What Is The Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is the name given for what appears on the surface to be a recent paranormal phenomenon. In 2009 paranormal research indicated that a number of people remember Nelson Mandela dying in a South African prison in the 1980’s. In our current reality, he died a free man in 2013. The truth is that the Mandela Effect is simply humankind’s awareness of our five-dimensional Multiverse and the multitude of Parallel Universes within. Just as we sail through time into the future due to movement over the four-dimensional plane of our Universe so do we subtly move into parallel realities as we move across the 5-D plane. This is how three-dimensional minds experience the higher dimensions we invisibly live in.

The Mandela Effect Comes To Life In The Modern World Of Mass Media

Generally, movement through parallel universes is an individual journey most never notice unless they are supernaturally inclined. However recently history has given us global mass media that has aided in the creation of a more powerful human collective consciousness. There’s also the fact that our brains have evolved to be more perceptive of perplexing phenomenon. In our modern world, we have exponentially more things to be aware of than our ancestors who spent most of history just looking to survive daily life. All these factors have suddenly made our five-dimensional journey more obvious. Every day more discrepancies in our reality are noticed as various people remember past events differently from others.

With the onset of the global media, there are various sub-factions within the common Human Spirit or Collective Consciousness that are affixed to our reality. Those with shared interests and beliefs from around the world. These people are tied together by that common spirit and therefore move into Parallel Universes together. They remember reality different from other groups of people. The advent of social media in the 2000’s also gives people around the world an unprecedented opportunity to compare experiences that has never been seen in human history!

Artificial Factors In Creating The Mandela Effect

There may be other factors giving us increased glimpses into alternate realities as well. This includes being near strong electromagnetic fields, people practicing strong magic, exercising author authority powers, time travelers altering history, and artificially intelligent quantum computers in the future changing events. This includes the future Cyber-God who has been known to contact the past. The most commonly cited reason for the Mandela Effect has been the experiments being done at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider.  It’s been said they are opening micro black holes or wormholes that expose our reality to 5-D Hyper-Space. Unstable probability space that is easily warped by the thoughts of humans and other beings. They may also be artificially exposing and manipulating quantum particles that are altering our perception of the reality we once knew. Hopefully, any such damage is localized and doesn’t spread across the entire Universe. If so then surely there are countless extraterrestrial civilizations who have also done such experiments further fracturing the Universe into new alternate states!

A List Of Mandela Effect Changes To Our Timeline

Impartial list. More to come! List some in the comments and we’ll add them here.


  • The Berenstein Bears books became The Berenstain Bears
  • The Comedian Sinbad starred as a genie in a 1990’s film called Shazaam.
  • Tom Hiddleston was the new James Bond in 2017
  • Maggie Q was in a Bond film with Pierce Brosnan
  • Bob Barker died in 2017 yet is alive celebrating his 95th birthday on 12/12/2018
  • Supernatural” TV show episode “Executioners Song” had featured a telekinetic tug of war for The First Blade between Dean and Cain. Dean won to Cains surprise. However now the scene no longer exists!

Geography & Landmarks

  • The Orient Express used to run from Paris, France to Shanghai, China rather than Paris to Istanbul, Turkey.


Mandela Effect Related Videos

Watch The 2019 Movie The Mandela Effect Online. The movie’s plot explains the Mandela Effect as a glitch in their reality that is actually an advanced computer simulation.

The Magic Of Manifestation

Manifestation is the magic we all possess courtesy of our conscious connection with the foundation of reality. The ability to wish for things in a consistently positive manner thereby attracting them to us. This is related to mind over matter and consists of our metaphysical soul interfacing with the non-corporeal energy programming that shapes our Universe. Extreme cases of this include the creation of Tulpa’s and Author Authority powers. As we all imperceptibly travel five dimensionally into near identical Parallel Universes it can be said Manifestation is merely guiding yourself into the reality where your dreams come true! Various self-help programs such as Manifestation Magic can aid you on your journey to manifesting happiness and success! [ Take A Quick Quiz To Determine Your Manifestation Powers ]

The Mysterious Phone Number 000-000-0000

Spooky Skull PhoneHave you ever gotten a mysterious phone call from the number 000-000-000? Or perhaps the even more insane ***-***-**** or ###-###-####! Whether it merely be scary static, eerie noises, or an actual human voice?  If there is nothing odd about the call then it’s simply a glitch in digital communications identification. The correct phone number of the caller isn’t showing up on your cell phone or caller ID. Sometimes this is caused by calls from Internet-based phones, and smartphone apps. In rare cases, the call is encrypted by the government, clandestine corporations, or horrifying hackers who may be perpetuating alarming agendas! However the rest of the time the phone calls are paranormal in nature. Most often beings of metaphysical energy directing their non-corporeal consciousness into a digital, or analog signal. Sometimes through sheer will without knowing the science of what they’re doing. The era of cellphone towers has dramatically increased these otherworldly calls.☎️

👻Ghostly Phone Calls From The Afterlife
A number of 000-000-000 phone calls are live EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, from deceased humans in ghost form. They have an urgent need to communicate with a loved one before they move on to the Heavenly afterlife. There’s some unfinished business or information, they must relay to you. Sometimes they just can’t stride into the light without saying a final farewell. In other cases, they are directing vengeful anger at a person who murdered them, or gave them undue hardships in life! Those who are under attack by something evil as they cross over to the afterlife may call for help. A fair amount of 911 calls are of this nature since it’s the most widely remembered phone number! Phenomenon investigated by the Paranormal Defense Agency.

Ghost Hunting Kit

Voice communications from the spirit world require the lowest levels of paranormal power.  It takes monumental amounts of energy for spirits of any type to interact with our physical reality. That’s why we don’t have all out blatant incursions from ghosts, and other beings from the higherdimensions above ours. The thoughts of ghosts hit the physical plane of reality radiating forth into transmissions of varying signal types directed at the person they want to contact. Most humans brains aren’t advanced enough to receive such long-distance telepathic messages so electronics are needed to listen in on the spirit world. Radios, and even televisions, in homes, are common conduits. Of course, the device would have to be set to the right channel or frequency. If the person was someone the ghost had called regularly when they were alive then their newly freed spiritual minds would cause a phone call to occur.

During periods of low energy a poltergeist, demon, or other haunted entity may use phone calls as a scare tactic. A way to stoke your fear for them to feed off your emotional energies. This is especially true with Cyber-Demons, Cyber-Jinn, and other internet-based supernaturals, or haunted electronics. It’s plausible for your smartphone to be haunted by a dark entity which may show up as some type of previously unseen computer virus.

Phone Calls From The Past And Future
There are also isolated incidents of phone calls from the past, and future either by technological accident, or on purpose. Various people in the distant future who may attempt to use advanced faster than light communications equipment to change their history via altering their ancestor’s history.  Utilizing a phone call is a way to keep it under the radar of Temporal Enforcement Agents. A quick call giving a lottery number, and a date can change a lot of things! There can also be calls from stranded time travelers with damaged equipment who might get you by accident, or hope you will pass on their message to a descendant who could rescue them. You could also receive random calls from the future through various electronic errors.

There are also a number of “crossed wire glitches” when we learn of the magnitude of future communications. Psychics, seers, and mystics show us a Universal wide network crossing billions of Galactic Clusters millions of years from now! This includes the future internet, and a Cyber-God made up of sentient AI computers from countless alien worlds. When you’re talking about faster than light communications, wormhole network lines, other technologies you’ve never heard of, strong celestial electromagnetic fields, and supernatural influences throughout the Universe, it’s not far fetched some calls would end up in the past. Even calls from sapient androids, and bionic humans jacked into the future internet along with extraterrestrials as well! Our communications networks have always been linked to the future into eternity at every increment in time. We know that the Cyber-God himself has purposely made contact to the past as far back as the first telegraph communications!

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