What Are Dragons, And Are They Real?

Supernatural Dragons really existed many centuries ago but were eradicated by various warriors both human, and paranormal in nature.  However their numbers were quite low by the time humans evolved on Earth.  Now Dragons only live in the dark realms of the Underworld, parallel dimensions, and in the very bowels of Hell itself.  In some cases tame or captive Dragons exist within various supernatural locations on Earth including the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences located in Scotland.  In addition sometimes a Dragon manages to escape from the Underworld.  Then it’s up to Dragon Slayers to take care of business to prevent public panic, property damage, and potential deaths.

Dragons are gigantic demonic based reptile like monsters that came into existence millions of years ago when demons possessed dinosaurs to the point of altering their DNA to create a new species.  Most dragons have sharp teeth, fangs, glowing orange or red eyes, and wings which enable them to fly despite their size which is at least that of a bus.  They also shoot hellishly hot fire forth from their mouths, and nose. They breath in oxygen from the atmosphere that is used to fuel unholy flames that exist within a fire creating organ in their body called a Stoker.  They extinguish it by breathing in nitrogen from the atmosphere.  Demons intended for Dragons to be their number one pets, and mode of transport when in biological form which was common in the time of dinosaurs millions of years ago.  Dragons once flooded the skies living among their dino brothers.  Although they had vampire qualities, and fed off the blood of dinosaurs. When mammals came into existence they started eating flesh, and it made them more powerful.  Later they ate humans whole after baking them alive with their unholy flames.  These flame broiled humans are the dragons favorite food, and give them peak power.

Despite The Great Supernatural Culling that came Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragonsjust before humans were brought into existence by programmed evolution, the Dragon still persisted making the Dragon Slayer a necessity.  The most prominent Slayers were at the end of Dragon history with the great Knights, and Wizards of Europe finally eradicating the Dragon scourge.  During this period there was a brief resurgence in Dragon numbers due to dark Sorcerers, and Wizards conjuring them up from the Underworld to do their blasphemous bidding. The Dragon is the only known paranormal species to be driven into Earthly extinction by humankind.  Naturally we’re not counting the Underworld, and beyond which isn’t accessible to the general populace.  The last group of dragons seen on the face of this Earth existed in the 14th century. Although one escapes the Underworld every so often, and will continue to into the foreseeable future since they can live into the multiple millions of years old!

Dragons aren’t immortal but can live for up to a million years or so. It depends on how much they eat. Humans are their favorite food! Also how many times they fly into the sun’s core for regeneration. Although they can gain limited regeneration in the lava pits at the heart of volcanoes, the Underworld, and Earth’s molten core. There was once a portal directly to the sun’s edge in ancient times. A conduit between Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, and the Sun Gods. It was shut down by good practitioners of magic as it was deemed too dangerous!

Interesting Fact: Dragons have orange lava like blood.

See Also: Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons. Dragonologists are some of some of the rarest paranormal professionals.  They often risk their lives to venture into the Underworld to witness Dragons in their modern natural environment.

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6 thoughts on “What Are Dragons, And Are They Real?

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  2. Hello Xavier, This is so cool. I’ve always loved dragons. So mysterious and magnificent creatures. Except the fact they cooked us alive and ate us whole. That part is not so cool. 😉 I didn’t know they were of some sort of vampiric DNA. Very interesting. Makes sense about the demonic DNA and the alterations of there blood. The only dragon I ever seen in visions was the water dragon. This white dragon is magnificent and so wise. The keeper of the light. As there are demonic type dragons. I believe there also angelic dragons who stand to protect the innocents of light. As Yin & Yang. It’s sad to see any type of species run into extinction.

    • The various ancient scrolls we researched indicate there may have been Dragons who protected other animals from being wiped out by the demonic dragons. It’s possible these Dragons were formed by Angelic possession. The Pegasus is a product of Angels, and the Unicorn is the only animal known to be created directly by the hand of God rather than through other beings or the evolution process.

  3. Yes. Zeus created the Pegasus. At least I learned this in Mythology. The white dragon has very large cat like looking eyes. And it is very wise and intelligent. It spoke to me through telepathy as it was coming up from the depths of the deep water. It was in a cave with a castle above it. The castle was very old and crumbling. I had to release this dragon. They asked me what took me so long. This dragon told me it must be reborn to save humanity from evil. Was one of the most beautiful visions I have ever witnessed. I wish I was more artistic, I would draw it if I could. I don’t know if this dragon was a male or female. Sounded like a male. But naturally wouldn’t a dragon have a deep voice?

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