Do Zombies Have A Soul?

Zombies are soulless creatures of the living dead variety. They are mindless animal like beings who operate only on instinct. That instinct being to eat living human flesh, and blood. They’re human corpses brought back to life devoid of a spiritual connection to their souls. This is due to the zombie virus altering the DNA, and spirit frequency of the body to neutral. That means the body can not be possessed by the ghost of the original inhabitant, an angel, a demon, or any other entity. So the soul of the dead person residing in Heaven would not re-enter their body when the corpse is reanimated nor would it have any memory of being a zombie. The body in that case is just a pile of smelly rotting flesh staggering about with sharp teeth ready to perform cannibalistic acts. That being said, any higher dimensional entity can inhabit a dead body thus creating a sapient zombie.

Zombies may also be transformed from living humans who become infected with the zombie virus or fall prey to voodoo magic. Once they completely transform into a zombie they’re considered dead, and their soul goes to Heaven. Their body continues to operate beyond their control on automatic pilot. However the deceased would have memory of the transition to zombiehood. It’s the closest anyone can come to having the experience of being a zombie. Those of you who must face family, and friends becoming zombies can rest assured they’re not really that person anymore. So please don’t hesitate to eradicate the walking dead corpses for the protection of yourself, and all those still alive.

Do Vampires Have A Soul?

It is a false myth that Vampires don’t have souls or lose their human souls once they are transformed into a dark bloody immortal. It’s only technically true for First-Generation Vampires, and their pure bred offspring, who have demonic souls that reside in Hell.  Otherwise, a vampire that was once human has a soul. Certainly, they are human in the majority of Parallel Universes within this Multiverse since being a vampire is quite rare. Even rarer than becoming a celebrity. Human souls are unified spirits comprised of their near-infinite lives lived out in all the various parallel realities, and dimensions. All mathematical probabilities are played out within a certain parameter determined by various higher dimensional Gods, and even ourselves. Therefore we’ve all been vampires in some other Universe yet we clearly still have our souls in the afterlife.

The Soul Technicality

Despite vampires not losing their human soul they are in essence cut off from it. Their human DNA becomes demonic based, and their normal Astral Energy body is replaced with a dark demonic body of metaphysical energy. Evil energy linked to the patron Demon who originated their particular line of vampires. This dark energy more or less hijacks the connection to their higher dimensional Heavenly soul. It instead creates a new connection to Hell that is more direct than the connection to their human soul. This along with the inbred urges within their demonic DNA results in many vampires being evil. Thankfully there are some vampires who reject this demonic connection. Those who are subconsciously in tune with their human soul because free will is still a factor. These good vampires often fight against the forces of evil turning the tables on the continued effort to recruit new demonic minions.

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What Is The Soulmate Curse?

The Soul Mate Curse is placed upon the perpetrator of a very particular type of double homicide. That being the murder of a set of Soulmates. Soulmates are people whose soul frequency is the exact polar opposite of each other. This creates a dynamic duality of metaphysical magnetism that equals higher dimensional perfection. Any time someone breaks cosmic perfection a natural born curse of the Universe manifests. However, higher dimensional beings will often augment the curse where their power and Universal Law allows. The killing of soulmates will bring about a prolific curse upon the person(s) who caused it. Whether directly on purpose in malice, by proxy through a hired assassin or by innocent accident. Unfortunately, the deep dark luck of the Curse spreads to people in the Cursed one’s life whether they deserve it or not! The Curse only applies if the soulmates have gotten together as a couple. If they haven’t met yet then the Curse won’t manifest. Plausibly the tragic event was the harmonious hand of destiny dictating that they were never to meet in this particular reality.

Supernatural Soulmate Symbiosis

Even if somebody only killed one soulmate they have in essence eradicated both! True soul mates die within days when their better half perishes. The symbiotic supernatural stream of enchanted energy the couple shared bleeds into the ether without their marvelous mate cycling it back through them! This in turn causes rapid biological deterioration via the Chakra energy centers. The blasphemous breaking of their connected souls won’t keep them apart long. The metaphysical magnetism pulls the live one into the afterlife to be with the soul mate who met their maker first.

The Effects Of The Soulmate Curse

Upon the death of the first soul mate, the chaotic curse is initiated upon the unfortunate individual who unknowingly activated it. Firstly, this person will never know love or will immediately lose it if they currently have it. Their lover will die within days by mysterious causes. Even future encounters of lust will quickly devolve into horrifying events. Firstly, these sexual encounters will bring about painful STD’s! Secondly, the person they’re in bed with will either die or suffer a serious health issue during the carnal act. If not then the person will inexplicably go nuts and violently attack the cursed one. However, they will survive the attack as the Curse demands the soulmate murderer live as long as the fallen couple was together. It also includes the additional years they would have been one with each other had they lived out their natural life.

The Soulmate Curse Brings A Very Long Life Where Death Is Impossible!

This equal life clause brings about the potential of the cursed individual living beyond the current maximum human longevity marker of 120 years old. This might seem like a gift but those years are there to bring about a living hell to the cursed. Their entire life will run rampant with bad luck and sheer misery! Often the only refuge is to live the life of a hermit in a desolate rural area. Although, they will find Mother Nature itself will eventually turn on them. All manner of animals will randomly attack! Tree limbs might fall just as the cursed walks beneath them. Vines will sprout from the ground to trip them. Soils may turn to temporary quick sand! In the end, the only real refuge is death! They will find suicide inexplicably doesn’t end their life. In fact, all attempts to kill themselves will fail making it seem like they have good luck but it is only the Curse.

What Happens When The Soulmate Murderer Dies?

When the Earthly sentence of the Cursed individual is up they will die rather quickly of mysterious causes. Especially if they lived past 120 years old. They could very well turn into a rotting corpse within minutes! Firstly, nobody goes to Hell unless they want to or they sold their soul to the Devil. So if this was a true murder the person would go to Purgatory for soul cleansing before finally ascending to Heaven. If the murder of the soulmates was an accident they go directly to Heaven. Either way upon entry to Heaven the individual is confronted by the Angelic Soulmates. This is where they are finally told why their life was a living Hell. It is here they finally learn about the Soulmate Curse. They then beg the Soulmates for the forgiveness of the heinous transgression that ended what could have been a long beautiful life. In turn, they are always forgiven as the couple now has eternity together.

When Soulmates Terminate Soulmates

What happens if one or more in a soulmate couple kills one or more in another couple of soulmates. Again the Curse doesn’t discriminate against whether the death was accidental or a malevolent murder. After the victimized couple dies the soulmate offenders will both die within days. It’s somewhat of a metaphysical mirroring effect despite the two respective couples having no soul frequency relation. The Curse can’t punish soulmates in life so it has no choice but to terminate them. Once the offending soulmates reach Heaven there is a meeting of forgiveness with the couple they killed. If it’s a true murder they go to Purgatory first. So soulmates killing soulmates is always a suicidal prospect. Of course, they always live happily ever after in the eternal afterlife!😇😇

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