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What Is Good And Bad Luck?

Lucky LadyUnder normal circumstances, most of us operate under the laws of random roll of the dice chance in any given Parallel Universe. This is weaved into a general purpose for this particular life chosen by some higher dimensional deity, or most often our pre-life selves to learn one or more lessons for our afterlife ascension to Godhood. Something programmed into the fabric of reality from day one that interacts with the evolution program spawning our biological bodies creation. Along the way, we may run into good, and bad luck that throws us off track or happens to be a part of our destiny. Karma also plays a role with our actions creating positive or negative consequences visited back upon us. In the end, things usually manage to find a balance as that is the natural state of the Universe. However some with extreme lives at either end of the spectrum, from near paradise to horrifying suffering, only find balance in the Multiverses playing out all mathematical life probabilities in parallel realities.

Is Random Chance Or Luck At Work?

Most supposed luck isn’t really that. Instead, it’s merely events that were destined to happen in this particular lifetime. From our personal perspective it appears to be we lucked out, or totally tanked into the dark depths of bad luck. Destiny being the Multiverse¬†perpetuating forth an amazing plethora of life scenarios¬†within the pre-programmed laws of physics, and evolution. This also includes God designed¬†limitations to prevent unnecessarily, and unwanted scenarios. The most obvious being eternal Hell!

What Is Supernatural Luck?

True luck, whether light or dark, is an energized metaphysical force that imbues itself within a person’s soul at¬†any given time frame causing various actions to take place. The wishes of our consciousness and subconsciousness send forth that enchanted energy like a beacon of attraction thereby interacting with a number of other individuals, supernatural beings, nature deities, other higher dimensions, and various¬†unseen forces.

The original force of general luck is the creation of various collective consciousnesses that include humans. The belief that random events are of good or bad luck actually creates the paranormal force of said luck. Various supernatural beings, higher dimensional deities, and practitioners of magic then channel said luck into people, objects, spells, and in other ways. The largest annual channeling event of good luck is Saint Patrick’s Day lead by the Angel, and Saint Patrick. A holiday that marshals the forces of good luck in the fight against supernatural darkness. Unfortunately lurking beneath the surface is a dark anti-holiday that counters fair fortune by marshaling bad luck to use against all who strive for righteousness in the aid of humankind!

The Paranormal Purveyors Of Luck

The oldest masters of Luck are Leprechauns of good fortune, Clurichauns of bad fortune, and even¬†Leuprichauns¬†of balanced luck. These little elf derived creatures are a product of Mother Nature’s enchanted evolution. However, Clurichauns were caused by demonic intervention. While Leprechauns channel good luck into their pot of gold coins, Clurichauns warp it into dark luck. Often with their own pot of nasty rusted coins that then attract more bad luck. Even Clurichauns aren’t completely immune to dark luck, and must handle the unrighteous fortune with great care so as not to screw themselves over in the process! Indeed they save some of the good luck they steal from Leprechauns for themselves. It seems only Leuprichauns can truly handle good, and bad luck with equal ease in their quest to create a perfect neutralized balance.

Leprechauns channel, collect, and dispense good luck to those they personally see as deserving it, those who call upon them, and where directed by the charmed cavalcade of nature gods. They are protectors of good luck looking to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands thereby creating chaos or rising the wrong to power. The consistent handling of righteous luck their whole lives naturally imbues Leprechauns with good luck. They’re considered the luckiest beings alive next to Unicorns which are the direct creation of the almighty Omniverse God!ūüćÄ

The Hierarchy Of Luck

How Much Is A Leprechauns Pot Of Gold Worth?

Leprechaun Gold ReserveThe ultimate answer is priceless due to the fact you get three free wishes if you acquire the glorious gold of the Lucky Leprechaun.¬† However, let us assume you’re quite nuts and refuse to give back the pot of gold for the wishes. ¬†Instead, you cash it in like a complete fool idiot.¬† A Leprechaun’s pot o’ gold generally contains 1000 one ounce pure gold coins. At the current May 2020 gold rate of $1,702 per ounce that makes a pot of gold worth $1,702,000.

Consider the fact that you passed over wishing for a billion dollars, or more, for this paltry $1.702 million. ¬†Not to mention wishing for a plethora of other things that money might not be able to buy. Fantastical things such as immortality! ¬†The real worth of a pot of gold is its priceless wishes. The gold is the source of a Leprechaun’s supernatural power, and if you do cash it in he will most likely hound you for all the rest of your days.¬† The little lucky fellows can hold a grudge when they feel cheated! They often get downright ornery, and could possibly impart bad luck upon you!

The Three Leprechaun Wishes

You can also get those same wondrous wishes without finding the gold hidden at the end of an elusive rainbow by simply capturing the Leprechaun.¬† Using high-quality Shamrock as bait is the best method.¬† Just be careful in your capture, and containment¬†method so there’s no hard feelings after the wishes are granted.¬† Also, remember that Leprechaun wishes aren’t like Genie wishes.¬† Leprechaun wishes are based on good luck imbued upon you and there’s no malicious trickery!¬† After that, you have to put in some effort, and let good fortune take its coincidental course.¬† So you can’t wish for world peace but you can get a billion dollars by winning lotteries, gambling, playing the stock market, etc.¬† As for immortality, there can be a number of methods in which you would luckily stumble into it such as being injected with top-secret cellular regeneration nanobots from the future courtesy of a time traveler, or perhaps¬†a top secret government project. You could be¬†lucky enough to find a powerful practitioner of magic to imbue you with an eternity of youth. ¬†You may also wish for love, and it will find you. However, you must at least leave the house every so often. With good luck on your side, you will win every time!

Despite the outward limitations of Leprechauns wishes there is a chance to grant various other wishes via magic. Leprechauns can channel their luck into magic and they do have the ability to perform spells. Although not required by supernatural law to do so they could go beyond lucky wishes and delve into their mystical magics. This is where treating the Leprechaun with deep respect comes into play. It’s not often they will go to the enchanted effort but it’s worth a shot by simply being nice to them. Stroke their ego and say it was pure luck you managed to capture them or find their gold. Befriending a Leprechaun can imbue your very soul with eternal luck to infinity and beyond!

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