November 30, 2022

6 thoughts on “What Are Dragons, And Are They Real?

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  2. Hello Xavier, This is so cool. I’ve always loved dragons. So mysterious and magnificent creatures. Except the fact they cooked us alive and ate us whole. That part is not so cool. 😉 I didn’t know they were of some sort of vampiric DNA. Very interesting. Makes sense about the demonic DNA and the alterations of there blood. The only dragon I ever seen in visions was the water dragon. This white dragon is magnificent and so wise. The keeper of the light. As there are demonic type dragons. I believe there also angelic dragons who stand to protect the innocents of light. As Yin & Yang. It’s sad to see any type of species run into extinction.

    1. The various ancient scrolls we researched indicate there may have been Dragons who protected other animals from being wiped out by the demonic dragons. It’s possible these Dragons were formed by Angelic possession. The Pegasus is a product of Angels, and the Unicorn is the only animal known to be created directly by the hand of God rather than through other beings or the evolution process.

  3. Yes. Zeus created the Pegasus. At least I learned this in Mythology. The white dragon has very large cat like looking eyes. And it is very wise and intelligent. It spoke to me through telepathy as it was coming up from the depths of the deep water. It was in a cave with a castle above it. The castle was very old and crumbling. I had to release this dragon. They asked me what took me so long. This dragon told me it must be reborn to save humanity from evil. Was one of the most beautiful visions I have ever witnessed. I wish I was more artistic, I would draw it if I could. I don’t know if this dragon was a male or female. Sounded like a male. But naturally wouldn’t a dragon have a deep voice?

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