March 23, 2023

8 thoughts on “What Is Jason Voorhees?

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  2. Hi Admin, Wow I never knew these were based on true events. This really freaks me out! Since all the other scary movies never scared me. I normally laugh when watching scary movies. But when I would watch Jason, It scared me more than anything in this world. Because I had this bad feeling as if it really could happen. My friends would ask me. Why does this movie scare you so much? I’m like it could happen. They’re like no it can’t. I said it’s more realistic to me that some psycho could come after us in the woods. Now I understand why it scared me so much! Because he’s real.

    Also another movie since has terrified me allot more! The Ring girl. This really freaked me out! I was also visited by a little girl who looked like her and was as evil. I won’t get into details. Just will say it really scared me allot! She is real as well. There are many mysterious things in this world. People won’t believe until they’ve come hand in hand with one! I am a scientific thinker. I must see things to believe. I have seen much! To know that I’ll never underestimate the unknown ever again!

    1. We here at Mystic Investigations are prepared for the day when we may have to go up against Jason.

      We’ve heard rumors about The Ring possibly being true but we can’t confirm that.

      The unseen force of pure though interacting with the collective human, and Universal consciousness is quite powerful. Once our eyes are opened to the world of the paranormal even a little we begin to see more, and more. Then there is no going back to the world of blissful innocence.

  3. Xavier it is true! The Ring girl is TRUE! umm… Do you seriously want to know? I have stabbed her astrally more than once. She wants to be reborn as my daughter! I refused her. Then just last night I seen her again after 2 years. I thought she gave up on me. She was haunting my son Tyler. At first I didn’t believe him when he told me a scary girl like the Ring girl was haunting him. Until I seen her myself.. Scared me so bad.. I was in my bathroom passed the bathtub .. the shower curtain was open. There she stood in the corner of the tub. I saw her as if she was alive! OMG! I guess I didn’t want to believe him. I then sat next to her on the edge of the tub. I thought she was just a little girl who was abused. I took pity upon her Xavier. Since I love kids. I told her please don’t bother Tyler anymore! He’s frightened of you! I then told her if I ever had another daughter.. That I would have her.

    That was before I figured out she was very evil. She then hugged me. I could feel her hugging me. Then later I seen her evil past. How many people she’s killed for fun. I then told her NO.. I grabbed a knife and stabbed him in her legs. This is really not like me to ever do this to a child. But she was no child more daemonic. Just last night I seen her again. What do you think of this? Do you believe in redemption for her? If I had her I would probably be afraid of her and keep a distance. That alone would make me a bad mom. I can’t believe I gave her permission to begin with. Am I stuck to do this now? Since then I gave her that permission? How would I seriously get out of something like that?

    1. I think I may be able to answer this. If those are the words you used then there is a loophole that you can exploit. You just won’t be able to have any more kids since one may be a girl. I know that may be kind of hard from what I see in your other posts but that would be the only way I can see of having her not be your daughter. Of course if you did have another daughter then it may not be as bad as you think. The great thing about reincarnation is that it’s almost a clean slate. Just give her lots of love and guidance and she should be fine. That is if she isn’t demonic and even then she may be able to overcome that with help and love.

      And whitewolf i would like to talk with you again. I hope you still have my email. There might be something we need to discuss.

  4. Also her lips were sewn shut! She is very scary looking. I don’t know why she got so evil. And why she choose to do this to us. When I seen her last night.. She got right into my face. Then I also seen a boy that didn’t look any better than her. Like they are friends hanging out together in the after life. I just want her to know.. I won’t tolerate her terrorizing me or my family. I don’t know what to do now. She hasn’t hurt me ever. In order to get her out last time. I did have to call upon my guardian. I could here here screaming bloody murder. I ran to my daughters room at first. Thinking it was Samy. Then I realized what was happening. Then that night Tyler said he could see her outside his window. She was looking in. Also Yeah she did try to hurt one person. Greg.. he woke up with the sheet tightly around his neck like she was going to hang or strangle him. He thought I did it. omg. He don’t believe in anything paranormal. lol That was when I asked for help from my guardian. Then I got yelled at by him. He said’ Angela, you must stop calling me for this. Start opening your gifts and protect yourself. That was before I ever wolfed out! I believe he opened my gifts faster so I could fight my own battles. Instead of asking him to save me. lol I know I shouldn’t be laughing about any of it. I just have to .. If I lose my sense of humor. I believe I will go insane from all this.

  5. Also, I know the reason why she attacked Greg. Since he hits me in my sleep. I said to myself. God if he’s doing this on purpose give me a sign so I know. Then he woke with that around his neck. omg! I didn’t expect her or anyone to harm him. That was a big enough sign. I still wonder if he does it on purpose. Even with a body pillow between us he manages to get me. I then kicked him. I say “way past for a divorce!” And now that she’s back. I hope she don’t harm him. I know she wants to be reborn. The last week or two I have been depressed thinking about having a daughter. Not realizing that is probably what brought her back here. I thought she was gone. I did want to have a baby girl. I’ve had many visions that I have a baby girl. She’s so beautiful and innocent. Maybe she’s showing me these things so I want to have her. But the father is not by Greg. I don’t know who. I’ve had over 8 visions of this little girl. And I didn’t see anything evil about her.

    1. Leatherface isn’t real but there are a handful of serial killing freaks like him who roam the backwoods, and rural areas nations around the world. It’s amazing what insanity occurs in areas virtually untouched by mainstream society! Freddy Krueger is real! He was a depraved human, with a turbulent childhood, who was disenchanted with his reality, and took it out on others. Primarily children since he was a coward at heart. He was deep into lucid dreaming, and astral projection research. He eventually figured out how to enter people’s dreams to an extent. He was arrested for despicable acts against children but his lawyer got him set free. An angry mob from the local community set his house on fire, and he was burnt alive! He became a dark spirit who fought entering the Afterlife because he wanted to be free, and also worried about the existence of a torturous hell. For quite some time while alive he had gotten the attention of Dream Demons who sought to find a way around Angels actively seeking to confine Demons to Hell. They decided they needed a human as their bridge to our reality in their master plan of breaking the dream world into the real world. They gave him the powers of Dream Demonhood, and Freddy was on his way to instilling deadly nightmares in all who crossed his path!

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