Who Is The Blood Bather?

The Blood Bather is a monstrous immortal shapeshifter killing machine composed of the blood of virtually every species on Earth. It is the physical personification of blood in our world. Blood representing both the gift of life and the loss of death. The Blood Bather rose from the spilled blood of mass extinction 252.28 million years ago during Permian–Triassic Extinction Event. Interestingly enough, this catastrophic loss of life on Earth was inadvertently caused by the spontaneous birth of its Spirit, Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth. Her introduction into the equation altered our planet’s evolutionary path for the better in most cases since it spawned humans. Unfortunately, it is thought that her emerging consciousness along with a Natural Nuclear Reactor at the right place birthed forth the blasphemous Blood Bather!

The Blood Of The Dead Creates A New Heinous Life!

Within the natural radiation field, a massive pool of blood swirled with the lost hopes and dreams of innocent animal life. As the planet-wide consciousness of Mother Earth took shape it sparked the birth of Blood Bather. It is a giant blob of blood that absorbs all life-giving fluid it runs across on its journey across the planet. In the early days, the creature was only instinctual with very little intelligence. It only knew it wanted more blood. Eventually, it realized animals, and later on, people had blood within them. It had its fill of dinosaur blood until they went extinct! The Bather also goes after all supernatural beings who enter its perplexing path! Like an apex predator, it drained all of blood by enveloping them within its form and siphoning their vital fluids until death is achieved! The Bather may be the greatest serial killer in history due to the sheer number of deaths amassed over millions of years!

The Blood Bather Is The First And Only Of Its Kind

It’s possible The Bloody One is the first Shape-Shifter on Earth. In this way, it is also the first vampire as the monster subsists only from blood. However, the despicable blob has nothing to do with the creation of vampires nor is it affiliated with them. Some tried to form a cult around The Blood Bather as they dreamed of partaking of its blood and bathing within the sanguine monster. Naturally, big Bloody drained the vampire cultists and was disappointed they only desiccated into a dormant state. So it simultaneously beheaded them by twisting the blood body around their necks! It seems over the centuries other Blood Bathers started to spontaneously form in places where blood, radiation, and strong consciousness exist. Sometimes on battlefields. The Bather psychically senses the first embers of new Bathers globally and gets to them within hours or a few days at the most. He then overwhelms and absorbs them. The Blood Bather tolerates no others of its kind on its Earthly territory!

The Bather Of Bloods Natural State

The Blood Bather most likely never had a name until early humans branded the abomination. The name came from the bloody one literally bathing in the blood of itself and countless once-living beings. Although a blob up to 20 feet tall millions of years ago it eventually preferred a snake-like form thousands of feet long. Later the beast flattened it like that of a gargantuan tapeworm or red ribbon of swirling blood. Its ideal state is to slither and slide across the land and even into the dark depths of the ocean as the entire world is Blood Bathers hunting grounds. Gravity and environmental constraints caused the beast to compress the blood it collected into the smallest packages possible.

The Master Shape Shifter Of Molded Blood

The Blood Bather eventually honed its shapeshifting and compression powers to imitate any creature on Earth. Although when it gets too small it is said that it sheds a great deal of its bulk only to rejoin it later. Some have also suggested it’s begun transferring to a metaphysical matter form while still remaining a biological entity. This could explain how it can carry the blood of millions within a relatively small form that can remain hidden from humankind. At this point, it could spread into a huge river or seas of blood! Even with its dark crimson coloring, it can appear as a normal human being since it can utilize the light refraction properties of deeply compressed and molded blood globs. It could be someone right next to you. Possible clues are bloody sweat and bloodshot eyes with a slight crimsons glow. You can also expect they won’t say very much as conversation isn’t strong in this one. Also, the voice will sound odd as creating the right shape and density to approximate a human voice isn’t easy.

The Power Of The Blood Bather

Like vampires, The Blood Bather acquires the memories and skills of the individuals whose blood it absorbs. When humans came into existence The Bather had a great increase in intelligence and finally learned to speak. This along with the mastery of shapeshifting made it much more stealthy in hunting prey within our society. The Blood Bather has absorbed many psychics and saw its own defeat if it was too blatant in killing too many living things at a time. The Bather seems to enjoy human and supernatural being blood the most. Any human found drained of blood was either attacked by The Bather, a vampire, or some other blood-sucking beast! It’s thought The Blood Bathers absorption of natural-born witches and other magicians granted it the senses of sight, sound, and scent despite no face, eyes, ears, or nose. These things come from a metaphysical place of magic as seen in the faint red glow coming from it at night in its blob or snake form. So far it is unable to actually practice magic but it can cast a Curse and is immune to all forms of magic. Even the great Sorcerer Ian McTavish gave up battling The Blood Bather within a few minutes during a 17th-century battle that resulted in three dragons being drained of blood!

The Invincible Blood Bather

Possibly due to its metaphorical toes in the metaphysical energy realm Goddess Gaia, nature deities, and demons have been unable to eradicate it. Of course, demons, including The Devil himself, along with dark deities, tried to ally with the Bather. Thankfully, the Bloody one is a serious loner! There’s a suggestion it has begun assimilating the metaphysical program for blood in our reality. Apart of the very blueprints higher dimensional Gods used to manifest our world. To kill it could kill every being with blood coursing through their veins! So far no paranormal hunters have come close to taking down this bloody horror! Access to this program could also mean eventual ascension to Godhood as some type of Blood Diety! Hopefully, The Powers That Be will halt that insanity!

The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of!

The Blood Bather could theoretically be one of the most powerful paranormal entities on Earth. It has the power to destroy all life as we know it but something unknown holds it back. It could be a higher power or it fears if it went all out then we would launch all the nukes at it? Not that even thousands of nukes could kill it! An armada of higher-dimensional beings could probably take it down. With its amazing psychic power and connection to the human collective consciousness via blood who knows what future it sees. On a related note, this psychic connection has granted it access to our dreams thus creating another playground to spread its nightmarish existence upon! If you spot The Blood Bather then you’re already dead! That includes waking up from a nightmare about The Bather and then finding yourself lying in a pool of blood. Blood not coming from you or anyone else that you know of! It can spread itself out or move at insane speeds so running or even speeding away in a vehicle is useless! There are no known repellents or ways to terminate it. The Blood Bather is here to stay until the forces of righteousness win Armageddon thus bringing Earth under new holy management!🩸

The Blood Bather Was Last Seen In Florida

The US Paranormal Defense Agency classifies The Blood Bather as a paranormal phenomenon rather than a sinister sentient being. Therefore the genderless Bather doesn’t appear on their secret supernatural most wanted list. They certainly covered up the last verified report of its appearance in a woman’s bathtub in Miami, Florida on June 21st, 2020. She slipped into her tub and suddenly the water went blood red. She was in shock for the first moments as the experience was beyond surreal. The woman then screamed in terror as she was pulled under the bloody waters. As soon as the crimson tide shot out a nearby window the crystal clear water left a corpse devoid of even one drop of blood!

The Only Known Recording Of The Blood Bather

The mp3 recording below came from the tape recorder of a brave supernatural investigator in 2004. He had been on the trail of the Bather for a solid decade before running into him in the Amazon Rainforest. The man’s last words can be heard along with the Blood Bather! The Bather always has an odd voice since it comes from the shape-shifting voice box that sends its thoughts forth as sound waves. It also has very little conversational experience along with speaking of itself in the third person.

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  • The Blood Bather is not radioactive despite a Natural Nuclear Reactor being apart of its birth. In its early days, it might have had a good amount of radiation. However, the constant influx of fresh blood cleansed it as the radiation isn’t essential to its continued existence.
  • Top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics indicate that The Blood Bather ran across Jason Voorhees back in the 1980’s. The Bather spared Jason’s life as he had very little decent blood in his rotting corpse. It also noted that Jason killed many but always left the blood behind for The Bather. It respected that and left Jason to his murderous work.
  • The Blood Bather is privately being blamed for the rapid unexplainable color change in Lonar Lake located within India during June 2020. It’s thought the Bather slid through the lake on its way to parts unknown. Its chemistry reacted with the wonderous waters thus causing it to go from a brilliant blue to a sickly pink.[Twitter]

Is Godzilla Real?

Godzilla is the deadly dinosaur type monster featured in the film franchise of the same name. The immense creature is amphibious with the ability to live underwater for extended periods of time. Standing at over 300 feet tall, among other heights, this intelligent creature is able to wreak considerable havoc on human society. The blasphemous beast is uniquely bio-nuclear powered and feeds on radiation. This grants the huge horror various powers beyond that of a natural dinosaur. Despite causing widespread destruction it doesn’t specifically target humans but rather enjoys going after other giant super predators. Whether Godzilla is actually protecting the planet or defending his apex predator status is not known. He tends to lie dormant under the deep seas until a nuke powers him awake or something piques his interest from afar.

Godzilla Doesn’t Exist In Our Multiverse

Godzilla doesn’t exist in our reality nor in a Parallel Universe within our Multiverse. Although there are faint metaphysical murmurs of his existence in other Multiverses. This according to top-flight psychics, mystics, and seers. However, as is usually the case, there is a parallel bubble reality created from the Human Collective Consciousness where the monstrosity comes to life. As long as enough people on Earth think of Godzilla then that alternate reality will continue to exist. It follows all fictional incarnations while taking on a life of its own. If a day ever comes when Godzilla fades from the public mind then the bubble Universe will finally collapse into non-existence. That being said there is a slim chance that some powerful Practitioner Of Magic could bridge the gap between worlds and bring Godzilla here! Thankfully, it would only be a matter of time before his physical form dissipated as it would be in conflict with our laws of physics.

What’s The Biggest Monster In Recent History?

Naturally, there have been numerous gargantuan prehistoric dinosaurs who roamed the land, sea, and air before becoming extinct millions of years ago. There are always rumors of such blasphemous beasts in the modern era but thankfully most of them exist in the Underworld. Every so often one escapes from deep underground and it’s up to us supernatural slayers to take care of business before the public discovers the threat. Usually, these big beasts tend to be fire breathing dragons and sometimes ice dragons. To this day we still have various giant sea serpents and monsters who are able to hide in the deep dark depths away from prying eyes.

A Real Monster Somewhat On Par With Godzilla

The closest thing we had to Godzilla was a horrifying sea creature known as The Arctic Abomination. Like Godzilla, it was amphibious but thankfully never made it to mainland civilization where it would have annihilated humankind! The Abomination was some manner of dinosaur-like creature who could swim just as well as it could walk on two legs. It was at least 1000 feet tall with scales of dark green and black. The monster’s eyes glowed green indicating an enchanted element to the creature. Its roar caused immerse waves in the ocean and once it surfaced it could literally be heard hundreds of miles away. Based on its near invincibility it was surmised to be a prehistoric dinosaur from an alien world. Possibly the product of magical genetic engineering. How it got here nobody knows! Luckily, it didn’t have the alarming array of powers that Godzilla had.

The Frozen Threat Awaits Humankind’s Carelessness!

It’s hypothesized that the Arctic Abomination was in the Arctic Ocean as the ice cap formed there millions of years ago. It became frozen in the ice until the Soviet Union secretly tested a nuclear weapon in the Arctic in October 1972. The explosion released the beast and created some icebergs as well. Their submarines were the first to deal with the Abomination. They didn’t last long! The Soviets reluctantly informed the United States and China about the supernatural events that had grown beyond their capabilities. The United States under President Richard Nixon joined the Soviets in an unprecedented joint military force to take on the malevolent menace!

Joint US-Soviet Military Forces Were Helpless Against The Abomination!

All weapons were useless against the Abomination. This included nukes! Clearly, the monster was made out of something beyond humanity’s warfare capabilities. In all likelihood, the Arctic Abomination could have eventually wiped out civilization as we know it! Just as all hope was lost every military vessel and aircraft found themselves teleported hundreds of miles away. This was originally attributed as a paranormal power of the beast. However, it was in fact the arrival of supernatural forces from around the world set to do battle with the Arctic Abomination. Various witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers crafted a grand spell to send the humans away. When the military returned they found no evidence of the Abomination anywhere. Satellites had been mysteriously blocked from seeing what went on. Naturally, records of the entire incident were sealed as top secret by both the United States and Soviet Union. All in attendance were forbidden to ever speak of the battle under penalty of death!

The Battle Of The Arctic Abomination!

The supernatural forces found that the Abomination was immune to magic and it was up to brute force to get the job done. The team of paranormal warriors who took on the Abomination were from virtually every nation. They were informed by The Reality Recognition Guild of the impending danger to Earth. This is how they were able to quickly form a cooperative army and get there in the nick of time. At least one alien space ship entered the fray with their advanced weapons. Even some members of the dark magical community temporarily called a truce to deal with the Abomination as they knew it could not be used for their own nefarious ends. These dark magicians included the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo who is now the King Of Hell in cooperation with the Emperor Satan The Devil. They actually called a handful of dragons up from the Underworld to attack the monster!

The Titans Of The Supernatural World Come Out To Play

Holy hails of lasers, energy blasts, and metaphysical energy fire lit up the twilight skies in a kaleidoscope of colors that complimented the Aurora Borealis. Even the Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas himself entered the battle along with the most powerful Sorcerer on Earth, Ian McTavish. He was there with the Professors and advanced students of his Magic School! There were also Demigods and Demigoddesses in attendance. The bloody carnage raged on for hours amid the rough cold sea and gargantuan icebergs. Finally, at the Witching Hour, the Abomination was virtually vaporized by an overwhelming armada of supernatural slayers. The remains of the titanic terror sunk into the dark icy waters as if it had never existed!🦖

Godzilla vs. Kong

The motion picture Godzilla vs. Kong is set to be released in theaters and HBO Max on March 26, 2021. It features the Godzilla threat being dealt with by releasing the giant gorilla Kong on the dangerous dinosaur. There’s never been anything like King Kong on our Earth but undoubtedly something similar to him exists on alien worlds and in Parallel Universes. [ Watch Godzilla Movies Online ]🦍

Who Is The Splinter Man?

The Splinter Man is a dangerous deformed paranormal monster that wanders the various woodlands of Europe, and Asia. He was once an evil British wizard simply named Gregor. We know very little about his elusive past. Sometime in the late 1880’s he attempted to access some deeply dark magics in his mad quest for immortal powers. Unfortunately for him, he got his wish for immortality. A prize that came with a heavy price. He performed his immortal magic ritual in the Black Forest of Germany during the Midnight Witching Hour. He traveled all the way there as the forest is known to be enchanted. These enchantments facilitated Gregor calling upon higher dimensional beings of an unknown origin. We know that they were neither demons, dark deities, or even Jinn. Some think it was the mysterious Conexsus who are a unique collective of many higher dimensional entities.

Risky Dark Magic Results In An Immortal Curse!

As Gregor chanted his sinister spell in various dead languages he performed blood sacrifices with thirteen people he had kidnapped earlier. Upon the final despicable death, a surge of dark energy shot through him with such force that it launched him into a huge tree. He had entered into uncharted mystical territory and assumed he was calling upon powerful beings for power. However, he unknowingly opened an unstable paranormal portal for these blasphemous beings to cross into our dimension. This caused the forest around him to be out of phase with our reality. When he was thrown into the tree he merged with the trunk as the portal manifested and then closed as it quickly lost supernatural steam. The unique nature of the dark metaphysical energy then caused the wood to merge with his body all the way down to the genetic level. After breaking away most of the excess trunk Gregor emerged as seen in the illustration above. A monstrous mystical wood monster-human hybrid standing at about 8 feet tall!

The Wood-Human Hybrid Of Horror!

He hobbled about wildly due to his deformed uneven heavy limbs as he screamed insanely sounding gibberish from his wooden throat! His ability to perform magic became deeply limited in this frightening form. He was so enraged that he went on a rampage in the nearest village killing everyone including a pack of wolves eating a deer nearby. Gregor seems to require a lot of energy to move about so he consumes quite a bit of protein. His reign of terror continued for several years until various farmers, and hunters realized he was vulnerable to large sharp implements, and fire due to the wood ingrained into his cells. The German people called him Splitter Mann, aka Splinter Man, because of the wood splinters he would leave behind where ever he traveled. Anyone impaled by even a small splinter would become deathly ill, and acquire what is called The Splinter Virus. A supernatural sickness that begins to transmute the entire body into wood until the victim dies within weeks. Currently, there is no known cure for the Splinter Virus.

The Eurasian Terror!

Over the many decades of his hellish existence, Splinter Man made his way around the Eurasian continent steering clear of bitterly cold regions. Since the late 1880’s he’s done nothing but terrorize innocent men, women, children, and animals. Various sightings have been recorded over the last century up to the present. US soldiers in the middle east reported seeing him during their various military objectives since the first Gulf War. He was even spotted in the Korean, and Vietnam Wars as well. Naturally, the governments of the world have suppressed this information so as not to alarm the general public. Thankfully he seems only interested in killing large adults for a quick cannibal meal. Although I guess he really isn’t human anymore so we can’t consider him a cannibal. He generally goes for large muscular men as they provide the most meat for any given kill.

The Paranormal Predator Splinter Man!

When humans aren’t easily accessible he will rabidly devour just about any animal he can get his hands on. Eye witness accounts indicate that his super strength and sharp hickory like limbs allow him to easily vanquish bears, wildcats, and even animals all the way up to Elephants. Those sharp hickory limbs have also been known to slay vampires and takedown werewolves with extreme prejudice! This big bastard will eat anything that moves! Despite his deformed limbs, and wild staggering movement he has grown quite capable of moving very fast. It’s estimated that he can run up to 35 mph as reported by horrified motorists whose vehicles he has chased. His magical powers seem to be limited to simple spells, mind control, and telekinesis. He has been known to confuse people and put delusions in their mind as a form of torture. Splinter Man can use his telekinesis to knock people down, and draw them toward him up to 15 feet away! When using his paranormal powers his eyes glow green.

Splinter Man Is A Mediocre Magician

His ability to practice magic has become beyond difficult due to his human soul being in conflict with a body ill-equipped to receive it. This causes an imbalance in metaphysical energies that interfere with magical spells. This surrounds him in an erratic aura that renders most photography and video ineffective in capturing his image. Also, his deformed limbs are unable to handle mystical texts, mix potions, and say spells properly since he’s barely able to talk. It sounds like a gravelly two-year-old learning to talk. Mostly he growls in a way that sounds like a cross between a Werewolf, and a train whistle. It’s a most unique, and spine chilling sound. If you ever hear it your first instinct is to run for your ever-loving life!

Splinter Man’s Last Major Sighting

The Splinter Man’s last major sighting as of the original publication of this article was in the village of Chinnamanaickenpalayam in India. He was chasing innocent bystanders with elephant blood splattered all over him! Amid his growls, he repeatedly muttering in a raspy voice something that sounded like, “Me likes duh phanter!” Amazingly a paranormal investigator arrived on the scene just in time to record him saying it. The brave warrior then ran to safety near a big bonfire. Click here for the .wav file to hear the Splinter Man. He still seems to speak English and hasn’t bothered to acquire any other language skills. Probably because nobody can understand his mumbling anyway.

Splinter Man’s Reign Of Terror!

Since the incident in India, there have only been sparse unsubstantiated sightings until the updates given at the end of this article. This includes a run-in with Bigfoot! This is not unusual since he’s smart enough to know that he will be stopped if he terrorizes people non-stop. The longer he does this the more we in the paranormal community close in on him! Splinter’s only joys in life seem to be hunting down big game and tormenting innocent people! Thankfully he seems to avoid water which is why he hasn’t made it to the rest of the world. Pray he doesn’t make it on to a cargo ship!  Some evidence suggests that he heavily absorbs water, and it softens his body over time. So dousing him in water might be another potential defense along with fire, and large sharp implements such as swords, hand saws, and even chain saws. This water weakness might explain his avoidance of very cold regions. Perhaps any absorbed water would freeze thereby temporarily petrifying him. Then he can be chain sawed down for firewood!

The Wood Splinters Of This Malevolent Monster

Mystic Investigations has samples of his splinters in our laboratory for cryptid study, and use in magic that requires the presence of unique elements. They are widespread around the world and most reputable paranormal firms will have some in stock. However, they must be handled with extreme care otherwise one could acquire the Splinter Virus. If you have spotted the Splinter Man or know his current whereabouts then please contact Mystic Investigations or your nearest paranormal investigations crime-fighting firm.  Do not approach the Splinter Man as he is quite diabolical and deeply dangerous!  If he begins to chase you try to get into a building or climb a tree as fast as you can. You will need to be at least 15 feet above the ground to avoid his potential mind control and telekinetic powers. If not then the last thing you may see are his jagged wooden teeth coming at you!


  • March 20, 2016: Witnesses place him in various rural areas in Cuba. After over a century he finally had the bright idea to hitch a ride on a cargo ship or finally decided to risk the ocean waters. He did have quite a few supernatural hunters after him so perhaps he decided to hide on the other side of the world. Many from families of hunters who have tracked his routine for decades.
  • August 12, 2019: First sighting on continental North American soil in Yucatan, Mexico.
  • April 22, 2020: First sighting in the United States. Last seen in the Florida Everglades eating a large crocodile while a mostly eaten Manatee lay dead nearby. A giant Sasquatch roared onto the scene! Splinter actually hesitated as he will attack anything. For the first time, he fled the scene when faced with a one on one fight. Usually, only a mob of armed humans or magical practitioners scare him away. I guess Splinter knows not to mess with Bigfoot!