The Royalty Of Darkness

  • The Darkness – The God And Progenitor Of Evil. An Omniverse Personifier locked away in the Omniverse Gods mind. They came into spontaneous existence as God obtained his Godhood status. They have no communication or power outside their prison. As an Omniverse Entity they could rule over evil in all the Multiverses with no Parallel Universe selves existing like the Devil.
  • The Devil – ArchDemon Emperor Of Hell, The Underworld, And All Evil. Considered God Of Darkness by many demonic species like vampires. As a multi-dimensional being he manages evil across the entire Multiverse and will engage in an unimaginable amount of Wars Of Armageddon across several Parallel Universes! However he has Parallel Multiverse selves he no longer had access to once he fell from Heavenly grace when he was the Archangel Lucifer.
  • The Anti-Christ – The Devils Demi-Demon son who will be Vice-Emperor Of Hell & The Underworld when he comes of age. He is also considered the Emperor of Dark Earth when he will be a key figure in Armageddon and the final battle for Earth’s soul! He is also the Earthly Emperor of the Vampires and other dark demonic based species.
  • Dimitri Diablo – King Of Hell bestowed with a supernatural status between Archdemon and high level demon by the Devil as apart of a truce. Although on his own he acquired powers at least equal or greater than an Archdemon. Mainly by consuming his own soul from parallel Universes! Diablo is the most powerful dark Sorcerer ever to exist. He ousted the Devil from Hell for a time and set off a civil war in its bowels. Eventually the Devil came to respect his raw power and agreed to let him be King Of Hell. Many dark demonic species like vampires don’t fully accept him and won’t worship him. Thankfully he could care less!
  • A complex cavalcade of Archdemons and Demons in Hell and on Earth! Including Princes and standard royal titles bestowed upon demons in Hell.
  • Dark Prince Of Hell Asmodeus – ArchDemon who primarily enjoys managing Lust all about our Multiverse. Take an interest in any beast that promotes lust such as Succubus and Incubus.
  • Dark Princess Of Hell Lilith – She is the third highest authority in Hell, second only to the Devil and Asmodeus, when it comes to Succubus, Incubus, and Vampires. She was a human who birthed forth the first human origin Vampire when she mated with a human who was completely possessed by the Devil to the DNA level. Her pregnancy with the first vampire, that was also the first ArchVampire, granted her Dark Immortality. She later evolved into the first Succubus. After being slain by the forces of righteousness she descended to Hell and became a Demon. She eventually worked her way up to Princess Of Hell with aspirations to finally be granted ArchDemon status within the next century or so.
  • Grand Duke Demon Of Hell Shazzleton – Killed by King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo during Hell’s Civil War. Shazzleton was most famous for acquiring the souls of Bill Gates and Paul Allen in exchange for the amazing global success of the Microsoft Corporation.
  • Demon Of Hatred Odite – Rules over Dark Valentines Day.
  • Dark God Hades is the current King Of The Underworld with Persephone acting as the Dark Queen. The Egyptian God Osiris is the Dark Prince Of The Underworld. The Norse Goddess Hel, Daughter of the notorious God Loki, is the Dark Princess Of The Underworld.  Other dark deities who pledge some allegiance to the Devil.
  • The Anti-ClausSanta Claus’s evil twin brother. The second most powerful Demi-Demon on Earth as his dark soul is intertwined with that of the Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas. The most powerful is the Anti-Christ. Until the Anti-Christ comes of age the Anti-Claus is seen as the leader of evil on Earth. Most Demi-Demons follow his orders. Not often a team player he was offered the title of Emperor of the vampires but turned it down. He is a loyal servant of the Devil but has no interest in royal titles. Yet he is known as the Father Of Dark Christmas and various vampires, dark werewolves, and other dark minions must follow his orders or face the Devil’s wrath!
  • Various Nephilim
  • Various Demi-Demons. Not enough in existence to warrant a royal hierarchy of their own.
  • Demi-Demon Tory – Top General Of Hell in the Third Battle Of Armageddon. She was victorious against Zeus and the Nature Deities. However she insulted the Demi-ArchDemon Anti-Claus and he later killed her. The Devil forgave this trespassing despite the importance of Tory. Tory is currently a Demon in Hell with her human soul sold securely to the Devil.
  • Demi-Demon Darktanian – Emperor Of The Vampires & Grand Emissary Of Hell
  • King Dagan and Queen Gula Of The Vampires – Oldest known vampires who rule the global vampire royalty from Transylvania. Vampires are the most powerful demonic species after Demi-Demons.
  • Werewolf Lycan Royalty
  • Dark Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, etc In League With The Devil
  • Various human practitioners of dark magic
  • Human minions who sold their soul to the Devil or other demons.
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