December 8, 2022

8 thoughts on “Is There An Unholy Vampire Bible?

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  2. Very interesting! I have heard about Lilith recently on twitter from friends. She’s Satan’s gf. 😉 She was punished for seducing him. She wanted love & children. He gave her what she wanted, but in a very dark form. So be careful what you wish for!

    Xavier I just stumbled upon this link about the tomb of Vlad the impaller’..Dracula. I thought perhaps you might be interested in this article?

    I’m also doing more research on the Vampire bile. I find this interesting in deed. If I find anymore information. I’ll reply here. Have a good week and thank you for your enticing articles. I love them all. 🙂

    1. Lilith was one of many girlfriends the Devil has had over the ages. In the paranormal community we knew that wasn’t Dracula’s grave because he is alive, and well as a Second Generation Vampire. Thanks for the compliment! We’re glad you enjoy our articles!

  3. If a succubus or incubus is a low level demon, would they ascend to Angelhood if they become good? Also as a low level Demon, are they stronger than a Demi-Demon?

    1. They would revert to human form in most cases since the vast majority began as dark humans. Of course when any good person dies they ascend to Angelhood in the Heavenly Afterlife. Demi-Demon’s, and the first handful of vampire generations would be stronger.

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