What Is Midnight Oil?

We’ve all heard of the old adage, “Burning The Midnight Oil“.  This is another way of saying someone is hard at work even beyond what is required of them. Often refers to workaholics who tirelessly toil beyond the normal business day flying firmly into the Midnight Witching Hour. In the world of the supernatural, there really is a substance called Midnight Oil. It’s the pure enchanted essence of Midnight itself. An oil composed of metaphysical matter, aka solidified metaphysical energy. This rare Oil Of Midnight is used in extremely powerful magic spells in conjunction with the paranormally powerful Witching Hour.

How To Make Midnight Oil

Life Can Be Magic

Generally, only a powerful Coven Of Witches, working in unison with a Circle Of Wizards, can create this sinister supernatural substance. In some cases, ultra-powerful Sorcerers can do it on their own. Every element in our reality of physical matter is composed of solidified energy which in turn has a metaphysical energy programming base it springs forth from. Even non-tangible items, including emotions, have a meta energy source. This includes a measure of time like Midnight. The Witching Hour is the number one time for magical spells and spirits to haunt our world. This grants the hour a great deal of supernatural juice which circulates within the Midnight metaphysical energy source. This source is located in the five-dimensional astral dream plane between life, and death. Powerful ritualistic witchcraft spells can milk this meta astral energy from the great beyond. Then wizards work their alchemical magic in solidifying the energy into a metaphysical matter form. The easiest form for them to manifest the Midnight energy is an oil that naturally appears black like crude petroleum.

The Alarming Volatility Of Midnight Oil!

The highly volatile Midnight Oil must be kept in a special jar imbued with protective magics to keep it stable, and well preserved for storage. If handled in the wrong way it can be highly explosive! Many times greater than even Nitroglycerin. It’s also an extremely corrosive paranormal acid that can bore a hole right through someone’s body in only a few seconds! The oils of Midnight produce deeply toxic vapors that can send someone on a terrifying astral projection journey straight to Hell itself!  Enough of it inhaled can cause paralysis and immediate death! It’s no wonder the most common use for Midnight Oil is a catalyst for dark magical spells and paranormal assassinations! Thankfully it’s extremely hard to get even a few drops of the vile substance.  Mystic Investigations only has three drops on hand for research purposes or an emergency spell if no other options are present in an extreme situation!

What Is Psychic Stone?

Psychic Stone, sometimes called Conscious Crystal, is an extremely rare form of Metaphysical Matter. Ancient secret supernatural texts indicate that a grand society of Magical Practitioners existed somewhere deep in the jungles of the Congo over 15,000 years ago! They formed a city called Nchi Ya Uchawi that most likely predated the advanced lost continent of Atlantis. Africa wouldn’t see another highly advanced civilization again until the Egyptians who built the great pyramids! The wise priests of the Nchi Ya Uchawi practiced magic so ancient that it came before witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers as we know them today. They joined together in tranquil harmony to hone the first embers of magic their ancestors had discovered around primordial campfires. It was there they harvested pure metaphysical energy from the great beyond. These magnificent magicians then compressed and solidified it into large quantities of crystals that glowed in a wide array of colors. Although, it is written that azure blue was the most common color glittering throughout these carefully crafted crystals. Further mystical compression created a more stone-like material to use in large scale building.

The Programming Foundation Of Our Reality Made Into Matter

These enlightened people took the miraculous metaphysical matter and psychically forged it into the very fabric of their society. This included beautifully intricate and massive buildings along with super sculptures. Works of amazing art that gleamed proudly in sun and moonlight as they rose into the clouds to touch the Gods! All they had to do was direct a thought at a psychic stone and it would consciously crystallize into anything they wanted. Metaphysical Energy is the base programming of our reality that in turn programs the physical energy strings that compose all matter around us. When you skip that element and solidify the enchanted energy into magical matter you get a supernatural substance that is in essence open source. Any sentient being can direct their consciousness at the psychic stones and program it in into whatever they please. It can even be turned into gold, diamonds and other precious commodities. Although, it is the metaphysical matter equivalent that is completely indistinguishable from the real thing.

The Futuristic Looking Nchi Ya Uchawi City

This gloriously glowing and glittering city of Nchi Ya Uchawi would have looked beyond futuristic despite no technology powering it. The growth of the city was only limited by the population’s imagination and ability to wield magic. The stately residences were like smart homes we probably won’t see for well over 100 years! The very wall responded to your every thought directed at it. It masterfully molded into any shape, window opening, another room, or into artistic creations. Since one could direct mental images it’s plausible they had something like television where shows come from their fantasies. In fact, rooms could have psychically projected holographic figures to create a completely immersive virtual reality experience! The roads were made of this psychic stone as well. It would display directional arrows, icons, and even convey the cities immortal inhabitants along its path. A path that protected everyone from ferocious animals and inclement weather. It was truly paradise on Earth for several hundreds of years.

The Potential Peril Of Exploration

The magicians knew to keep their civilization a secret. The primitive humans of that time, or even in our own time, would fight to conquer a place of such paranormal power! That’s why they cloaked the city invisible to outsiders. If someone happened upon them all they’d see was more jungle. However, they had a curious urge to explore the world and find enlightened people to join their supernatural society of Utopian delights. When they sent explorers forth into the world they went to great lengths to disguise their true identities and not draw attention to themselves. However, it is said they placed a handful of stones at the far corners of the world that acted as emergency teleportation devices. If they still exist they would be impossible to find as they were programmed to blend into the environment.

Dark Vampires Catch Scent Of The Marvelous Magicians!

Unfortunately, one exploration party came across a first generation royal vampire who of course had perplexing psychic powers. He read their minds and learned where they came from. The explorers immediately sensed something dark and demonic had their scent so they disappeared. The explorers painstakingly traveled back and forth about the globe taking the longest route home just to be safe. Little did they know that they were being tracked by a group of vampire warriors! Indeed Vampires are legendary at blocking psychics and magicians from detecting their presence until they are very near! The vicious vamps found Nchi Ya Uchawi and all hell broke loose!

The Fall Of The Most Magical Civilization To Ever Exist!

These ancient first generation vampires were sired directly from demons and had various telekinetic powers at their disposal. They were also highly resistant to sunlight and religious artifacts. Their psychic powers deflected a great deal of magic and allowed them to even interact with the psychic stones. The entire city was in ruins within three days as blood ran red in the glowing crystal streets! Virtually everyone was dead! A handful were forcibly brought into the sinister sanguine shadows as second generation vampires. They were deeply compelled to obey their malevolent masters!

Vile Vampires Fail In Their Power Hungry Quest!

The vampires wanted to bring the piles of conscious crystal ruble to the outside world for the purpose of creating a global vampire super civilization. This new power would allow them to quickly kill or turn humans everywhere into vampires. They would chart humankind’s destiny as the planet fell to the demonic side. Thankfully, this never happened courtesy of a curse placed on the stones. The magical practitioners realized what a danger the psychic stones could be in the wrong hands so they placed a Curse that was activated by their own spilled blood. Once the blood curse as initiated the metaphysical matter would begin to deteriorate over the course of several days before it became metaphysical energy that evaporated into the ether! As the vampires trekked out of the jungle their crystals vanished without a trace. The vampires they created from the cities inhabitants privately held great satisfaction and relief that their stones couldn’t be used for evil.

The End Of Paranormal Psychic Stones?

Even psychic stones not directly touched by blasphemous blood disintegrated within the city via the chain reaction clause of the curse. Although, legend has it that shards were thrown far into the jungle during the vampire assault. These are said to still exist to this day. Some have claimed to find them occasionally but there’s no proof of this. There is only circumstantial evidence that conscious crystal powder may have had a hand within the early successes of Alchemy. The royal vampires ended up killing the second generation they sired as they refused to reveal the secrets of making more all-purpose metaphysical matter. In fact, the curse was designed to erase their memories of this secret. In the end, we dodged a bullet of terrifying tyranny! We could have been slaves under the evil thumb of vampires who would see us as nothing but food and play things! Also, imagine the world we could have had if the peaceful enlightenment of the Nchi Ya Uchawi people would have spread around the world. It would be a magical Utopian paradise! If you find a Psychic Stone please immediately surrender it to the nearest good witch or paranormal professional. In the wrong untrained minds of uncontrollable thoughts it can be quite dangerous! Even a small particle could demolish several blocks of a community!💥

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Does The Rarest Natural Earthly Element Have Supernatural Uses?

Astatine is the rarest naturally occurring element to exist on Earth. It’s a radioactive element listed on the Periodic Table with the atomic number 85 and the symbol At. The elements name comes from the Greek word Astatos which means unstable. Astatine is a semi-metal that results from the decay of uranium and thorium. Its half-life is barely 8 hours which means it becomes something else in less than 24 hours. Namely bismuth or polonium isotopes. Really it’s vaporized by the heat of its own radioactivity. At any given time there is only somewhere around 30 grams in the Earth’s crust scattered around the world! That’s only about 2 Tablespoons!

Natural Elements Always Have Paranormal Purposes

It seems Mother Nature has given us a paranormal purpose for everything. The most famous is of course silver that provides a wide variety of benefits across the natural and supernatural spectrum. Especially when it comes to Werewolves! So does the radioactive Astatine have any protective, repellent, or healing properties? Nothing could be found written about it in the secret supernatural records hidden among ancient scrolls around our wondrous world. We had several psychics, seers, and mystics attempt to access information about it in the higher dimensional Akashic Records. There were three enchanted entries found stating what Astatine could do. In all three it is made clear that synthetically created Astatine will not work! Even if it could work scientists have produced only .05 micrograms total thus far! Interestingly enough a fourth entry revealed who is in charge of the stuff!

Astatine Can Open Up Paranormal Portals

Apparently, a mere microgram can be used in a magical potion of common items and a rather simple spell. The result is the ability to open up a temporary portal to anywhere in our Multiverse! It would allow travel back and forth to anywhere in space, time, alternate dimension, and Parallel Universe! Of course, you need to finish your business within 8 hours or you’ll be stranded where ever you traveled to! There is also a mention of a variation on the potion and spell that can create a bubble Universe based off your fantasies. Once inside you can choose to stay for 8 hours or forever! 

Astatine Has Repelled A Parallel Dimensional Alien Scourge From Earth!

It appears Astatine has conveniently kept away aliens from a reality out of phase with ours. They are referred to as the Mortelaceravit which appears to be a word derived from Latin meaning “Mangled To Death”. The species are like a bus-sized virus that destroy anything that moves via repeated brunt force attack and absorption of broken down elements. They are made of some indestructible inter-dimensional substance and only Astatine can extinguish them. Even the 30 grams on our planet can be sensed by them if they start to phase into our dimension. Without Astatine life could have never evolved on Earth! Thank God for this element!

The Astatine Blade

If enough Astatine could be mined to create a decent sized blade it would look like a dark metal. That blade would have to be created by magical means and would only last half a day! Such a mystical weapon is said to have the power to destroy, banish, or repel anything that takes a physical form on Earth. This includes any higher dimensional or parallel dimensional entity all the way to the Omniverse and Macroverse level. In higher level beings such as Angels and Gods, it is assumed it merely sends them back to their dimension temporarily so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use it! They’d come back extremely annoyed at you! That being said it could eradicate or at least send someone like the sinister Slenderman back to his home dimension! There are also indications it could erase a Philosophical Zombie.

Of course, the only way to create such a weapon would be to travel through time or Parallel Universes to gather enough Astatine to form a knife. The holy blade must be at least 6 inches long and thick enough not to bend. It would have to be quite a quick quest to collect the unstable substance before it dissipates and have a supernatural blacksmith forge a blade! Then find the paranormal person you want to use it on! This would probably be a last-ditch option when all else has failed against a fantastical foe who presents a gargantuan danger to many people! However it is certainly something higher dimensional beings like Angels, Demons, Jinn, etc could create instantly.

The God Of Astatine

All things in nature have a deity in charge of it. In the case of the rare radioactive element Astatine, a male Fairy named Astatos is in charge of it. Although he has been bestowed with the title God by Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. The Greek God Zeus and others have tried to coerce Astatos in granting them unlimited access to Astatine via temporal and five-dimensional manipulation to gain access to larger quantities. It’s assumed they want top flight weapons to use in the War Of Armageddon! As he is under the protection of Gaia they can’t force him. Gaia herself is under orders from the Omniverse God to remain neutral in the coming supernatural battles! So it is unknown if praying or conducting a ritual to summon Astatos would do any good? More likely Astatos is deeply concerned about keeping the inter-dimensional Mortelaceravit alien scourge off the planet!