Did The Plague Doctor Save Earth From Humanoid Virus Aliens?

The Plague Doctor, aka Dr. Darius “Death” Maximilian, is a notorious supernatural criminal who works to spread disease around the world. His dream is to see the planet pounded into a paranormal pandemic! His endgame is to shape this reality in his sick image that includes him being the God of a new monstrous race of microbes, viruses, and bacteria in a sapient humanoid form! We now know that sometime in mid-July 2019 he sort of got his wish. However, wishes that seem too good to be true can often turn out to be unexpected nightmares.😷

Earth Gets Its First Visit From Intelligent Virus Based Extraterrestrials

While sacrificing disease-ridden humans to his God Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, the Plague Doctor accidentally aided in the opening of a portal to a perplexing planet in the Triangulum Galaxy. Aliens from that world were experimenting with the folding of space-time in conjunction with a location mechanism that sought out conscious life in the Universe. It’s plausible they would have eventually found Earth but in this case, they sensed the dark supernatural presence of a sick puppy who literally loves deadly microbes. Not surprising for a guy who can never be affected by any disease and is instead the ultimate asymptomatic carrier. The dastardly Doctor’s microbial love was important because the extraterrestrials in question were a species of humanoid viruses from a planet ripe with animals directly evolved from viruses, bacteria, and other macabre microbes.🤢

The Plague Doctor Attempts To Make Peace With His Dream Aliens

The viral aliens had never seen anything like humans before. Despite their grotesque appearance the Plague Doctor removed his iconic bird’s beak mask and greeted them with a warm smile. His right-hand woman Typhoid Mary smiled nervously and put forth a brave greeting. Mary might not be as far into the Plague Doctor’s vision as she once thought? The Doctors normally malevolent minions tried not to let their trepidation show as they stood among the human sacrifices. The Plague Doctor sensed fear among his people and tried to assure them they were all among friends. As he was a master of Disease Manipulation, aka Virokinesis, he was able to communicate and calm the virus aliens natural aggression.Their instinct was to devour or assimilate all life into its viral form. The Doctor offered them his sacrifices for dinner. It was a most horrifying vision as the alien slurped up the dead humans. Some of the Doctors minions were said to have puked thus embarrassing him. He then offered them up for assimilation.🤮 Read The Rest Of This Sinister Story On Our Paranormal News Blog…

Is The Philosopher’s Stone Real?

Our extensive paranormal research leads us to believe that the Philosopher’s Stone is real! It is responsible for the birth of the ancient art of Alchemy that melded science and magic into one. In some respects, Alchemy was related to Wizardry. Alchemists sought to replicate the perplexing powers of the elusive Philosophers Stone in its long absence. The apex of Alchemy was considered the creation of a new Philosophers Stone. So whoever was to accomplish this would have immense personal power. Perhaps enough to take over entire civilizations! However, nobody possessing it was foolhardy enough to risk going up against the entire world of magic and the supernatural powers that be. It’s rumored that only one person accomplished the creation of a second Philosophers Stone. An Alchemist named Tobin who lived in the 16th century. Upon his supposed creation of the stone he promptly vanished from existence!

Where Did The Original Philosopher’s Stone Come From?

Studies of ancient records and secret government documents indicate the Philosophers Stone was a gift presented to an ancient advanced human civilization. We know there were at least a handful of these modern societies during our 100,000+ year history on Earth. In essence, we are living in the risen post-apocalypse of the last fallen civilization lost to the sands of time. The first recorded sighing of the Stone was 12,000 years ago on the ancient lost continent of Atlantis that eventually spawned the supernatural Mermaid species. The ancient civilization was known to advance greatly due to water world extraterrestrials who also mated with the Atlanteans. Undoubtedly, the stone played a major role as well!

What Is The Philosophers Stone?

The Philosophers Stone appears to be a large square or rectangular shaped stone with crystalline qualities. Its original size was thought to be equivalent to a stack of three average sized books. However, due to wear and tear it would be much smaller now. It shimmers in a number of colors depending on the users purpose. It has most often been observed as crimson with a white glow as a secondary color. The stone is a storehouse of knowledge from across the Galaxy. All accounts indicate it was actually an advanced super computer in the guise of a stone. A user could touch the device and ask a question with words or even thoughts. The answer would materialize in the users given language on the surface like a modern tablet. Placing objects upon the stone could transmute them into other substances. Common metals and stones could be turned into gold, silver, diamonds, and more! Its perpetual glowing power indicates an amazing eternal energy source. Plausibly tapping directly into an unlimited supply of metaphysical energy.

The Miraculous Properties Of The Supernatural Stone

The Philosophers Stone could be chiseled into pieces or powder without affecting the workings of the complex metaphysical mechanism.These pieces could create a perpetual light source while the powder was often used in various potions. When ingested it cured all disease, healed all injuries, and even reversed aging. This is why it’s often called The Elixir Of Life. Under the right circumstances it could make a person immortal. Plausibly even amortal and invincible! There is even anecdotal evidence of it resurrecting the dead in non-zombie form! By extension there was communication with the dead and higher dimensional deities. This could possibly lead to the opening of portals to said dimensions! The supernatural stone is a holy grail of unimaginable knowledge that could propel humankind to Godhood status is used properly!

Where Was The Philosopher’s Stone Last Seen?

According to legend it was last seen in the hands of the 13th-century alchemist, theologian, and philosopher Albertus Magnus who then supposedly passed it to his pupil, Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death in 1280. Magnus recorded that he had witnessed the creation of gold through transmutation among other miracles. Naturally, his Christian belief attributed the power to God. Both men are rumored to have gained immortality through the stone. They then rose to higher planes of reality where the stone couldn’t go. Currently, it’s unknown where the Philosopher’s Stone resides. Is it buried in the sultry sands of a desolate desert?  Lost under the dark depths of the shimmering sea?  In the hands of the wealthy elite plutocrats that run our planet?  Sitting in a museum somewhere without anyone knowing what it is?  Maybe in someones dusty attic?  Or quite possibly reclaimed by the aliens who gave it to humankind to begin with?  Such knowledge in the wrong hands could destroy our Earth!💎

Can Extraterrestrial’s Possess Human Minds?

Who Has The Power To Possess Another Persons Mind And Body?
Most people have heard of Humans being mentally and physically possessed by dark spirits. There are varying degrees of possession that can range from a faint voice in the sub-conscious mind, split personalities, and complete domination of the entire body leaving the victim as a back seat driver! Demons, in particular, are notorious for such things as they attempt to corrupt and own the enchanted energy of our souls. Often demonic possessions are done in an inconspicuous manner to accomplish a goal in the human world for the greater darkness of the Devil. Virtually any higher dimensional being can possess humans, animals, and even various biological supernaturals as well. Besides demons, these paranormal possessors can include Ghosts, Nature Deities, Jinn, and even Angels. Although Angels are virtually the only ones who must have the permission of the host in which they wish to harbor.

Mind Possession: It Isn’t Just For Demons And Other Higher Dimensionals
There are even special humans and biological paranormal creatures who can possess others and control them as puppets. This includes beings from alternate dimensions out of phase with our own. These are people with exceptional psychic powers or amazing magical abilities. Especially powerful Vampires and Voodoo practitioners may take their mind control methods to the extreme to accomplish a perplexing possession! Thankfully the process of someone imposing their controlling consciousness upon another to such a dire degree is rare.

Considering all of this it is not surprising that Extraterrestrials from other planets can perform possessions. Firstly, we have some alien races already walking among us! These include those who enjoy abduction and experimentation on humans! The so-called Grey’s are most notorious for this. However, their possession abilities are limited. Still, they continue to use their telepathic abilities in unison with technology to make strides in their nefarious endeavor. Fortunately, the devilish Reptilians have yet to master possession powers! Yet as shapeshifters they can appear to be virtually anyone thereby taking away the need to possess someone.

There are a variety of other extraterrestrials known to exist across the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. This knowledge comes courtesy of rare visits in our ancient history along with gifted physics, seers, and mystics. Some ET’s don’t have the space travel technology to explore the Universe while others wish to stay within the safety of their planet or local area of space. This is especially true for xenophobic species. Some of these aliens have found ways to beam their consciousnesses to other planets such as Earth. Sometimes directly into open or folded space. Often through natural or artificial wormholes that may barely be a millimeter in diameter. This may even include Artificial Intelligence computer programs that can possess people like a digital virus!

Exploring The Universe Through Paranormal And Technological Possession
From a central location, these alien explorers can search the Universe for life and then possess it to completely experience what it is to be them. Many times it is temporary and the host may not even remember it. A number of amnesia victims may, in fact, be extraterrestrial possession victims. Unfortunately, some sinister species look to take over planets by possessing everyone, or just the powerful, thereby perfecting a peaceful invasion! Some species facing extinction or invasion from a more powerful ET force could beam everyone’s consciousness to another planet. There they can hide out while their bodies on the homeworld play dead. Of course, if the bodies are destroyed then they stay in their new hosts forever!

There are those alien cultures who may beam a mind into a human or some other species as a right of passage into adulthood. A way to see life from a new perspective and learn some valuable lessons. This can include extraterrestrial criminals sent to possess humans as a prison sentence. Many times they are broadcast right into the womb to grow up as a human without any knowledge that they are aliens. This type of day one fetal possession can be done for the other aforementioned reasons in this article. All to encompass the complete human experience or true consciousness camouflage from enemies. Possession at this pre-birth level causes the invading consciousness to lose memory of who they are. Quite a few people who have always felt out of place in society or literally think of themselves as aliens may, in fact, be possessing a body that was meant to be another person! The quintessential person not comfortable in their own skin! Of course, in some cases, these people are actually Earth Angels.

Upon death on Earth, the alien consciousness will return to their real body on their home planet. That’s the amazing thing about consciousness in its metaphysical energy or non-corporeal form. Even if it was targeted and sent here by technology it can return to its mind of origin. In the end, consciousness is beyond space-time and can traverse any distance. Consciousness is naturally attracted to its own frequency and will instantly snap back to the body matching said frequency. Even if it’s three galaxies away!

If you suspect any type of mental possession please contact your nearest paranormal professional, exorcist, or practitioner of magic. As always resist the specter trying to invade your mind. Don’t make it easy for them! At the end of the day, you are the master of your domain and the mental intruder has to go to some effort to gain, and maintain control! If you find that religious artifacts aren’t repelling the blasphemous brain breacher then odds are good it’s an alien invader! [Twitter]

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