Mystic Investigations Raided Pandemic Profiteers Homes!

As the Coronavirus Pandemic rages on a new breed of titanic turd has emerged! Those who travel to several stores in trucks and buy up hand sanitizer, toilet paper, surgical masks, and all manner of non-perishable goods amid the insane panic shopping taking place. Some selfishly keep it for themselves under some misguided belief that that apocalypse is at hand. For reasons not fully understood toilet paper is the big thing to buy up. Plausibly they have a rare form of Corona Diarrhea. Others look to sell their bounty of products at over-inflated prices to take advantage of people. In the mix, these bastards are screwing over the low income, elderly, and those on the front line fighting this perplexing pandemic! A pandemic we know that was perpetrated by The Plague Doctor! His chaotic cult stole a vexing virus from a Chinese bio-warfare lab and then altered it with unique paranormal properties. This included precursors to the zombie virus that can cause Zombie Flu and in rare cases the actual full blown Zombie Virus itself. These facts have been kept from the general public by the US Paranormal Defense Agency and the equivalent organizations of other nations!

Sweet Pandemic Justice!

We here at Mystic Investigations are disgusted by these sons of bitches bull crap! Especially when we can’t buy what we need at local stores due to the shelves being empty as if this is the Soviet Union! Thankfully, our paranormal investigations organization is made up of immortal supernatural beings who may operate above the law for the sake of justice! Last night we raided the biggest bastards in our tri-county area and took most of their selfish stockpiles while leaving some with a reasonable amount. We then distributed them to local charities, nursing homes, community centers, medical centers, and those we know who are in real need of various items. Just like Santa Claus delivering his Christmas gifts we completed our mission as the sun rose. Below are a few tales of the profiteers and hoarders who didn’t take kindly to us entering their heinous homes and taking their ill-gotten gains! Read About Our Vampire And Demi-Mermaid Witch Kicking In the Doors Of Heinous Hoarders & Pandemic Profiteers…

Mystic Investigations Boss’s Day Party

Boss’s Day At Our Paranormal Investigations Firm

There was some minor paranormal activity during our Boss’s Day celebration. As a kaleidoscopic flood of fall foliage fluttered around us majestically an Autumn Nymph, aka low level Earth based seasonal nature deity, materialized from the Paradise Plane to join us for lunch. Or more exactly to join our handsome Executive VP and vampire Drake Alexander. He was only sparsely eating bits of food by dousing it with cow’s blood from his trusty pocket flask. Some people thought it was ketchup or barbecue sauce! Later on the Nymph would inform of us of a baby ghost who had been lying nearby for quite sometime!

The crimson haired Goddess, named Magenta, was dressed in nothing but fall frondescence of all colors. She was replacing another Nymph as the Curator Of Autumn in this particular localized area.  As Magenta partook of food, and drink her tanned skin slightly shimmered in the sunlight.  She had briefly introduced herself to our resident Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy but Magenta only had eyes from Drake. Oddly enough, a fair number of supernatural beings on the good side of the spectrum are attracted to vampires even when they’re evil. In this case of course, Drake fights on the side of righteousness in a world teeming with metaphysical darkness!  Read The Rest On Our Stories Blog & The Discovery Of A Baby Ghost In Our Offices…

The Supernatural Investigations Crime Fighting Internship Program

Are you a high school junior or senior thinking of a future career in the world of the paranormal? Perhaps you’re currently seeking your undergraduate or graduate degree in the supernatural sciences? Then maybe the Mystic Investigations Internship Program is right for you? Our paranormal program is perfect for those contemplating the final decision of entering the enchanting yet sometimes dangerous world of the metaphysical. We especially welcome those seeking a supplementation to their education and top-flight on the job experience. Joining the Mystic Investigations Internship Program will most definitely be a life-changing reward for those serious about supernatural investigations and private crime-fighting related positions in a corporate and field environment. Read The Rest On Our Main Website…

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