Paranormal Places

North Pole City (Capital Of Christmas & Home Of Santa Claus)

South Pole City (Sister City Of The Christmas Capital)

Halloween Island, Random Locations (The Capital Of Halloween & Shala Queen Of Halloween)

Easterville, Black Forest, Germany (Home Of The Easter Bunny And Capital Of Easter)

Fantasy Island, Pacific Ocean (The Real Island The TV Show Was Based On)

Valentine Valley, Hidden Valley In Himalayas, India (Capital Of Valentines Day Run By Cupids)

The Wizard Amazington’s Happy Fun Time Land, Slightly Out Of Phase With Our Dimension. Random Traveling Access Portal. (The Ultimate Amusement Park)

Lucky Lake, Ireland (Home Of The Irish Leprechauns & Capital Of Good Luck)

Amazon Village, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil When Invited As A Guest (Home Of The Amazon Warrior Women)

Atlantis, Atlantic Ocean (Undersea Capital Of The Largest Mermaid Civilization – Other Mermaid Communities)

Woodland Springs, Colorado

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences

Various Other Magic Schools

Akashic Records Library

Paradise Plane (Goddess Gaia)

Highway To Infinity


Supernatural Triangles

Bermuda Triangle (North Atlantic Devil’s Triangle)

Mystical Triangle

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