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The First Humans Produced From Gods Evolution ProgramHumans, along with most animals, are generally classified as not being supernatural beings.  However in the grand scheme of things everything is paranormal in nature at it's fundamental level since our entire reality is composed of pure thoughts within the mind of God.  Humans are called the children of God yet don't have Demigod powers. At least on the surface.  It's also been said that humans were created in the image of God which refers to our minds since God is non-corporeal.  Yet we don't display the omnipotent powers of a God.  However our ability to intelligently reason, and feel emotions are qualities that first existed in God.  Technically we're Animal-God Hybrids due to our bodies, and minds being biological in nature while our extraordinary minds have the potential to ascend to infinite heights.

The programming of our reality, bodies, and minds is made to deceive us into perceiving a lackluster reality devoid of magic.  Under the Universal laws of free will we can in theory do anything, be anything, and go anywhere in the entire Universe we so choose.  We have the power to do it as well.  Our souls contain amazing powers that aren't easily tapped into within the illusion of our physical Universe within our biological bodies.  We are connected to these souls all the way up to the God level as humankinds destiny is to ascend to Godhood in the afterlife, or as a societal whole in the distant future through technological, and genetic evolution.  We are already in fact 10 dimensional Gods, or more, of our own Omniverses, aka collection of Multiverses (Parallel Universes), as we speak since it exists outside of our four dimensional time frame.  Below that is an Archangel soul of a seven or six dimensional nature which is the unification of all your Angel lives since you ascend to Angelhood in each Multiverse you exist in.  Your five dimensional Angel soul is the unification of all your lives in the various parallel Universes of this particular Multiverse.  Then in each Universe such as this one you have a four dimensional soul which is composed of three dimensional plank length time incremental sections that contain your 3-D body which is in way a soul as well.  That body is composed of two dimensional sub-atomic particles that make up the physical matter of your body.  Those quantum particles in turn are made up of one dimensional energy strings which are composed of the zero dimensional pure thought points of God.  Pure thought points that connect us to all Gods, all our souls, and every living being, and inanimate object that exists in all the great Macroverse which is the one original God who always existed.  Within his mind everything exists as he expands in all directions for infinity, and beyond.  In essence creating a Macroverse internet network which would allow us to access every power there is in existence everywhere.  Many of these powers actually manifest in the form of latent DNA that scientists call Junk DNA.  Unfortunately most human never access these powers on any noticeable level.

So there is unlimited power out there for the taking but our 3-D minds, and bodies of illusion trick us into not seeing any of it, and make it beyond difficult to access the ultimate freedom of being the children of God made in his image.  A state purposely created so we can live unique lives that will prepare us to become the ultimate Gods someday.  Humans are supernatural but only a small amount of us are able to ascend to the next level within this life rather than the afterlife.  Only those special ones can perform true magic, or manifest powers, and abilities beyond that of the masses who think of themselves as mere mortals.

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