March 21, 2023

8 thoughts on “What Is Metaphysical Matter?

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  2. So if a God Crystal from the macroverse god was found, could that cause a immediate Ascension to Omniverse God Status? If so would the melding of Parallel lives still happen, or would memories just be implanted?

  3. Are these God Crystals anythings similar to the “Infinity Stones” of the Marvel comics and movies? Are they actually God Crystals in that universe/multiverse?

    1. There’s no known way of purposely acquiring a God Crystal. It’s mere luck or coincidence. Although I suppose it could be found via Genie or Leprechaun wishes. Or merely gaining enough good luck with your mind fully concentrated on finding a crystal. The crystals would mainly be in rural areas as they are attracted to Goddess Gaia Mother Earth’s aura in it’s most powerful form. Clearly urban areas are cut off the most from Earth’s spirit. Plausibly Earth’s Chakra points would be the best place to look:

  4. If a God, demon angel jinn etc took a physical form, would thye be made of metaphysical matter? Also is metaphysical matter tangeble like normal matter?

    1. There are a variety of factors that determine what physical form they may take. Due to the will of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth it is often biological in nature whether metaphysical or physical matter. Yes metaphysical matter is something you can physically hold. However it isn’t beholden to the normal laws of physics, and may even disappear at any moment for no reason.

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