The Magic Of Manifestation

Manifestation is the magic we all possess courtesy of our conscious connection with the foundation of reality. The ability to wish for things in a consistently positive manner thereby attracting them to us. This is related to mind over matter and consists of our metaphysical soul interfacing with the non-corporeal energy programming that shapes our Universe. Extreme cases of this include the creation of Tulpa’s and Author Authority powers. As we all imperceptibly travel five dimensionally into near identical Parallel Universes it can be said Manifestation is merely guiding yourself into the reality where your dreams come true! Various self-help programs such as Manifestation Magic can aid you on your journey to manifesting happiness and success! [ Take A Quick Quiz To Determine Your Manifestation Powers ]

The Mysterious Phone Number 000-000-0000

Spooky Skull PhoneHave you ever gotten a mysterious phone call from the number 000-000-000? Or perhaps the even more insane ***-***-**** or ###-###-####! Whether it merely be scary static, eerie noises, or an actual human voice?  If there is nothing odd about the call then it’s simply a glitch in digital communications identification. The correct phone number of the caller isn’t showing up on your cell phone or caller ID. Sometimes this is caused by calls from Internet-based phones, and smartphone apps. In rare cases, the call is encrypted by the government, clandestine corporations, or horrifying hackers who may be perpetuating alarming agendas! However the rest of the time the phone calls are paranormal in nature. Most often beings of metaphysical energy directing their non-corporeal consciousness into a digital, or analog signal. Sometimes through sheer will without knowing the science of what they’re doing. The era of cellphone towers has dramatically increased these otherworldly calls.☎️

👻Ghostly Phone Calls From The Afterlife
A number of 000-000-000 phone calls are live EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, from deceased humans in ghost form. They have an urgent need to communicate with a loved one before they move on to the Heavenly afterlife. There’s some unfinished business or information, they must relay to you. Sometimes they just can’t stride into the light without saying a final farewell. In other cases, they are directing vengeful anger at a person who murdered them, or gave them undue hardships in life! Those who are under attack by something evil as they cross over to the afterlife may call for help. A fair amount of 911 calls are of this nature since it’s the most widely remembered phone number! Phenomenon investigated by the Paranormal Defense Agency.

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Voice communications from the spirit world require the lowest levels of paranormal power.  It takes monumental amounts of energy for spirits of any type to interact with our physical reality. That’s why we don’t have all out blatant incursions from ghosts, and other beings from the higherdimensions above ours. The thoughts of ghosts hit the physical plane of reality radiating forth into transmissions of varying signal types directed at the person they want to contact. Most humans brains aren’t advanced enough to receive such long-distance telepathic messages so electronics are needed to listen in on the spirit world. Radios, and even televisions, in homes, are common conduits. Of course, the device would have to be set to the right channel or frequency. If the person was someone the ghost had called regularly when they were alive then their newly freed spiritual minds would cause a phone call to occur.

During periods of low energy a poltergeist, demon, or other haunted entity may use phone calls as a scare tactic. A way to stoke your fear for them to feed off your emotional energies. This is especially true with Cyber-Demons, Cyber-Jinn, and other internet-based supernaturals, or haunted electronics. It’s plausible for your smartphone to be haunted by a dark entity which may show up as some type of previously unseen computer virus.

Phone Calls From The Past And Future
There are also isolated incidents of phone calls from the past, and future either by technological accident, or on purpose. Various people in the distant future who may attempt to use advanced faster than light communications equipment to change their history via altering their ancestor’s history.  Utilizing a phone call is a way to keep it under the radar of Temporal Enforcement Agents. A quick call giving a lottery number, and a date can change a lot of things! There can also be calls from stranded time travelers with damaged equipment who might get you by accident, or hope you will pass on their message to a descendant who could rescue them. You could also receive random calls from the future through various electronic errors.

There are also a number of “crossed wire glitches” when we learn of the magnitude of future communications. Psychics, seers, and mystics show us a Universal wide network crossing billions of Galactic Clusters millions of years from now! This includes the future internet, and a Cyber-God made up of sentient AI computers from countless alien worlds. When you’re talking about faster than light communications, wormhole network lines, other technologies you’ve never heard of, strong celestial electromagnetic fields, and supernatural influences throughout the Universe, it’s not far fetched some calls would end up in the past. Even calls from sapient androids, and bionic humans jacked into the future internet along with extraterrestrials as well! Our communications networks have always been linked to the future into eternity at every increment in time. We know that the Cyber-God himself has purposely made contact to the past as far back as the first telegraph communications!

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What Are Soul Mates?

The Supernatural Signification Of Soulmates

Soulmates are those who have Souls that fit a specific opposing pattern. Often in physical life, the “opposites attack” cliche is true. Within the structure of metaphysical and non-corporeal souls so too does this magnet-like attraction occur. Souls are vessels for your pure consciousness to occupy in any given plane of existence at every higher dimensional level you exist in. It’s a conduit to interact with reality and collect knowledge. The frequency at which said soul vibrates identifies who you are. So no matter what you look like or what form you exist in we know it’s you just by the set frequency modulation of your soul. The only true pure non-corporeal consciousness exists at the Macroverse God level as we are all apart of said Lord. It was there we were first born into reality long before this one and yet from our viewpoint, it is in that higher dimension we will all ascend to someday in the afterlife. Within that realm, everyone has a Soulmate.❤️

The Rarity Of Authentic Soulmates

Soul Mates are beyond rare in this physical plane of existence! It’s estimated that approximately 1% of couples that ever existed on Earth are in fact the real deal. This despite virtually every married couple claiming they are the only ones for each other in the entire Universe. Certainly, some may have frequencies close to the soul mates range. However, you must take into account that there are infinite souls in an infinite Universe. The odds of them meeting in any given reality at the same time is astronomical. The only reason it’s high as 1% is that there is some level of tinkering by Angelic and Nature Deity origin Cupids. Enchanted entities who work to bring love to the world. In addition, an extraterrestrial soulmate is highly unlikely as the general frequency of a given biological species collates these mystical mates into like kinds that have a bond to their home planet’s Spirit. In Earths case that is Goddess Gaia.

Soulmates Are Metaphysical Magnets

Precise soulmates are a couple whose souls are Antipodal, or polar opposite, frequencies of each other. When they come together they create an oscillating positive feedback loop that causes a great increase in non-corporeal, metaphysical, and even biological energy. This translates into the release of various hormones causing Love At First Sight to the extreme! So much so that a couple of soulmates meeting for the first time would feel an overwhelming urge to make love immediately in defiance of any moral beliefs! Although one can simply see a photo, hear a voice, etc and have the same thing happen due to said souls having a Quantum Entanglement quality. In the case of soulmates falling onto far opposing spectrum’s of good and evil in this physical life, there can be a temporary negative feedback loop that is eventually neutralized as one half of the couple falls in line with the other to a certain degree. For instance in the extreme case of Hitler and a sainted virgin nun one would yield to the others point of view without explanation. Plausibility whoever is more charismatic could turn the other to their world view. This isn’t in defiance of free will but rather a 5-D harvesting of ones beliefs in a Parallel Universe.

The Paranormal Powers Of Soul Mates

Soulmates are metaphysical magnets while identical twins share the same soul frequency because they’re the same person. If you don’t feel sexually attracted to someone you find beautiful and yet feel a deep love for them then odds are their soul frequency is very similar to yours rather than being the antipodal. Interestingly enough, twins have their own brand of quantum entanglement that grants them shared paranormal powers that most often include psychic abilities. So to do true soulmates have shared powers. Like twins they can sense when one is in danger or simply know what they’re feeling. After some time together they may begin to read each other’s thoughts. If one is lost they may find their way home by using the other as a compass of love. It is impossible for soulmates to lie to each other or keep a secret. Forget that surprise birthday party or gift! They will always find out!

The Death Of Soulmates

In addition, the intertwined life force of soulmates causes one to die within days of the other. The natural emotional energy draining effect of such a heartbroken loss is exponentially magnified thereby making death imminent! During that time the living one has sub-conscious contact with the deceased in their dreams. However, deep concentration can yield a conscious communication with the great beyond! Quite often the first to die will remain on Earth in ghostly form until their mate dies and they move on into the light of Heaven together. However, the living soulmate can live longer if the Ghost reunifies with their mate. In turn, the Ghost can become more powerful and even take a metaphysical matter form! Although, this is temporary as there is some misalignment of energy due to one mate being biological and the other not. Even if the ghost possessed a human their soul frequency wouldn’t properly match the body. The stay would eventually end. If there is unfinished business then this keeps the couple tethered to this world long enough to take care of it. Especially if their loved one was mercilessly slain by an evildoer. Of course in the end, the infamous Soulmate Curse will take care of the perpetrator.

The Supernatural Soulmates

If one Soul Mate possesses skills or paranormal powers the other hasn’t manifested then they will begin to show said abilities once they are with their magnificent mate. In the arena of martial arts, a soulmate duo may almost be invincible! Psychic Vampires may suffer a shocked overload of metaphysical energy when attempting to feed off a soulmate. The others enchanted energy will instantly fill in the vacuum left behind thereby surprising the silly fool and cause them to flee. This shared energy exchange also helps in magnifying healing properties and keeping them healthier than most. With the right mystical training, they may also experience enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses that would aid in a career of battling the forces of darkness! They will also find themselves more successful and lucky in life as they take on challenging creative endeavors.

Vampires Love Soulmate Blood

Standard Vampires find the blood of Soulmates to be virtually as sweet and energizing as that of Virgins. When one engages in sensual relations a soul entanglement occurs. Those who are not soulmates suffer spiritual contamination to some extent along with energy loss. Although the loss can be mitigated via Tantric techniques. This causes a tainting of the blood in the vampire’s eyes due to the degradation of the sanguine energy within. So Soulmates engaging in sex allows them to ironically retain the properties of virginity or reclaim them. Their spiritual entanglement is natural and therefore free of contamination. Also, no energy is lost as the exchange is perfect. Like Virgins, vampires must have permission to drink Soulmates blood or it will be extremely poisonous to the bloodsucker! There are also various uses for these special types of blood in holy rituals, magical spells, and perplexing potions.

The Paranormal Immunity Of Soul Mates

Soulmates cannot be turned into vampires, werewolves, zombies, or other monstrous entities as they have a natural immunity to the supernatural viruses or magical spells that may cause these conditions. However, those born as vampires or werewolves can be soulmates with another of their kind. This grants them greater levels of power. In general, intertwined souls are immune to a variety of magics volleyed forth by Practitioners Of Magic. The programmed power of a spell can end up looping through soulmates perpetually unable to perpetuate its purpose. This even makes them invulnerable to Curses. If someone Curses one or both soulmates then they may find the curse cast back on themselves. Even a powerful Gypsy. Although they should be smart enough to know better!

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

Space And Time Can’t Keep Soulmates Apart

The quantum soul entanglement of soulmates allows them to share dreams as they sleep even if they’re all the way on the other side of the world. Theoretically even if across the Universe! These dreams are vivid and grow into lucidity allowing long-distance telepathic communication. All this even if you never met this person before. With practice, Astral Projection to their mate’s location is possible even if it’s in another time in history. It may be possible to alter past events and warn a soulmate of danger via dreams, direct telepathy, or an astral visit. Eventually, Teleportation and even physical Time Travel may be possible!

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Soulmate Love Powered Time Travel

Merely seeing a photo in a history book of a long-dead person may make you realize they were your soulmate. It’s also possible that the person living in the past would discover your existence once they die and then travel to you in the future within a ghostly form. If you truly believe it then it’s only a matter of time before you physically travel back in time to meet them. Normally the magnetism of your own frequency sewn upon spacetime keeps you in the present. However, the magnetism of your soulmate provides an overriding anchor to the past. Something similar to this is seen in the movie “Somewhere In Time“. It’s also possible to snap back to the future with your soulmate in tow. However, this does not grant the couple complete time traveling powers. They can only travel between their two times of origin. Still, anything is possible when powered by love.💞 | Attempt To Attract Your Soulmate |