What Is Fairy Dust?

Fairy Dust is considered one of the most magically known substances in the supernatural world! It is literally a physical by-product of a nature deity.  Such enchanted dusts are caused by magical beings, or the use of magic interacting with our physical reality. Beyond rare are Nymph, God, and Goddess dust since these higher level entities only take physical form sparsely, and tend to magically interact with nature on a spiritual level. On the other hand Fairies are always in physical form interacting directly with nature. Below them lies the wondrous workers known as Elves.

The Source Of Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust is most often a glittering gold color but can also be any other type of shimmering hue as well. Quite often mixed with gold. The reason for the gold shimmer is unknown but gold is held in the highest regard among most including Gods. The other hues seem to reflect the colors of the environment factors a Fairy is tasked with caring for. As an example a Strawberry Fairy produces red palettes mixed with gold. Most Fairy Dust is sprinkled about nature as a Fairy flies about using their wondrous wings powered by metaphysical energy. They also gloriously glitter the environment when using their mystical powers. The most disturbing, and most concentrated sources come from the death of a Fairy. When their body is no longer able to support their spirit. The serene spirit is cast out causing a chain reaction that leads to their physical bodies bursting into a sizable pile of Fairy Dust! Thankfully Fairy deaths are a rare occurrence due to their small stature, speed, agility, and durability that allows them to evade the threats of evil.

How To Find And Collect Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust is almost exclusively found in rural areas. Although not common, there are urban fairies. Particularly in locations where special elements of Mother Nature was eradicated by human civilization. The more isolated the area the more likely you are to find the enchanted glitter. It is discovered through Scrying techniques, locator spells, and by practitioners of Fairy Dust Dowsing. Such Dust Dowsers use mystical divining rods to locate the dust among soil, grass, and other foliage. It is also found on the floors of ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Often it is mistaken for Fool’s Gold, or even real Gold. However Fairy Dust doesn’t display the properties of metal, and the small quantities found by the inexperienced doesn’t pose a risk to exposing Fairies to the mainstream world. When examined scientifically it displays no properties of known matter because it is Metaphysical Matter.

The dusts of Fairies are generally spread extremely thin across the landscape, and can be difficult to see with the naked eye. As the mystical techniques above are used to find the dust, it is collected with enchanted potion bottles. These bottles are created via Fairy Magic spells that vacuum up the supernatural substance. Often it can take several months, and even years to fill a small bottle of dust. A small vial is considered at least thrice as valuable as gold!

The Power Of Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust has a number of mystical uses that include important roles in a variety of Fairy Dustmagical spells, and potions. It plays a central role in advanced Fairy Magic. It is afterall the essence of a nature deity. Since a great deal of magic is about calling upon higher dimensional Gods for power, adding some of their literal physicality to the mix pumps up the enchanted energies potency. This dandy dust on its own can be sprinkled upon humans, and other beings who are able to access their inner child of unconditional happiness. Something seen in Peter Pan. This combination allows for temporary levitation, and fully controlled self-telekinetic flight. The dust blown directly into the face, and breathed in can put the person under the hypnotic control of another. Even making them suggestable to the erasure of memories. A sizable amount in the bloodstream may heal a number of ailments including cancer! However it requires a fairy sized amount. In other words most of the time a dead fairy is required!

It’s been suggested in some ancient texts that ingesting 100 Fairies while alive, as they burst into dust within a body, would grant a person not only immortality but also amortality as well. This means they’d never die! Despite the immortality being permanent, the amortal nature must be renewed every 100 years with another 100 Fairies. In our book of justice everlasting life isn’t worth such a horrifying atrocity against Mother Nature, and her faithful servants of peace!

☢️Beware that some glittering and glowing substances can in fact be radioactive rather than supernatural. Although in some cases supernatural substances are radioactive. Thankfully, true Fairy Dust is harmless to humans!

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