Is Godzilla Real?

Godzilla is the deadly dinosaur type monster featured in the film franchise of the same name. The immense creature is amphibious with the ability to live underwater for extended periods of time. Standing at over 300 feet tall, among other heights, this intelligent creature is able to wreak considerable havoc on human society. The blasphemous beast is uniquely bio-nuclear powered and feeds on radiation. This grants the huge horror various powers beyond that of a natural dinosaur. Despite causing widespread destruction it doesn’t specifically target humans but rather enjoys going after other giant super predators. Whether Godzilla is actually protecting the planet or defending his apex predator status is not known. He tends to lie dormant under the deep seas until a nuke powers him awake or something piques his interest from afar.

Godzilla Doesn’t Exist In Our Multiverse

Godzilla doesn’t exist in our reality nor in a Parallel Universe within our Multiverse. Although there are faint metaphysical murmurs of his existence in other Multiverses. This according to top-flight psychics, mystics, and seers. However, as is usually the case, there is a parallel bubble reality created from the Human Collective Consciousness where the monstrosity comes to life. As long as enough people on Earth think of Godzilla then that alternate reality will continue to exist. It follows all fictional incarnations while taking on a life of its own. If a day ever comes when Godzilla fades from the public mind then the bubble Universe will finally collapse into non-existence. That being said there is a slim chance that some powerful Practitioner Of Magic could bridge the gap between worlds and bring Godzilla here! Thankfully, it would only be a matter of time before his physical form dissipated as it would be in conflict with our laws of physics.

What’s The Biggest Monster In Recent History?

Naturally, there have been numerous gargantuan prehistoric dinosaurs who roamed the land, sea, and air before becoming extinct millions of years ago. There are always rumors of such blasphemous beasts in the modern era but thankfully most of them exist in the Underworld. Every so often one escapes from deep underground and it’s up to us supernatural slayers to take care of business before the public discovers the threat. Usually, these big beasts tend to be fire breathing dragons and sometimes ice dragons. To this day we still have various giant sea serpents and monsters who are able to hide in the deep dark depths away from prying eyes.

A Real Monster Somewhat On Par With Godzilla

The closest thing we had to Godzilla was a horrifying sea creature known as The Arctic Abomination. Like Godzilla, it was amphibious but thankfully never made it to mainland civilization where it would have annihilated humankind! The Abomination was some manner of dinosaur-like creature who could swim just as well as it could walk on two legs. It was at least 1000 feet tall with scales of dark green and black. The monster’s eyes glowed green indicating an enchanted element to the creature. Its roar caused immerse waves in the ocean and once it surfaced it could literally be heard hundreds of miles away. Based on its near invincibility it was surmised to be a prehistoric dinosaur from an alien world. Possibly the product of magical genetic engineering. How it got here nobody knows! Luckily, it didn’t have the alarming array of powers that Godzilla had.

The Frozen Threat Awaits Humankind’s Carelessness!

It’s hypothesized that the Arctic Abomination was in the Arctic Ocean as the ice cap formed there millions of years ago. It became frozen in the ice until the Soviet Union secretly tested a nuclear weapon in the Arctic in October 1972. The explosion released the beast and created some icebergs as well. Their submarines were the first to deal with the Abomination. They didn’t last long! The Soviets reluctantly informed the United States and China about the supernatural events that had grown beyond their capabilities. The United States under President Richard Nixon joined the Soviets in an unprecedented joint military force to take on the malevolent menace!

Joint US-Soviet Military Forces Were Helpless Against The Abomination!

All weapons were useless against the Abomination. This included nukes! Clearly, the monster was made out of something beyond humanity’s warfare capabilities. In all likelihood, the Arctic Abomination could have eventually wiped out civilization as we know it! Just as all hope was lost every military vessel and aircraft found themselves teleported hundreds of miles away. This was originally attributed as a paranormal power of the beast. However, it was in fact the arrival of supernatural forces from around the world set to do battle with the Arctic Abomination. Various witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers crafted a grand spell to send the humans away. When the military returned they found no evidence of the Abomination anywhere. Satellites had been mysteriously blocked from seeing what went on. Naturally, records of the entire incident were sealed as top secret by both the United States and Soviet Union. All in attendance were forbidden to ever speak of the battle under penalty of death!

The Battle Of The Arctic Abomination!

The supernatural forces found that the Abomination was immune to magic and it was up to brute force to get the job done. The team of paranormal warriors who took on the Abomination were from virtually every nation. They were informed by The Reality Recognition Guild of the impending danger to Earth. This is how they were able to quickly form a cooperative army and get there in the nick of time. At least one alien space ship entered the fray with their advanced weapons. Even some members of the dark magical community temporarily called a truce to deal with the Abomination as they knew it could not be used for their own nefarious ends. These dark magicians included the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo who is now the King Of Hell in cooperation with the Emperor Satan The Devil. They actually called a handful of dragons up from the Underworld to attack the monster!

The Titans Of The Supernatural World Come Out To Play

Holy hails of lasers, energy blasts, and metaphysical energy fire lit up the twilight skies in a kaleidoscope of colors that complimented the Aurora Borealis. Even the Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas himself entered the battle along with the most powerful Sorcerer on Earth, Ian McTavish. He was there with the Professors and advanced students of his Magic School! There were also Demigods and Demigoddesses in attendance. The bloody carnage raged on for hours amid the rough cold sea and gargantuan icebergs. Finally, at the Witching Hour, the Abomination was virtually vaporized by an overwhelming armada of supernatural slayers. The remains of the titanic terror sunk into the dark icy waters as if it had never existed!🦖

Godzilla vs. Kong

The motion picture Godzilla vs. Kong is set to be released in theaters and HBO Max on March 26, 2021. It features the Godzilla threat being dealt with by releasing the giant gorilla Kong on the dangerous dinosaur. There’s never been anything like King Kong on our Earth but undoubtedly something similar to him exists on alien worlds and in Parallel Universes. [ Watch Godzilla Movies Online ]🦍

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