November 30, 2022

7 thoughts on “What Is Astral Projection?

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  2. i have a question about Astral Projection this question go to Julia the psychic lady I just wonder how come I can’t do Astral projection? also I want to know if there a pill or herb or vitamin stuff to help you astral projection so write back..thank you.

    1. Astral Projection takes practice, and you need the right lessons as well. The ad for Astral Projection at the top of this place is a good place to start. Generally you need to master Lucid Dreaming first before tackling Astral Projection since it almost always takes place in the dreams. Only advanced users can do it during meditation or day dreaming. As far as vitamins B6 and B12 before bed are the best. Mineral wise magnesium is best, and for herbs Mugwort. There’s also a supplement called Dream Release with magnesium, and other herbs that been known to help with lucid dreams, and astral projection.

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