What Are Gods & Goddesses?

Gods & GoddessesGods, and Goddesses can range from artificial intelligence to Earthly nature deities that all ultimately fall under the umbrella of higher dimensional Gods including the all knowing infinite invisible God who is everything, and anything in existence! Gods are generally defined as omnipotent entities of pure spiritual energy, and consciousness who create one or more physical Universes within their minds.  These realities usually include sapient beings such as humans.  There is also a lower type of God that manifests by various means as the personified spirit of some natural phenomenon.  In some cases the birth is a spontaneous property of our complex reality, or an unintentional creation of the human collective consciousness like a Tulpa. Gods can also have offspring to create others of their own metaphysical kind.  Sometimes Angels, Demons, various other Higher Dimensional Beings, Extraterrestrials, and Human time travelers from the future pose as Gods. Read The Rest & See The God Hierarchy Chart On Our Main Site…

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