Projection most often sends a person to the Astral Plane where they engage in various fantasies, states of altered consciousness, receive psychic visions, and interact with others on astral journeys.  When people speak of sharing a dream with another person it’s due to their astral energies intersecting in the paranormal plane.  Twins often share dreams because they have the same person with the same soul, and once in the astral plane they become one as they are in the higher dimensions.  Vivid dreams involving dead relatives are communications between the living, and the dead temporarily descending from Heaven.  Since close relatives have similar soul frequencies contact is more easily made than between strangers.

Less frequently astral projection sends one into the real physical world whether it’s down the street, or across the planet.  If this occurs sub-consciously then it’s a sign of powerful projection powers lying in wait ripe for development.  This is even more so if you end up on other planets communicating with extraterrestrial beings, or in Universes so foreign that they might very well be other Multiverses (collections of parallel Universes), Omniverses (collections of Multiverses), and beyond!  Those who develop their astral projection abilities might be able to make themselves visible, and even corporeal through the sheer will of their mind.  Extremely rare cases have found astral masters actually shedding their biological body, and becoming a permanent astral being.  In essence supernatural beings known as Travelers.  Generally people with such powers have the greater power of Astrakinesis, or astral energy manipulation.  In addition those who work to develop their astral projection abilities may indeed ascend to acquiring Astrakinesis.

Some have said there are dangers to astral projection.  Namely being cut off from your biological body thereby causing death.  This perceived danger
is actually false.  Nobody can cut your soul, or astral energy, from your body.  It’s eternally connected to your higher dimensional souls permanently.  Nobody other than God himself could break that supernatural soul connection.  There’s also rumors of being susceptible to demonic, or higher dimensional being, possession while off on an astral journey.  Especially if you’re in the astral plane, and catch the attention of such beings who see that you’re not home in your biological brain.  Again unless your susceptible to such possessions in your waking life then this in all likelihood would not occur.  Mainly due to the fact that a possession attempt would cause a disruption in the frequency of your astral energy.  You would feel it, and immediately return to your body to repel the mental intruder.  Knowing this most non-corporeal beings won’t bother attempting it since they already have a world full of other victims to corrupt.  Lastly we also have the more mundane threat of everyday dangers that are an issue for anyone in a deep sleep.  Thankfully though most of the time a loud noise will still wake you up even if on an astral jaunt.  When conscious in astral form most people are subconsciously aware of your physical body in bed at home. If you have any other questions about Astral Projection consult the videos below, or post a question at the end of this page.

Other Common Questions About Astral Projection

How Can I Learn Astral Projection?
Astral Projection SecretsSo where can you turn to develop the power of astral projection, and begin your journey into wondrous fantasy worlds, or even invisibly into places within your real life?  There are countless books, audio training, and online videos pertaining to this subject.  However as with anything learning from an actual professional is key to acquiring any talent in life.  Thankfully Clinical Hypnotherapist and Astral Projection Expert Dr. Steve G Jones offers an astral projection online training course.  Registration is free, and no credit card is required to receive the 6 part introductory course on Astral Projection. Join the next phase in human evolution on the ascended road to higher states of consciousness. Sign up here now to follow your astral dreams!

Guided Astral Projection Journey


Another potential method of learning Astral Projection is to visualize yourself in a parallel Universe where you’re a master of Astral Projection. Programs that seek to access the success of your parallel Universe self include Quantum Jumping.

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  2. i have a question about Astral Projection this question go to Julia the psychic lady I just wonder how come I can’t do Astral projection? also I want to know if there a pill or herb or vitamin stuff to help you astral projection so write back..thank you.

    • Astral Projection takes practice, and you need the right lessons as well. The ad for Astral Projection at the top of this place is a good place to start. Generally you need to master Lucid Dreaming first before tackling Astral Projection since it almost always takes place in the dreams. Only advanced users can do it during meditation or day dreaming. As far as vitamins B6 and B12 before bed are the best. Mineral wise magnesium is best, and for herbs Mugwort. There’s also a supplement called Dream Release with magnesium, and other herbs that been known to help with lucid dreams, and astral projection.

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