When You Wish Upon A Shooting Star!

Can You Really Wish Upon A Star?
When You Wish Upon A StarThe legend that Humans can make dreams come true by wishing upon a shooting star is true!  However the wishing only works for the first person on Earth who spots a shooting star on any given night.  It’s even said if someone happens to spot the actual first true shooting star of the night then they are granted Immortality, and eternal good luck along with said wish!  To a lesser extent someone being the first to spot the first star to be visible in the sky is good for a wish as well.  Naturally what are the odds that the first person to spot various astronomical phenomenon would actually wish upon it?  In addition the light of the star must touch ones eyes so catching it on a camera, or telescope doesn’t count.

The simple wishing upon the first star of the night is rumored to be something all sapient beings in our reality can acquire as it is thought to be a gift from the God of this particular Parallel Universe. That entity is plausibly a collective consciousness of humans, and every other sentient species that ever existed now ascended outside our 4-D Time as we know it! The shooting star wishes are known to specifically be a gift bestowed upon Humans by the soul of our Earth known as Goddess Gaia Mother Nature.  A tribute to us upon our evolution from ape to human.  In addition being the first person to spot a planet in the sky can have mystical powers.  Mars, the Roman God of War, grants revenge,and death wishes while Venus, Goddess of Love, grants romantic wishes. It’s said that being the first to spot Earth in the sky on another planet could grant life based wishes.

Shooting stars, aka meteors, often contain higher dimensional metaphysical energies since they are used as paranormal power, and messaging mechanisms by various Gods, Goddesses, and other powerful beings. In some cases they are banished supernatural beings from higher or parallel dimensions. Especially amid meteor showers which may have the potential for humans to collect various paranormal powers!  The actual first shooting star of the night isn’t a meteor, and is in fact a beacon of spiritual energy sprung forth by Goddess Gaia.  If nobody accesses the energy for a wish it lands somewhere, and condenses into metaphysical matter in crystalline form. These fabled Gaia Crystals can be used by practitioners of magic in spells, and potions.  An average person who finds one may be able to have a wish granted from it. These Gaia Crystals absorb back into the Earth within 7 days, and they mostly end up in desolate rural areas.

Goddess Gaia’s shooting star wishes can encompass anything she has the power to grant as a planetary Goddess to people who evolved on her body.  The wishes can be as great as Immortality, super powers, and even ascension to a Godlike state of freedom!  Wishing for widespread things like global peace, or a change in historical events, would merely send you to an Earth in a parallel Universe.  Also be advised that the Goddess does not grant malicious wishes of darkness.  If you attempt to wish something bad to befall on another then odds are it will end up happening to you instead!  There are also limits to the wishes when it comes to affecting certain supernatural beings who are protected by higher powers. If you want all vampires to vanish then as mentioned before you will be sent to a parallel Earth where vampires were eradicated or never existed to begin with.

Next time you look up and see the twinkle of the first star in the sky or spot a shooting star, it wouldn’t hurt to make a wish upon it. Odds are slim you’re the first one to see it but why not take a chance?  Ancient myth also indicates that those making sincere selfless wishes grab the attention of Goddess Gaia, or some powerful being in tune with her, and the wish could be granted!  There’s also the sheer belief of the human will. If someone really believes they spotted the first shooting star, and they truly believe their wish will come true then they may grant it themselves. Their sub-consciousness will access the awesome power of their higher dimensional Afterlife soul to make it come true! Unfortunately there are metaphysical mechanisms in place that prevent doing this consciously the vast majority of the time.  We can’t have humans escaping this reality, and being truly free….well not until their death, aka Heavenly rebirth!

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