What Is A Zombie Ghost?

Zombie GhostA Zombie Ghost, or Ghost Zombie, sometimes called a Sapient Zombie, occurs when the ghost of dead human re-enters their body performing in essence a self-resurrection.  There’s no such thing as an actual ghost of a Zombie since a true zombie is a mindless monster without a soul. The body of a Zombie Ghost itself is technically a zombie despite not having the ability to pass on a zombie virus to create others of its kind.  In fact the zombie virus is non-existent, and the only thing animating them is an instinctual connection with their body, and a great deal of supernatural energy.  Paranormal energies seen most prominently on All Souls Day, aka Day Of The Dead November 2nd, when the amazing Angelic energies of November 1st Hallowmas, aka All Saints Day, still exist on Earth.  We rarely see Zombie Ghosts on Hallowmas itself since the Angels, and Saints roaming about the planet on that day actively prevent such things.  Especially since their mission is to clean up the paranormal horrors of Halloween in accordance with the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  However the second most prevalent day of Zombie Ghost formation is indeed Halloween itself followed by Full Blood Moon nights, and high energy solar events. Practitioners of magic can also use powerful spells to bring the dead back to life if they haven’t moved on to Heaven yet.

Those suffering from traumatic lives, unfinished business, and especially horrific deaths often become Ghosts rather than moving on into the light of the higher dimensional afterlife.  In addition there is brief window where everyone who dies becomes a ghost. The time you leave your body before walking into the light. All ghosts are naturally drawn to their corpses.  Although it’s rare to have the paranormal juice to actually self-resurrect.  Even when they do their living dead life is short lived once the supernatural forces wear out, and return them to a non-corporeal ghost state.  While in their reanimated corpses they continue to rot.  There’s no zombie virus delaying the inevitable in exchange for human flesh consumption.  So it’s rare for a Zombie Ghost to eat people.  In some cases especially confused ghosts, or those who end up in a severely decayed body without the metaphysical energy to accomplish some initial regeneration are instinctively drawn to the organs of human chakra energy points.  Especially the heart, and brains (Especially the Pineal Gland) which gives them a quick metaphysical chakra energy boost.  After consuming the flesh their ghost self absorbs the energy from it which translates to the energy string level of reality, and then into the biological matter for some cellular regeneration. A process somewhat similair to reanimated mummies who readily consume entire people alive to return their decayed forms to it’s former ancient glory.

Ghosts are even drawn to their ashes, and bones if that’s all that remains.  Thankfully it takes a near nuclear level equivalent supernatural energy event to reform the ashes into a functioning body.  Or re-grow flesh upon bare bones.  Sparse reports of such occurrences are lightly scattered over secret supernatural records.  Generally a witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer is responsible for such an act.  Extremely power Necromancers may also accomplish reanimation of the dead with little material left to work with.  Evil Necromancers are also notorious for killing people, and holding on to their spirits before they can move on to the Afterlife as they await the corpse to be truly in a state of Necrosis.

Any corpse can be reanimated into a zombie but for it to be the actual persons consciousness spirit it must already exist as a ghost.  Once a person enters the Afterlife, aka Heaven, they can’t be brought back unless of course they really want to return. The bells of Safety Coffins, most common in the 19th century, rang crazily on All Souls Day.  Although most of the calls for help were short lived because the Zombie Ghosts had already clawed their way out of their coffins, and burrowed to the surface to begin their quest for justice, or reign of temporary terror

Our recent dealings with a particularly powerful Zombie Ghost on Memorial Day 2015.

The Second Form Of Sapient Zombie
This ultra rare form is only referred to as a Sapient Or Sentient Zombie rather than a Zombie Ghost. It’s simply a human with such amazing will power that they refuse to die. Technically their body dies but they will their soul to remain in their body rather than turning into a ghost or walking into the white light of the Afterlife.  Most of the time it’s unintentional while other times it’s the purposeful work of a powerful practitioner of magic or Necromancer clinging to life on Earth until they can find a better solution.  Since the body is dead it begins to rot like a zombie!  Since no zombie virus is present to feed on human flesh, and delay the decay, there is a rapid rotting like any standard corpse. In fact it’s often quicker as their spirit’s metaphysical energy eats away at the biological structure unlike the Zombie Ghosts supernatural sustenance.

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