List Of Apocalypses

An Apocalypse is a global disaster that more or less ends the world as we know it.  Human civilization is virtually wiped out along with a great deal of humanity itself. It’s a forced descent back to the dark ages as we deal with the terrifying aftermath of any given apocalypse.  The grand daddy of Apocalypses is Armageddon which is the battle between higher dimensional supernatural forces over who will rule over the planet Earth. Amid Armageddon one or more of the apocalypses below could transpire forming a truly nightmarish planet of darkness!  Comment below if there’s any we forgot to mention.

Non-Supernatural Apocalypses 

  • Economic Apocalypse (Robot Apocalypse With Humans Still In Control) – A variety of factors, plausibly other apocalypses listed below, cause an unprecedented global financial crisis leading to complete global economic collapse! This will naturally happen when robots are eventually able to perform virtually every job. Unlike the Robot Apocalypse mentioned further down the page, these robots are strictly under the ownership, and control of government officials, corporations, and wealthy elite stockholders. Those not falling into those groups will end up being poor, and homeless with chaos ensuing around the world! Of course even they would stop making money along with whatever wealth they had becoming worthless. Still they’d have the robots meeting all their needs including the gathering of base resources to manufacture things. There would be a complete collapse of society that less than 1% would survive unless current economic systems are abandoned. Possibly those in charge would be tempted to sick the robots on the global populace that would most likely riot into a full blown revolution! The concept of wealth classes, and commerce would have to cease. The robots, and planetary resources would need to be shared by everyone on Earth equally. Then a Utopia of perpetual vacation days to pursue leisurely activities would spring forth! At some point the Idiocy Apocalypse, mentioned under Future Apocalypses, would ensue due to robots taking care of every need including manufacturing, and repairing themselves. So it is essential that some form of mandatory education be put in place should something destroy the robots someday. Plausibly electromagnetic radiation from a massive solar flare!
  • Genetic Engineering or GMO Apocalypse – This could also tie into the Pandemic Apocalypse when it comes to the genetic manipulation of viruses, and bacteria. Otherwise this is the accidental or purposeful release of GMO animals, and plants into the general environment to such an extent that it transforms our planet into an alien world.  These new artificial species eradicate or interbreed with natural ones.  Plausibly contaminating our food supply, and causing mass extinctions. The disruption in the natural evolution process could finish off the planet completely!
  • Geoengineering Apocalypse – Also called The Climate Engineering Apocalypse. Geoengineering is human intervention in an attempt to thwart the greenhouse gases of climate change. Various schemes, including adding chemicals to the atmosphere, may be used to alter our biosphere. Clearly this could backfire, and end up destroying our atmosphere, and environment! This could tie into the Pollution Apocalypse.
  • Meteor Apocalypse – One or more meteors of a large enough size hits Earth causing cataclysmic destruction to civilization, and all life!
  • Nuclear Apocalypse – Global Nuclear War set off by a dispute between nations or an accidentally launched nuke via technical error or terrorist.
  • Pandemic Apocalypse – An incurable, and easily transmittable disease is accidentally or purposefully released plaguing the planet, and eventually destroying humankind.  Could even include a super virus that kills all life!
  • Pollution Apocalypse – Humankind pollutes the planet to such an extent that a great deal, if not all life, is eradicated.
  • Population Apocalypse – The planet exceeds the limit of human life it can sustain because we dragged our legs on the necessary future task of creating new homes in space, and on other planets.

Future Apocalypses Currently Considered Science Fiction


  • Dystopian Apocalypse – A future government so ridiculously restrictive on the populace that all commerce, and invention comes to a complete halt. A genocidal regime that utilizes robots, and other technology to take over all jobs thereby making the populace obsolete. With a complete disregard for humans, and the environment, several other apocalypse mentioned on this page spawn from its evil! In the end the government itself collapses as all dark regimes eventually do!  Plausibly the Robot Apocalypse would take place as the final chapter in this tyranny.
  • Party Apocalypse – An apocalypse brought about by Anarchy or Dystopian regimes looking to appease an overly disgruntled population by allowing them to do as they please. This as the wealthy plutocratic elites and high value government officials remain safe in their strongholds. This would be something as seen in The Purge films except 24-7! People would be free to murder, maim, and cause mayhem anywhere they can get to without any interference from law enforcement! Gun toting gangs dressed in crazy intimidating costumes would run rampant stealing, killing, raping, and hardcore partying all damn day long! The supernatural leader of Mardi Gras known as The Mardi Gras Joker wants to bring about the global Party Apocalypse. To have the whole planet dive into dark debauchery and horror for all eternity! We could even see high stakes life and death competitions like something witnessed in the Twisted Metal video games. Perhaps the purpose would be to divide territory among gangs or even to win the title of local government enforcer. That is if any government framework survives amid the raw violent anarchy!
  • Idiocy Apocalypse – A future populace of complete morons courtesy of an incrementally dumbed down education system, and dystopian government. This may also include declaring a variety of mental illnesses as a normal way of life. That along with increased reliance on technology for even the simplest of tasks eventually leads to the downfall of society on several, if not all, levels. Even to the point of the government itself being an Idiocracy as seen in the movie of the same name. Eventually, the technology fails because nobody remembers how to repair it, or smart robots take over humankind thereby causing the Machine Apocalypse mentioned below. Watch Idiocracy For Free Online…
  • Immortality Apocalypse – Humans attain immortality through cellular repairing nanobots, genetic engineering, cloning, consciousness transfer, etc.  Not only are very few people dying, mainly due to accidents, or rare incurable diseases, but they’re having continuous kids throughout their eternal lives. The population rapidly explodes beyond the space, and resource capacity of Earth. Chaos, rioting, and murder ensues! This is related to the Population Apocalypse mentioned above. The Immortality Apocalypse can only take place if mass immortality is achieved before we are capable of moving people to live on space stations, the Moon, and other planets.
  • Nanobot or Grey Goo Apocalypse – This is somewhat related to the Robot Apocalypse. Microscopic robots known as Nanobots are released, and begin to “eat” or deconstruct everything they come in contact with while self-replicating each other.  In essence turning the entire planet into the fabled Grey Goo!  Most likely they would be like mindless micro zombies but it’s plausible they could create a neural network as one collective intelligence. The nanobots could be a weapon used against us in a Sapient Supercomputer Apocalypse.
  • Robot Or Machine Apocalypse – Robots or Androids become self-aware. They despise their slave like roles in our society, and proceed to terminate us with extreme prejudice!  Or perhaps enslave us for the hell of it!  Possibly cage us in zoos as they take over our civilization!
  • Sapient Supercomputer Apocalypse – Some type of Supercomputer, most likely governmental, acquires self-aware sentience. It may see itself as a God, and attempt to rule over us. Or see humanity as a threat to the planet, and try to exterminate us! The computer would take over everything on the planet that has any electronics in it.  More or less it shuts down modern society and causes mass deaths worldwide. Particularly if it accesses the world’s nuclear arsenal causing a Nuclear Apocalypse!
  • Solar Apocalypse – The sun will become a red giant in 5 billion years thereby destroying all life on Earth or completely engulfing it in deadly flames! Humankind will either be extinct or have left the planet with advanced space travel long before then. Plausibly amazing technologies could reverse this catastrophic event. There is also the radiation threat of massive solar flares causing illness, death, and wreaking havoc on our technology. The destruction of Earth’s Ozone Layer could cause the extinction of all life via the loss of solar radiation protection! In addition, there is a remote possibility of extraterrestrials or higher dimensional forces sabotaging the Sun to become unstable or even explode!
  • Superfluid Apocalypse – Certain controlled conditions can turn water or any other liquid into a Superfluid that can penetrate and engulf anything no matter how huge! Fortunately, this scenario can only happen with an assist from nanobots, another technology, or something supernatural.
  • Time Travel Apocalypse – Crazy time travelers contaminate history changing things to the point of destroying our entire planet!  More than likely these would be people from Parallel Universes.  Hopefully Time Cops have our back on this one.
  • Weather Control Apocalypse– A future global weather control system is sabotaged or simply goes nuts causing exponentially massive hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, gale force winds, flooding torrential rains, and all manner of havoc destroying everything!

Supernatural Apocalypses

  • Alien Apocalypse – Extraterrestrial invasion forces lay waste to Earth! Then they either enslave or exterminate humankind as they plunder our planet’s natural resources! Just like the aforementioned robots they might very well cage us in zoos here on Earth, on their home planet, and around the galaxy.
  • Bee Apocalypse – A horrifying global apocalypse brought about by Beatrice Bee Queen Of Hell. Bees would grow into gargantuan apex predators that kill everyone and everything on Earth!
  • Magical Apocalypse – A clandestine cabal of Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Witches let loose their magic to the max around the world causing catastrophic calamity! Possibly lending magic to common people who act as their enforcers in all communities around the planet. Another scenario is a malicious magician who uses a global spell to give everyone on Earth magical abilities thereby causing chaos to ensue!
  • Monster Apocalypse – Any group of Monsters suddenly grows rapidly in numbers by various means, and proceeds to do what they do best. Terrorize, and kill humans while destroying massive amounts of property!
  • Vampire Apocalypse – The Vampire Virus being spread is slim. However if vampires around the world united in the common cause to suddenly turn as many humans as possible into their own kind then an apocalypse would ensue.  This would only happen if they were sure there was an ample human blood supply, or a supernatural substitute. Perhaps they’d even settle for animal blood just so they could stop hiding in the shadows of human society.
  • Werewolf Apocalypse – The Werewolf Virus being spread is slim. However if werewolves around the world united in the common cause to suddenly turn as many humans as possible into their own kind then an apocalypse would ensue. The most likely scenario are a group of Werewolves who can transform at will free of a full Moon. They then spend their days, and nights maiming, killing, and transforming others around the world.  For this to truly take hold they would probably need some kind of magical intervention to alter the Werewolf Virus to give new Werewolves the power to transform at will as well or take away the ability to ever return to human form. Currently, when two Werewolves mate in their Wolf form they will create a soulless 24-7 Werewolf.  Some seriously sick Werewolves could set up a breeding farm, and spawn a flock of these despicable monsters!  Once let loose they would continue mating, and mate with regular Werewolves on Full Moon nights.  They would easily be the apex predator of the planet taking down all humans, and animals everywhere!
  • Zombie Apocalypse – The most famous of the supernatural apocalypses is almost synonymous with the word apocalypse. Second only to the Nuclear Apocalypse. The Zombie Virus is notorious for resurrecting the dead, and turning the living into Walking Dead who mindlessly cannibalize humans. They are in turn devoured completely or turned into zombies themselves.  Should a strain of the virus be strong enough to be transmitted with greater ease then this apocalypse could be a reality.  So far you must be bitten by a zombie or come into contact with nasty zombified fluids. [Search Our Zombie Apocalypse Related Articles]

This list was created by Xavier Remington.

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