What Is Midnight Oil?

We’ve all heard of the old adage, “Burning The Midnight Oil“.  This is another way of saying someone is hard at work even beyond what is required of them. Often refers to workaholics who tirelessly toil beyond the normal business day flying firmly into the Midnight Witching Hour. In the world of the supernatural, there really is a substance called Midnight Oil. It’s the pure enchanted essence of Midnight itself. An oil composed of metaphysical matter, aka solidified metaphysical energy. This rare Oil Of Midnight is used in extremely powerful magic spells in conjunction with the paranormally powerful Witching Hour.

How To Make Midnight Oil

Life Can Be Magic

Generally, only a powerful Coven Of Witches, working in unison with a Circle Of Wizards, can create this sinister supernatural substance. In some cases, ultra-powerful Sorcerers can do it on their own. Every element in our reality of physical matter is composed of solidified energy which in turn has a metaphysical energy programming base it springs forth from. Even non-tangible items, including emotions, have a meta energy source. This includes a measure of time like Midnight. The Witching Hour is the number one time for magical spells and spirits to haunt our world. This grants the hour a great deal of supernatural juice which circulates within the Midnight metaphysical energy source. This source is located in the five-dimensional astral dream plane between life, and death. Powerful ritualistic witchcraft spells can milk this meta astral energy from the great beyond. Then wizards work their alchemical magic in solidifying the energy into a metaphysical matter form. The easiest form for them to manifest the Midnight energy is an oil that naturally appears black like crude petroleum.

The Alarming Volatility Of Midnight Oil!

The highly volatile Midnight Oil must be kept in a special jar imbued with protective magics to keep it stable, and well preserved for storage. If handled in the wrong way it can be highly explosive! Many times greater than even Nitroglycerin. It’s also an extremely corrosive paranormal acid that can bore a hole right through someone’s body in only a few seconds! The oils of Midnight produce deeply toxic vapors that can send someone on a terrifying astral projection journey straight to Hell itself!  Enough of it inhaled can cause paralysis and immediate death! It’s no wonder the most common use for Midnight Oil is a catalyst for dark magical spells and paranormal assassinations! Thankfully it’s extremely hard to get even a few drops of the vile substance.  Mystic Investigations only has three drops on hand for research purposes or an emergency spell if no other options are present in an extreme situation!

Who Is The Silver Slugger?

The Silver Slugger is a famous young rising star in the supernatural community. He is a superhuman Werewolf Hunter who wields a holy silver bat to take down wild wayward Werewolves old school style! Normally fighting a werewolf with a bat wouldn’t work but his superhuman strength combined with the blessed bat of sainted silver makes it highly feasible! He aptly calls his shimmering silver bat the Werewolf Whacker! Naturally, his real name is a secret as he wishes to keep his identity hidden from disgruntled werewolf packs. Particularly ones that ride with the demons of darkness! Despite using silver his method of werewolf hunting is humane since it only weakens the hairy horrors rather than killing them. This facilitates capture and containment until dawn when the mighty monsters turn back to human form.

The Birth Of A Superhero

The Silver Slugger is a natural born superhuman. With each passing decade, more humans are born with various powers as a natural part of our evolution process. The Slugger has super strength, speed, and agility along with enhanced senses. This includes a slight sixth sense that tells him something isn’t quite right. Just enough to put him on alert and be ready for an imminent attack. His parents were smart enough to keep his ever-growing paranormal power a secret as a child. Mainly due to watching the television series “Smallville” which was about a teenage Superman keeping his abilities a secret for various reasons. This includes having one’s life turned upside down, being captured by the government or others for lab experimentation, and exploitation by enemies!

Born in 1996 The Silver Slugger began to display his powers at age six when he showed an interest in baseball. He participated in Little League and had to learn to keep his strength and speed in check to avoid detection. Not to mention it wouldn’t be fair to the other non-powered kids playing the game. He had dreams of playing major league baseball since he was chosen by a Scout in college. However, he passed because he knew his true calling was to remain in the shadows to protect humankind from the supernatural scourge that lurks in the malevolent night! Although he takes on all manner of monsters and even common criminals his primary vocations are the Werewolf sciences and art of paranormal combat! Talents he acquired naturally and via various secret institutions of higher learning. He also has trained under a seasoned Werewolf Hunter named Bo who sometimes joins him on werewolf hunting missions.

The Finest Werewolf Hunter Of His Generation

The supernatural Slugger is a master of tracking werewolves across the country through detective work that leads to full Moon field tracking of the blasphemous beasts. Quite a bit of his work involves informing new werewolves of what they are and how to properly lock themselves up on lunar lit nights. This is not only for everyone’s safety but the werewolf’s as well. He travels about North America in a high tech RV funded by what was supposed to be half of his college education. His mobile command werewolf center is somewhat like our own Mystic RV. The back opens down into a ramp to reveal a small garage with motorcycle dirt bikes for quick forest chases.

a great deal of his work is done for free but he is hired by various people and organizations. Mystic Investigations has utilized his services on a handful of occasions for places it wasn’t feasible for us to travel at the time. We’ve tried to lure him away from his self-employment to work for us but thus far he has turned down our offers.

With him on his perilous journey is his girlfriend Josie. She was actually Cursed into Werewolfhood by a nefarious Warlock whose love she spurned! Naturally, she stays locked up in the van on full Moon nights as the Slugger hunts for his own prey. The Warlock who is named Bestavius is someone the couple continues to seek out in a quest to end Josie’s nightmare. Only Werewolves created by curses can ever maintain a glimmer of hope in seeing a cure. This as opposed to the vast majority caused by the Lycanthrope Virus. They tried curing her via other practitioners of magic including Mystic Investigations very own Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy! Unfortunately, curses are the most stubborn form of magic to break! Usually, it takes the person who cast the curse to reverse it.

Some of The Silver Sluggers most hard-fought missions are going up against rogue werewolf packs who worship demons. Often they ride in biker gangs going from town to town looking for new recruits to turn into their own paranormal kind. They also search for valuable things to steal and innocent humans to prey upon! In such cases, the silver base bat is put aside and silver bullets are used instead! Sometimes there is no hope of rehabilitation in minds completely warped by darkness! Not to mention the overwhelming numbers versus one supernatural warrior.

The Origin Of The Legendary Werewolf Whacker & The Silver Slugger Moniker

The Silver Slugger originally named his trademark bat The Silver Slugger. However, as he gained fame people started calling him that instead of that werewolf hunter guy. So he went with that as his superhero name and eventually nicknamed his bat the Werewolf Whacker. Certainly far better than calling himself the Whacker. LOL! His infamous supernatural weapon is a baseball bat made of pure blessed silver which is considered a holy artifact. The holy aspect repels demonic based beings along with the silver which is a known paranormal cleanser of evil! It is designed to leave minute amounts of silver behind with each whack. Just enough to weaken or knock out an opponent yet not kill them. That is unless he really belts out the home runs on them! The Werewolf Whacker not only beats down Werewolves but also handily repels Vampires and other demonic monsters! The cap of the bat handle twists off to reveal a silver stake to take battles up a notch.

The bat came to be at the suggestion of his mentor Bo. Bo is a grizzled old hardcore werewolf killer while the Slugger wants to preserve life where ever possible. Although you can’t blame Bo as he is a regular human and the last thing most are thinking about is sparing life when a raging roaring monster is charging at them! He saw how the Slugger had remorse for werewolf life lost as they are human by day. He also loved baseball so Bo told him to try using a bat coated in silver since he had super strength.

The original bats the Slugger made himself broke quite often. Finally, he sought out a world-renowned forger of supernatural swords named Lance Covington. Mystic Investigations contacted the Sorcerer Ian McTavish at the request of the Slugger. In turn, Ian hooked the Slugger up with Covington. Lance forced a baseball bat of pure silver within holy flames. Its strength was reinforced via the magics of a Welch witch coven. The Werewolf Whacker was then washed in holy water and blessed by various Priests from all manner of religions. In 2017 within a secret ceremony in the basement of the Vatican, The Pope himself blessed the bat as a holy weapon. For the first time ever the Slugger has been invited to North Pole City for Christmas 2018 with Saint Nicholas. There he plans to have Santa Claus, the most powerful Demi-Angel on Earth, bless the bat to a Heavenly level of holy! We also understand he may be up for a prestigious Claus Award. The highest honor in the secret supernatural community!

One magical aspect of the Whacker is its inability to be wielded by a person who is not using it for righteous purposes. There might be some ambiguity for someone like The Walking Dead’s Negan who feels he is truly doling out justice for the greater good amid his heinous acts. Thankfully, someone can’t take the bat from the Slugger and then beat him with it. It will actually bounce away back into the attacker thereby hitting them! When stolen it often causes bad luck to the person stealing it. The bat doesn’t get very far and the Slugger can supernaturally sense its presence.

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Somewhere in Pennsylvania Dutch Country a farm and its cornfield sit abandoned for many decades now. Nobody will buy the property and mostly only foolish teenagers venture on the property to challenge dares made to them! The deserted Loomis Farms was once a proud profitable farm of a non-Amish sort. The God-fearing Loomis Family survived and thrived since the time of the Revolutionary War. They were always at peace with their Amish neighbors and often traded with them. However sometime during The Great Depression, things went south for the Loomis’s. Meanwhile, their mostly self-sustaining Amish neighbors fared far better. The Loomis Family went broke and were facing the loss of their farm. For a time the Amish shared what they could but eventually, they had to make sure their own community was fed. The pride filled Loomis’s were already embarrassed by taking hand-outs but at least they were alive. Now cut off they were angered at the prospect of becoming homeless hobo’s. Read The Rest Of This Supernatural Story…