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The Black Death himself the nefarious Plague Doctor has been spotted in various localities in the Midwestern United States. He is an immortal bringer of disease, and death.  His evil has spanned the centuries since the middle ages.  Those who have come across him recently have mysteriously fell ill.  He has been seen lurking about in both daylight, and nighttime hours.  We’re not sure if he has an epidemic planned, or if he’s meeting with his Oath Breakers in the Midwest.  Oath Breakers are various humans who worship the Plague Doctor, and do his bidding for he false hope of immortal powers.  However his promise of riches usually comes true.  These evil people work in the medical, and food industries in a effort to help spread disease.  Some intel indicates that the Plague Doctor might be working on bolstering the Flu season to pandemic proportions.  Others think he’s planning a zombie virus apocalypse.

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If you spot this deadly diabolical doctor of diseases then contact Mystic Investigations or your nearest paranormal organization immediately.  Do not attempt to apprehend, or make any contact with the Plague Doctor since he is armed with viruses, and bacteria which are extremely dangerous.  Please exercise caution if you live in the Midwest, and utilize Colloidal Silver as a defense measure.  It seems to be the only thing that will repel him to an extent.  Other forms of silver seem to have little effect on him or his diseases.  For more information on the Black Death of the supernatural world check out:

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