March 28, 2023

28 thoughts on “Can Someone Really Sell Their Soul To The Devil?

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  2. Perhaps the Devil is building a larger army for Judgment Day! He probably needs more recruits. Makes sense. I’m not sure but from what I saw they have many already. I wonder exactly when this day will come. Where does Hades come into this? He also it the god of the underworld. So is he in with Lucifer? I have seen Hades. He’s actually very funny. He has a very wicked sense of humor. He did make me laugh.

    1. Souls do have great power. I’m not sure that there’s a slight chance that the Devil, and his minions could overpower the Lord of the Omniverse. Since he’s technically not infinite like the God of the Macroverse there might be a shot for him to become the new God of the Omniverse. We also have to remember that Armageddon will take place in countless parallel Universes simultaneously. In addition it will most likely happen in the other Multiverses as well. So anything is possible.

      The Underworld is the physical manifestation of hell on Earth. At some point in the past the Devil, and his demons were driven back into the 4-D hell outside our reality. Hades took it over once he came into existence. It’s full of all manner of ungodly beasts, and creatures. In addition over the ages demons have made it through, and there are quite a few there now. Since Hades is more powerful in the Underworld than the Devil they must obey him. Since he’s not really what we’d think of as evil he keeps the demons within his domain in check. Lucifer and Hades don’t really get along but they tolerate each other.

  3. Hades is the eldest god. Of all of the gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Percy, Apollo. They came to me. I assume the voice I heard was Zeus’s. He told me I had to make a choice! “Angela, WHO do you want to dwell with in the afterlife? I met all of them. The pretty boy with wings on his feet was so sure I’d pick him. 😉 I told him no right away.. He was upset! I then met Poseidon,.. God of the sea, he didn’t say much to me. I was going to pick him. But he didn’t seem like he liked me so much! I thought how can I dwell with him if he never talks to me? I’m better off staying married to Greg if that’s going to happen. lol I said who’s next? Last but not least… Hades. He reminded me of Jim Carrey. He was like Well hello Angela… I can’t remember his exact words. But he made me giggle. I thought That’s the man for me. If I am to spend that much time with anyone! He must be intellectual. So I choose him. He has jet black hair. Pale skin, crystal blue eyes. He resembles Drake (Vampire). I did not have the choice of being with Zeus. I feel he don’t want me there. I judge a man by his intellect and sense of humor.

    This happened to me 12 years ago! I had found out my husband was cheating on me with his secretary. A woman I went to school with. She hated me in school and shoved me into my locker. I was devastated. I told the gods take me.. I had a major melt down that night. Crying myself to sleep! So they came.. they knew I was so upset! That is what happened. I didn’t expect them to come. They just wanted me to know they are watching and I am not alone. Hades sends his ravens here. Everywhere I go there are Ravens always watching me. I know it sounds crazy. I wonder. Also if my car stops at lights. Ravens land on my car and Skwak at me. I figured he’s watching me through them. Not a bad thing. Not saying Hades can’t have a bad side. I would hate to upset him.

    1. It’s interesting how many supernatural beings resemble celebrities. I knew Paul Mounet, and the first time I saw Keanu Reeves in a film I thought it was him. I could have sworn Paul was wearing a fake gray beard in his later years along with smelling the scent of a herbal potion infused with witchcraft. He knew I was a vampire but for whatever reason he may not have shared his Immortal status with me. We weren’t best friends or anything so I guess it would be understandable since vampires love Immortal blood of non-Angel origins. It could be that Keanu has been with us for several centuries:

  4. Hello Drake & Xavier. Drake I read up on Keanu Reeves on youtube. You’re right. When I first seen him in Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure! I had a feeling about him. Just a strange feeling he was going to make it big. I couldn’t explain the feeling. Like I sensed something about him. I have talked with him on myspace a few years ago! He’s really a decent person. I know he keeps to himself. He don’t want to get hurt anymore! I can understand that. He’s pretty decent for an immortal. At the time I didn’t think this. Until you spoke of it last night. If I have the pleasure of talking with him again! I’ll ask him if he remembers you! If you don’t mind? I haven’t been on myspace in over a year. I lost my password and can’t seem to get it back! I’ve tried getting it back. Since other celebs talk to me on there. Seems they are attracted to me some how. A connection. They know me as goldy3001. The environmentalist.

    Xavier, Thanks for that information about Hades. I was worried. I didn’t think he was Evil either. When I met him I felt he could be a hard arsh.. 😉 If he had to be. But over all he has a great sense of humor. What I like most about him. Perhaps I have met him before and just don’t remember. Since when I take the daemons to the underworld I seem to know where I’m going at the time. And felt as if I have done it allot. Maybe I was his before. I had a bad feeling I might have been Hara. Since Zeus didn’t want much to do with me. They aren’t together anymore! Didn’t go well when he did all the cheating. Seems I am here looking for a good man who won’t do that. If it is true! Then I guess Zeus has the last laugh! I’ve yet to find a man like this. Not saying all men are bad. Just the one’s I’ve been with are the biggest cheaters and liars. Doesn’t mean I’ve given up! I’m sure it burned his but when I chose his eldest brother. 😉

    What you said before about Armageddon in other parallel universes. That makes sens. I wonder what will happen here. I hope it never happens in our level. Drake, as I was searching for more information about Keanu Reeves, I watched videos of River Phoenix. He was my favorite actor. I even cried when I found out he died. I know him and Keanu were best friends. I also seen a video of him right before he died. He confessed on the video that he was afraid to return back to Hollywood. He was very nervous. You don’t think someone had him killed? I know Keanu didn’t do it. I shouldn’t be opening a can of worms. I always had a bad feeling that it wasn’t an accident. Doesn’t mean I’m right. I just wonder. I won’t ever talk about this to Keanu. When we talked it was me trying to help him figure out where to go on vacation. He told me he’ll be riding his motor cycle. I told him why not come here to Oelwein, The people will leave him alone. I told him it’s not at all extravagant. lol He could be himself. I didn’t ask him to come to my place. Just was trying to help him. Not sure if he liked it here or not. I don’t lol. He might have come and left right away.. I seen a man on a cycle taking off his black helmet and it looked like him. We seen each other made eye contact .. I didn’t stop since I though he should have his privacy. But I sensed something strong about him. Drake you’re probably right he’s an immortal. (Not vampire) Since he was in the sun.

    1. Sorry I haven’t replied for a week but the entire Mystic Investigations team was in India on a case for a millionaire who hired us. Xavier has started to record our adventure here: We had to deal with mysterious supernatural animal attacks including a demonic elephant I had to grapple with. Not only that but we finally met the notoriously evil Dimitri Diablo. It turns out he was behind these rapid animal attacks in the Indian village. It was a little experiment of his. Lets just say we’re all lucky we escaped his evil clutches alive. I never get scared but I must admit he terrified the ever loving hell out of me. He truly is the quintessence of pure evil! He makes Dracula seem like the tooth fairy. Yes would you believe tooth fairies are real?

      I’m not looking forward to running into him again but there’s a chance we might at the upcoming Bilderberg Conference at the end of this month. An Anti-Illuminati billionaire hired us to infiltrate the New World Order Illuminati meeting for intelligence gathering. Rumor has it that Dimitri has been invited because the NWO is scared of him, and want to bring him into the fold. I hope he remains defiant, and doesn’t join forces with them. If he does then I fear they will be virtually unstoppable. We prefer it if the various factions of evil remain apart, and never united. I will reply to your posts tomorrow. I’m very tired which is unusual. I think Dimitri drained my living dead life force from my very soul. I need to rest for a while. I hope all is well with you.

  5. Sounds like you all have really been saving the planet. I’m very sorry to hear about this attack! 🙁 Drake all week I have been so tired as well. I felt completely drained. I know I am connected to you a little. I thought I wonder what’s going on with Drake? 😉 Since I was worn out! If you could send me Dimitri’s picture I can focus on him. Also the last few nights I have been visited by an evil presence. I can see the black shadow, it also went into my face. I hid under my covers because it felt like it was trying to enter me through my left side of my face. I didn’t know who or what it was or why it was doing this.

    You don’t suppose it might be Dimitri doing something? Since I am protecting you Drake. I put a protection upon you. If he tries to do anything he won’t succeed. He probably found me then. I didn’t get violent or even talk to him or it. I just went under my covers. I had a bad feeling it was powerful.. so I didn’t know what to do. It’s been coming each night. I have been ignoring it. But if it is something from Dimitri then I know and now I can do something about it. If I know what he looks like it will help me allot! Especially if he’s that powerful. Drake I will try to bind him.. (Take his powers away!) He’s more than abused them. I will also ask the gods for help in defeating him. I really didn’t want a war! But he’s already started one with the world and now with me. The humans are my people.. I will fight for them all. Drake I’ll send you some healing energy. Not sure what color. It’s okay I know you have a life! I don’t expect any of you to respond immediately.

    I’m thankful you guys respond at all. 🙂 I only hope I can be of some help. Especially against Dimitri. I’m not afraid of him. If he dares try to harm you Drake.. I will do everything in my power to make sure he can’t harm anything ever again. I’ll ESP him as well. Tell him he should be on humanities side. What is he going to side with Aliens to? The COWARD!!! I hope he reads this. He is a coward..

    Just because he has great power doesn’t mean he should abuse it and hide behind it. Sorry venting. Drake get your rest! I will try to get you back on your feet. If whatever it is he’s doing gets to much. Imagine you are under the waterfall with me. And the Egyptian cross is above us. Think of me and I will feel it. I can’t believe he turned an elephant into that. What a sick excuse for a man he is.. Drake take your time. I wish I could give you my cell. You could txt me. It’s up to you. I’m okay with it. 🙂 Seems our world is going to hell. Not if I have anything to say or do about it.

    1. We don’t have Dimitri’s picture, and even if we did it would be meaningless since he magically changes his appearance all the time. Nobody knows what he really looks like. Any attempt to photograph him yields nothing but blurry film or static in digital cameras.

      Dimitri seems to have a wide array of powers. I think he used some type of necromancy on me since I’m technically dead. It literally felt like my life force was being drained away as he stared at me with his deranged serial killer eyes that glow orange when he uses his powers. It’s as if flames are within him. I tried to get the jump on him, and drink his blood but he sensed me behind him. If I could have ingested some of his blood I could have matched his powers, and had a chance of destroying him.

      I wouldn’t mess with Dimitri. I’ve gone up against demons in the past, and Dimitri is 100 times worse. He truly strikes terror in the hearts of all he comes in contact with. Even me. However I will make another attempt to get his blood if he shows up at the Bilderberg Conference at the end of the month where the Illuminati are meeting.

  6. Lol Xavier.. ha’ha’ha’.. sorry for the late response. There’s something I need to tell you guys but I can’t in here. It’s way to private. I wish I could. He did something bad. He’s not as nice as everyone believes. All I can say’.. 🙁

    Drake I did try to psychically contact Dimitri. That didn’t go well. I think he has a bull dog protecting him. I was getting visited by some dark entities. Yeah he’s way to powerful for me to do it alone. I did ask him how he allowed himself to become what he is today… I tried to get through to him. I sense he’s very old and very dark. He really feels wronged by humanity. I had the vibration he feels we deserve what we get. He wasn’t always treated right. But I sent back to him that not all humans are that way. And he should stop before it’s too late. I have not heard anything since. But I have seen 3 entities since then. They didn’t harm me. More of a warning to not esp him again. I did try to bind him (Take his powers away!) He has too many body guards. Evil daemons. etc. I can’t stop if it means protecting this planet and the people here.

    1. Dimitri actually believes he should be the new Devil. He not only wants to dominate the Earth but hell as well. He’s totally nuts, and his power grows with each passing day! You shouldn’t take him on alone. It will take a major coalition of magical practitioners to take on the diabolical Dimitri Diablo.

  7. I forgot to mention: Since yesterday I have been hearing a mans voice say Angela. Like someone’s trying to esp me. I ignored it thinking it was him. Then it dawned on me tonight maybe it was you! lol I wont ignore you! Just that I don’t want to welcome him into my thoughts etc or fully connect with him. He wasn’t familiar. Not sure who it is. If you did.. please let me know. I won’t worry! Also, the man I seen in the dream had coal black hair. He wasn’t you Drake. He was someone I’ve never met before! He came up behind me and grabbed me. More like snuck up and grabbed me. He didn’t harm me. He just said my name. I’m like who are you? He let me go. But he kept doing this like 3 times. I was a bit scared because he was evil. I could sense his dark power. And he wasn’t alone he had many others with him. Do you think this was Dimitri showing up in astral form? At least he didn’t wage complete war on me. He knows I don’t agree with his plans. But why did he keep doing that? Is that a way to take power? He didn’t succeed. I didn’t fight him just said hey… what is you’re problem lol. I believe he expected me to scream like a woman and beg him for mercy. lol 😉 no just not me. This is long. I’m off to bed soon. I’ll send you the energy. Goodnight Mystic Investigations. :))

    1. It could have been Dimitri and he may have been trying to siphon power from you. Since you’re so powerful he would be a fool not to try, and gain your power rather than attempt to extinguish it. Even if you can’t defeat Dimitri on your own I think your powerful enough that he can’t do you any substantial harm. That might point to you having Angelic and/or Godly powers.

  8. I hope I don’t see him again! He was freaky. I am of the light. Other dark entities have tried to take the light out of me. It would come up out of me and above my head. It would only get maybe a foot up.. then come right back down into me. They kept doing this. It began to burn me. After the 10th time or so I began to scream. They finally stopped. Felt like I was in outer space.. all darkness and I could only see the evil entities and hear there deep daemonic voices. I don’t understand why the kept doing that. I think they either wanted it or wanted it out of me. Whatever it is.. is apart of my soul. They can’t take it out. Was very scary. They haven’t tried again!

    I doubt I can defeat Dmitri. At least not in my human form. If I were to cross over I very well could take them all on. I was waiting for him to wage war on me. If he would have tried to harm me I would have changed into the many forms I have before. I just hate wars. I only do this when absolute necessary. I guess he didn’t get me mad enough. I am sorry I didn’t do anything about it. I just didn’t want to wolf out on him until I knew who he was for sure! I don’t want to accidentally harm someone who is innocent. I was hoping I could talk any reason possible into him.

    Yes you are right he is very Evil. And he is arrogant. He has so much power yet he let it go to his head. I can’t save him. But I was hoping there was reasoning left. I highly doubt Zeus or Hyades will allow this to happen. The gods will not allow it. I do hold faith in them. That when the time comes. They will step in. If they don’t -I sure will. I’m ready to die for humanity. I don’t fear death. Nor am I afraid to fight them if it means the good of all & our future here on Earth. I’ve had many lives already. I suppose it’s time I do something about it. I’ve had enough kids etc. I know I’ve had good lives. I remember some things. I guess it’s there call. I’m waiting for them to make the first move.

  9. How retarded. It amazes me at how many people take information that came from the Holy Bible, and turns it into some alternative ideology.

    Selling your soul to the devil is metaphorical, as are many things coming from the Bible. Regardless, they are based on facts. Anyway, people tend to “sell out” and rebel from God’s way in favor of their own. The devil delivers for sure. Plenty of material wealth and happiness on Earth. In exchange, you get to look forward to God’s wrath after you die. And your life is certainly short. You could die TODAY. Only fools chase after their own desires. That’s what selling your soul means.

  10. HI ok i have met a girl and she has told me that she has promised to sell her soul about 11 years ago to Satan she is now 31. She promised to turn her back on God. Now I don’t believe in the Christian view of things despite being brought up that way. So the only way the Devil exists is if you believe in the Christian faith…. as far as i understand it the early Christians used the pagan horned god as the template for the devil to scare the locals into worshipping Christ …so being interested in pagan/wiccan/spiritual i ask myself, has she actually done anything? or just in her head. Now i respect peoples beliefs and only look for guidance on this i really don’t want a backlash for my outlook.. …, so if she has made a pact/promise can it be reversed or broken? …can i try and get her in a church for a blessing or something to wipe the promise out…not sure how it would work? See we have not long met and i love her. She as asked me for help. At the end of the day there must be something that can be done.

    1. Thankfully nothing much happened on Friday the 13th but then again we were in Disney World on that day due to Zack winning the trip in a radio contest. As many know Disney is under a powerful protection spell courtesy of a witch coven hired by Walt Disney himself when he opened the park.

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