What Is Midnight Oil?

Midnight OilWe’ve all heard of the old saying,”Burning The Midnight Oil“.  Another way of saying someone is hard at work even beyond what is required of them. Often refers to workaholics who push work beyond the normal business day flying firmly into the Midnight Witching Hour.  In the world of the supernatural there really is a substance called Midnight Oil. It’s the pure enchanted essence of Midnight itself.  An oil composed of metaphysical matter, aka solidified metaphysical energy.  This rare Oil Of Midnight is used in extremely powerful spells in conjunction with the paranormally powerful Witching Hour.

Generally only a powerful Coven Of Witches, working in unison with a Circle Of Life Can Be MagicWizards, can create this sinister supernatural substance. In some cases ultra powerful Sorcerers can do it on their own.  Every element in our reality of physical matter is composed of solidified energy which in turn has a metaphysical energy programming base it springs forth from.  Even non-tangible items have a meta energy source. This includes a measure of time like Midnight.  Since this is the number one time for magic to take place, along with spirits crossing into our reality, a great deal of supernatural juice circulates in the Midnight metaphysical energy source located in the five dimensional astral dream plane between life, and death.  Powerful ritualistic witchcraft spells can milk this meta astral energy from the great beyond. Then wizards work their alchemical magic in solidifying the energy into a metaphysical matter form.  The easiest form for them to manifest the Midnight energy is an oil that naturally appears black like crude petroleum.

Midnight Oil VaseThe highly volatile Midnight Oil must be kept in a special jar imbued with protective magics to keep it stable, and well preserved for storage. If handled in the wrong way it can be highly explosive! Many times greater than even Nitroglycerin. It’s also a highly corrosive paranormal acid that can bore a hole right through someone’s body in only a few seconds! It’s deeply toxic vapors can send someone on a terrifying astral projection journey straight to Hell itself!  Enough of it inhaled can cause immediate death! It’s no wonder the most common use for Midnight Oil is a catalyst for dark magical spells, and paranormal assassinations!  Thankfully it’s extremely hard to get even a few drops of the vile substance.  Mystic Investigations only has one drop on hand for research purposes.

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